3 Day Fast Before and After Results

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3 Day Fast Before and After Results

Which type of fasting program is right for you? One of the toughest ones is a three-day fast. In 1965 Scottish man Angus Barbieri lost 275 pounds after fasting for more than a year. It’s relatively common for people to go on a 24-hour fast. However, when you fast for 72 hours the weight loss will be greater because you’re using stored body fat instead of calories for energy. You turn your body into a fat-burning machine. However, it’s critical to know about what to expect including a 3 day fast before and after. You can post your weight loss experience on social media.

This diet is basically what it sounds like. It usually allows you to only drink water during the 72-hour fast. In many cases the fast also allows you to consume up to 200 calories per day. This is equal to half a cheeseburger, lots of celery sticks, or a small avocado. Sometimes zero-calorie beverages like green tea or black coffee are also allowed. After the body goes into the state known as “ketosis” like the Keto diet, your body starts to get energy from stored fat. Since you’re fasting for three days instead of two or one there’s more weight/fat loss.   

What Exactly Is a 3-Day Fast?

Going on a 24-day fast can be tough but it’s somewhat common. For example, some intermittent fasting (IF) programs require you to fast for one full day a few times per week. A more extreme diet is “alternate-day” fasting. This requires you to fast for a full 24 hours then eat within 24 hours.

You can lose quite a lot of weight by fasting for 24 hours. That’s because your body goes into “ketosis” like on the Keto diet. This hacks the body’s regular system and causes you to get energy from stored fat instead of calories.

If you want to do Fasting 2.0 then you can go for a longer fast like 48-hours (2 days). Then there’s a 3-day fast, which is for a full 72 hours. This provides more health benefits than a 24-hour fast.

One of the most obvious benefits is more weight/fat loss. For example, studies show that intermittent fasting (IF) for 18+ daily prIthe fattest loss. That’s because the body breaks down more fat for energy after going into ketosis.

That’s the main benefit of a fast that lasts more than one day. You can also get several other benefits. The long fast also is effective as a body detox since you’ll basically be consuming water and maybe a few hundred calories per day.

The fast might help with some other health issues. They include blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar/cholesterol levels, etc. In fact, it turns out that calorie-cutting seems to be one of the most effective methods for long life.

Some studies show that a 3-day fast might even provide some surprising results. They include “resetting” the immune system. This is critical since it’s the body’s first light of defense for fighting off infection, inflammation, illness, etc. This can provide long-term benefits.

3-Day Fast: Before and After

It’s important to know the possible benefits you can get from a 3-day fast. It’s all about a long-term calorie-restricted diet. Consider the fact that animals stop eating when they’re ill to help speed up the healing process.

You can expect several health benefits from 3-day water fast:

Mental and  Emotional Benefits

When you fast, this is a good chance to get rid of mental and emotional “toxins” that can be linked to an unhealthy diet. 3-day fasts can help with mental focus, general outlook, and so on.

Immune System

Studies show that 72-hour fasts can be effective in “resetting” the immune system. This can provide various benefits. For example, there’s scientific proof that fasting and calorie-cutting can help to boost the dieter’s lifespan. It’s one of the key dietary factors that has been linked to a long life.

Body Detox

The human body is often compared to a machine but unfortunately, we often don’t “operate” it effectively. For example, normally we wouldn’t run a machine night/day without turning it off sometimes and cleaning it.

The same is with the human digestive system. Water fast helps to give your digestive system a break by cleansing it. This helps to reboot the system with a water detox.

Control Cravings

When you got on a 3-day fast you can learn a lot about your eating habits and food cravings. These are issues we often don’t think about enough, which can result in over-eating and weight gain. It’s important to learn what’s causing over-eating.

Weight and Fat Loss

This is one of the main benefits of fasting. It’s possible to lose 1kg to 3kg during a 72-hour fast. Much of this weight is water weight that will be gained back once you return to solid food. However, if you continue a low-calorie/carb diet you can keep losing weight.

Tips for a Safe 3-Day Fast

1. Do meditation, yoga, walks, etc.

It’s not recommended you do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) while on a 72-hour fast. However, this is a good time to do some light exercise and deep thinking. Besides getting physical benefits the fasting can also help to boost your mental/emotional health.

2. Stay hydrated

This can be tougher than it seems. When you fast you’re not only losing calories but also water. Some foods have high-water content so when they’re swapped out it can become easier to become dehydrated.

One caveat is if you’re drinking tea or coffee drink even more water. The reason is the caffeine can lead to dehydration even though they provide powerful antioxidants.

3. Follow a calorie-restricted diet

Other 3-day fasts allow you to consume a small number of calories, which could be under-200 calories. This is just 10% allowed on a 2,000-calorie diet but can help to deal with some of the symptoms from going 3 days without food.

Keep in mind 200 calories isn’t much. Make sure the calories count by going with some high-nutrient foods like baby carrots, broccoli, or apples for some energy-boosting vitamins/minerals.

4. Consider your fasting options.

There are various options when you do a 3-day fast. The most common type is a “water fast” that only allows you to drink water. This helps to keep you hydrated and feel full. Fun Fact: Water is the only natural 0-calorie food.

There’s also a “dry fast” that doesn’t allow any food or water during the fasting period. This is an extreme kind of fasting and shouldn’t be done without the guidance of a doctor/dietician. Some dry fasts also don’t allow your body to contact one drop of water whether it’s from a toothbrush or faucet to produce the 3 day fast before and after.

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