Keto tips: 7 things to do while on keto

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Check out these keto tips!

When it comes to losing weight, Ketogenic diet is one of the most recommended low-carb routine. Basing on the reviews and testaments of fitness experts and low-carb dieters, the effectivity of Keto is already said to be undebatable.

In order to be successful in the Keto lifestyle, restricting of carbs and limiting your calories are two of the most important recipes that you have to remember.

Learning and understanding Keto is not actually that impossible. Luckily, almost the majority of the information that you need to know about this diet is only a click away on the internet. Aside from books, there are a lot of articles and studies online that tackle the wonders of the Ketogenic diet.

Furthermore, we are here to be of help. We were able to come up with a list of keto tips that might actually help you in your low-carb gaming.

1. Know and plan what to eat

Trying to maintain a low-carb diet is not a joke. There are those days where you would get tempted to give in from all the unwanted foods simply because (a) you do not know what to eat and (b) you find your meals boring.

One recipe for a successful Keto diet is when you have your meals planned ahead of time. It is also important to allot some time for your meal preparation. Most especially if you’re the type who doesn’t have much time to look around for ready-to-eat Keto-friendly food, the tendency is you will end up eating anything that you find. It is best that you prepare your own meals before hitting the road. Anyhow, it is recommended that you pick all the ingredients and prepare your own meals.

If you do not know how to make a Keto meal, then you should stop worrying already. There are numerous Keto recipes that you can find online. Below is a short list of the most used foods for Keto meals.

Foods you can eat:

Low-carb vegetables (Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower)
High fat dairy – (Butter, High fat cream)
Nuts and seeds – (Walnuts, almonds, macadamias)
Low-carb fruits – (Berries, Avocados)
Meats – (Beef, fish, lamb)
Sweeteners – (Stevia, Monk Fruit)
Keto-friendly fat sources – (Coconut Oil, Saturated fats)

Foods to avoid:

Sugary foods – (Chocolate, Ice Cream, Soft drinks)
Grains – (Any wheat products)
Fruits – (Apples, oranges, bananas)

For a more detailed list of foods that you can and cannot eat, kindly refer to this link:

You may also check out the following sites for some Keto-friendly recipes that you can try:

2. Track your macros

Similar to other low-carb diets, calculating macros in Keto helps in making the weight loss journey more effective.

If you try to ask some of the dieters on how they try to keep an eye on their macros, they would probably tell you that their make sure their carb intake is low. However, little do they know that it’s not just all about the carbs. In Keto dieting, aside from keeping track on carbs, the calories consumption matters a lot too.

Following the standard Keto diet macro; 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% fat is really important. So aside from familiarizing all the foods from #1, you also need to check the nutrition facts first.

To help you calculate your macros, try this simple Keto hack that you can use from fitnesspal:

This Free 5-Minute Hack Will Let You See MyFitnessPal Net Carbs

At the beginning of your Keto diet, it might come out that what you can do all day is just to calculate your macros. Trust me, it’s not that boring and tiring after all. You know what fitness enthusiasts would always say, “Once you see results, it becomes an addiction”.

3. Prepare for the Keto flu

Another keto tip that can help you master the ropes in Ketosis is to always be prepared for concerns like the keto flu. It is already expected that doing this diet could cause some changes in your body. In order to prevent such, being knowledgeable about the Keto flu will surely help.

Watch out for the Keto symptoms that you might encounter along the journey:

Brain Fog
Stomach Pain
Irritability & Mood swings
Muscle soreness
Poor focus and concentration

If you’re new to Keto dieting, keep in mind that these symptoms are not life-threatening at all. They are just temporary changes that your body will have to undergo. Give them a little time and they will go away on their own. However, you may checkout a guide on how to deal with the Keto flu to save you from worrying a lot. Kindly refer to the source provided below.


4. Stay hydrated

In any kind of low-carb diet, it is always necessary to keep your body hydrated. Most especially if you’re the type who has an active lifestyle and does a lot of workouts and trainings, water is one of your most trusted partners to keep you going.

In Keto’s case, excess fluids may be released in your body. At first, you will experience water weight loss which you might confuse it with losing actual pounds. Aside from being a thirst quencher, water could also help you fight other Keto flu symptoms.

5. Collaborate with other Keto dieters

This is such a Keto made easy guide that you can use when doing a Keto diet. Most especially if you’re new to Keto, making friends with other Keto dieters and asking some help and advice from them is needed. Little do we all know that having an effective support system plays a role in losing weight. When you have a group of individuals whom you can share your thoughts, questions, and concerns could actually make Keto dieting easy and fun for you.

Due to the emerging fame of Keto, it is not hard to find collaborate with another Keto dieter. There are online forum sites that you may visit if you’re looking for someone who’s in the same page with you. There are also online success stories and testimonials that you can find to know more about the effectivity and the journey of other Keto dieters.

6. Grab some Keto-friendly snacks
Another Keto diet shortcut that you can use is to always have Keto-friendly snacks on hand. To not stall your diet when you get unwanted cravings, having Keto snacks that are on the go can keep your body in the state of Ketosis.

There are a lot of online recipes that are pretty much Keto-friendly and can actually help you know what to get for a Keto snack. Having convenient Keto snacks on hand won’t only satisfy your cravings but they will also bring health and Keto benefits to your body.

7. Exercise frequently

For a more successful weight loss, following a low-carb diet isn’t enough. This is where trainings and workouts take place. We all know that it is impossible to just sit in the corner and do nothing but still lose some weight at the same time. So to support your diet and make sure things will surely pay off in the future, you need to put on some effort and try exercising frequently.

Remember that one of the ultimate goals of Ketosis is to use fats for energy or fuels. Regular exercising will help deplete glycogen in your muscles. Having said, your body will then convert fats to energy rather than using glycogen as fuels. As a result, losing weight will be more attainable and easy for you.

There could be a lot more Keto tips that you may use to support your weight loss journey. However, you have to make yourself familiarized with the tips that we’ve given you.

Generally speaking, losing weight is not just all about the shortcuts. The point is, we want you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that could also be beneficial for you in the long run. Once your body has mastered the do’s and don’ts in Ketogenic dieting, it would then be easier for you to play a little with your low-carb diet.

Your success in losing weight depends on your success in every diet tip that you will have to abide with. Do your research, understand, familiarize, and adapt everything that you will learn about Keto and the results will justify all the hard work for you.

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