Apple Cider Vinegar While Nursing: Does It Help Increase Milk Supply?

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Pregnancy, labor, and motherhood are three important events that a woman goes through. They are life-changing events that do not leave the woman the same forever. During the pregnancy phase, a woman’s body changes. She may begin to have cravings that are almost insatiable or sometimes annoying. Then comes the labor when she has to go through pain pushing her baby out into the world. The motherhood hood phases are a permanent phase that comes with the biggest changes, especially for first-time mothers. You might be wondering what is the place of apple cider vinegar in all this but well it is said that drinking apple cider vinegar while nursing can be helpful to the mom and child.

Asides apple cider vinegar, there are other drinks, supplements, etc that claim to be helpful but you must exercise caution in the use of these things. During the early months and years of your child, the food he or she eats sets the course of their life. Not every advertised product should be tried, in fact before you use any of these things you should consult your gynecologist and pediatrician to ensure the safety of your child and you. In this article, we will be looking more into this apple cider vinegar and how it affects you if used during nursing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This fermented drink is a popular type of vinegar that has been fermented from the juice of apple and is used in Asian traditional cuisines. It is popularly known as a drink that introduces sour tastes to meals and boosts metabolism. There are some benefits nursing mothers, and pregnant women can get from them if used in moderation.

To give a direct answer, Yes, it can. However, it should be only the organic, pasteurized apple cider vinegar since the unpasteurized one could have been harboring some potentially harmful bacteria that could cause intestinal diseases or harm the child.

People are also asking if taking this apple cider vinegar will help increase the supply of breast milk. Well, there have been researches conducted in this light, and there is no substantial evidence that proves this. This apple cider vinegar indeed has several benefits to the nursing mothers and pregnant women, but increasing breast milk supply is not one of them. You could consult a certified lactation consultant to help you with your lactation issues.

Benefits of Taking Apple Cider Vinegar While Nursing

Here are some of the ways apple cider vinegar can benefit nursing mothers.

1. Beats diabetes – Drinking apple cider vinegar may help lower the level of blood glucose in type 2 diabetics. This fermented apple contains acetic acid, which helps to prevent complex carbs digestion and decreasing the blood glycemic index. Some digestive enzymes become deactivated from the consumption of apple cider vinegar and inhibit the digestion of complex carbohydrates.

2. Improves digestion – Another thing apple cider vinegar does Is that it helps in treating stomach digestion issues like constipation, indigestion, and bloating. This drink allows for proper digestion. With only a few spoonfuls of pasteurized diluted ACV, you will notice some of the changes. However, we must warn against excess consumption of ACV, as this may lead to acidity in women with gastritis.

3. Improves cardiovascular health – Apple cider vinegar content in the body helps regulate the levels of bad cholesterol, stopping their oxidation. In summary, ACV protects against several heart diseases and enhances cardiovascular health.

4. Assist weight loss – This fermented pasteurized apple vinegar helps with your body’s fat metabolism and promotes weight loss in the right way and for a long time. You can take 10ml of this drink in the early hours of your day and notice how your abdominal regions and waist circumferences change. Exercising is also necessary for better results.

5. Reliefs stomach discomfort – Nursing mothers experiencing stomach discomfort or pain as a result of bacterial infections will be relieved when they take diluted pasteurized ACV. This cider vinegar possesses pectin, which offers some relief from this intestinal spasm. It also has some antibiotic properties.

6. Prevents urinary infections – Due to loads of antibacterial enzymes and minerals in ACV, it can be used traditionally for preventing and treating urinary infections.

7. Skin tones – This ACV can also be a good remedy for skin issues and disorders that are common after a pregnancy.

8. Treats nasal issues – Another health benefit of ACV is that it helps relieve blocked nose and cause deep sleep. Just mix it with lukewarm water and drink before going to bed. It will clear your stuffy nostril and solve sinus issues.

Are There Side Effects?

Yes, there are some side effects when taking ACV while nursing. These side effects include digestive illnesses and reduced mineral density. Since the body’s insulin level acts with apple cider vinegar, it may cause a reduction of the level of potassium, and this could eventually cause a lowered mineral density. Both the baby and the mother could be affected.

When making your apple cider vinegar, there are some precautions to be taken. They include diluting the ACV since they have a high natural concentration and could alter the level of PH. You should also choose the pasteurized ACV as earlier stated, it will help prevent digestive illnesses and disorders of your baby. ACV should be consumed in moderation, and rinse your mouth after drinking.

Most people will prefer making their ACV since that way they can control what goes into it and ensure it’s safety. But there are some really good ACV brands that you can get if you don’t have the time to makes yours or you want to save yourself the stress. 

Taking apple cider vinegar while nursing is a good idea as long as you take the necessary precautions and use the pasteurized fermented diluted ACV. If you think consuming this drink is causing ugly reactions or side effects, discontinue use and go see your doctor immediately.

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