Apple Vinegar Diet: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has become one of the most popular health drinks on the market. The distilled apple juice can be used for a wide range of functions for diet and cleaning applications. For example, various studies show ACV can provide benefits related to blood sugar, blood pressure, and bad cholesterol. It might also help to lower the risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. You also might be wondering if the apple vinegar diet can help you lose weight. It’s a big question even though apples are often considered one of the “superfoods” you can eat.

As with other claims about ACV the studies related to losing weight and belly fat are mixed. The main benefit is indirectly related to weight loss. The apple drink seems to control appetite by making you feel fuller. When that happens, it can help people eat less because they feel fuller faster. However, as always it’s important to take a close look at the claims made by ACV fans. It’s critical to review scientific studies related to ACV and weight loss. This can help to determine whether or not you should consider drinking ACV to lose weight and burn fat.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

ACV is a kind of vinegar that’s produced from distilled apple juice. The first step is fresh fruits are pressed to make apple juice. It then ferments so it becomes alcoholic. A special process is used to turn the fermented apple juice into vinegar.

When purchasing ACV you can get the best results from the “mother” variety. This is a darker/thicker version that’s less processed and is a healthier option than regular non-mother ACV.

ACV’s health benefits are greatly due to the long fermenting process that produces the vinegar’s mother. It’s a bacterial substance that appears during the fermenting process. Sometimes the mother is removed from ACV, which produces a clearer and lighter product.

However, many ACV fans believe it’s the mother that makes the product high in something called acetic acid. This is one of the main substances in ACV that makes it useful for beverages, cooking, and cleaning.

It can also be used topically on the skin. In fact, ACV might be more effective than ice for treating injury-related inflammation. 

Several studies show that ACV might help with different health conditions including:

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Anti-bacterial
  • High in acetic acid
  • Fights diabetes
  • Anti-cancer
  • Better heart health
  • Lower blood sugar

It’s worth noting that studies about these reported benefits of ACV are mixed. However, various studies seem to show that ACV seems to offer a myriad of different health benefits.

Some ACV fans promote drinking it daily. If you take that step it’s important to know how to use it effectively. That includes the proper dosage. 

For example, some people drink ACV daily to improve digestion. This is especially before consuming high-protein meals.

If you’re going to consume ACV it’s advisable to dilute it in order to avoid possible side-effects due to the high acidic content.  This could cause possible health issues if you have acid reflux, for example.

Apple Vinegar Diet

Drinking ACV daily might help to improve overall health/wellness. This includes preventing infection/inflammation and protecting the body from diseases like heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Some studies show that consuming vinegar in the form of salad dressing might help to reduce belly fat and improve heart health.  

However, more studies are needed on the health benefits of ACV. That’s because some studies seem to show it provides certain health benefits while others seem to show the opposite is true. 

You might be wondering if ACV is effective for weight loss. Some studies show that acidic beverages might help people to lose weight/burn fat.

Several studies reveal that vinegar can help you feel fuller, which is especially critical before eating heavy meals. Appetite control is definitely one of the keys to weight loss since it reduces how many calories/carbs you consume.

Studies show if you consume ACV before a high-carbohydrate meal you’ll consume up to 275 fewer calories during the whole day.

Consuming less food can provide various benefits in terms of weight/fat loss. So, if you want to reduce belly fat ACV seems to be an effective method to achieve that goal.

One study showed that consuming 2 tablespoons of ACV daily resulted in a weight loss of 3.7 lbs. (1.7 kg). Meanwhile, consuming 1 tablespoon/day still produced a weight loss of 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg).

It’s worth noting this study lasted for 3 months. So, the weight loss is fairly low due to the study’s length. While ACV might help with weight loss it’s important to keep in mind there’s no single miracle food or exercise that will cause you to magically lose weight.

The key is to combine ACV with other practices like a balanced/low-carb diet and regular exercise. This method of combining multiple factors seems to produce the best results like burning calories and losing belly fat.

Beneficial Uses of ACV

1. Salad dressing

You’ve probably had oil/vinegar salad dressing before. You can even use ACV to make a basic salad dressing. This helps you enjoy the health benefits of vinegar while avoiding the high price tags of store-bought dressings.

Make sure to combine the ACV with healthy oils like olive oil for the best results. It’s high in healthy fats. 

2. Sore throats

ACV can help to treat sore throats due to the antibacterial features. This might help kill bacteria that are causing the health condition. There’s no solid proof that ACV provides this benefit but it’s a popular old-school treatment for sore throats.

3. Fruit/Veggie wash

You can use ACV to wash pesticides off veggies/fruits. It’s believed it’s more effective than water at removing harmful chemicals from the foods.

4. Feel fuller

ACV can help with weight loss by helping people feel fuller. That, in turn, can help with weight loss by causing people to eat less.

The problem is the long-term effects of ACV in terms of ACV aren’t known. It seems that various lifestyle changes can boost weight loss when combined with daily ACV consumption.

5. Facial toner

Some people claim ACV can help to treat skin conditions and work as an anti-aging home remedy. You can use ACV to create a skin tonic. Make a 1:2 ratio of ACV and water. Then use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the skin or dilute it first if you have sensitive skin.

6. Clean dentures

ACV can be used to clean your dentures. It’s believed this cleaner is safer than ones with strong chemicals.

7. Lower glucose (blood sugar)

Studies show that ACV seems to help lower blood sugar levels. This can help to prevent/treat diabetes. For example, consuming ACV after eating a high-carbohydrate meal can boost insulin sensitivity by up to one-third. This is one of the many benefits of an apple vinegar diet.

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