Are keto blood meters necessary to do the keto diet

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keto blood meter

The very first goal of doing a Keto diet is to put your body in the state of Ketosis. Being able to do so could give you the assurance that you’re close to achieving your target body weight.

If you’re new to Keto dieting, it may take some time for your body to adjust from the switch that you’ve made. This is why entering Ketosis is truly an achievement for Keto dieters. There could be a few ways for you to know that you have completely entered Ketosis. There could be some Keto side effects that you might actually catch once your body is in the said state already.

However, one way to accurately keep track if your body has finally entered Ketosis is to have your Ketone blood levels checked. In order to do so, you will be needing help from Keto monitors that are pretty useful when you’re doing the Keto diet.

Having your ketone blood checked is important in this low-carb journey since the presence of Ketones seres as your indicator that you are doing the diet correctly. Some research suggest that once your Ketone levels exceed 0.5mM, then you’re finally in Ketosis.

Ways to measure Ketones

1. Urine Ketone Strips

These strips are pretty much accessible since they are available in your local pharmacy stores and even online. Aside from giving you convenience, they’re also very budget-friendly. However, urine ketone strips are not the best indicators for measuring ketones. The said strips are only known for measuring acetoacetate – one kind of ketone.

Another drawback of using urine keto strips is that it cannot exactly measure the number of ketones that your body is using for fuels. Urine strips could only measure the amount of waste your body is excreting or in this case, your urine. It couldn’t also give you consistent results since hydration may affect the number of ketones in your urine.

Furthermore, you can still consider using urine ketone strips. However, it is not really encouraged to rely on urine ketone strip results for the long run.

2. Breath Acetone Meter

Breath Acetone Meter is being used to measure the number of ketones at a lower level. There may still be a loophole in the studies on how this kind of meter measures ketones at a higher concentration.

Slightly similar to urine strips, breath acetone meter measure the number of acetone being excreted through your breath. Ideally, one good selling point of the breath acetone meter is that once you’ve purchased the device, you can already get a free test every time. However, this meter also has its drawbacks. Aside from it couldn’t give you the most accurate measurement of ketones since it only targets the number of ketones at a low concentration, it will also require you to buy a handheld device to help you conduct the test properly.

3. Blood Meter

Blood Meter or Keto Blood Meter is the best way to measure ketones. This meter is pretty helpful and effective it doesn’t measure ketones alone but it’s also after the amount of glucose that you have in your blood. Unlike urine strips and breath acetone meter, blood meter measure the exact number of BHB in your body. Considering BHB is the most predominant ketone in the body – instead of acetone and acetoacetate, you will surely get the accurate measurement that you need.

In order to use this Keto blood monitor, you will be needing a measurement device, compatible test strips, a lancet device, lancets, and an alcohol swab.

How to do the reading for the Keto blood meter

  1. Insert a ketone strip into the device
  2. Using the alcohol swab, clean the pad of your finger
  3. Load the lancet device with a lancet and prick your finger
  4. Massage your finger gently to squeeze out a small drop of blood to the ketone strip
  5. Wait for 5-10 seconds til you get the measurement of your Ketones or BHB levels

At this moment, you might be considering using the Keto blood meter to measure your Ketone levels. Well do not sweat because we’re already enlisted below the best Keto monitors that you can check out.

Best blood ketone meters

1. Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter


This kit both measures the ketone and glucose levels. What makes this blood meter a perfect choice is it’s lancet device that can guarantee you a painless experience when you prick your finger. Their “pro” kit also comes with a complete package which includes everything you need in order to conduct the test; the Keto Mojo meter,1 lancet device, 60 ketone test strips, 50 glucose test strips, 10 lancets, and a carrying case.

You may avail the Keto Mojo meter through this link:

2. Fora 6 Connect Blood Ketone Meter


What’s unique about this blood ketone meter? It has its own bluetooth connectivity! This ketone blood meter lets you track your Ketone levels through a mobile phone or tablet devices. This meter is compatible to the bluetooth of both Android and IOS devices. It also has a free application which lets you see a time graph and helps you record time patterns. Aside from that, it allows you to add notes on your every reading. If you wish to use it without the bluetooth connection, you may still do so.

To use this blood meter, you will also need to get a droplet of your blood and have it placed on the strip as you put it onto the machine for the reading.

To know further how this amazing device works, check it out here:

FORA 6 Connect Blood Ketone Pro Testing Kit (50ct Ketone Strips)-Monitor your ketogenic diet.

3. Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter & Glucose Monitor


This meter is one of the oldest blood meters known in the market. Similar to other blood ketone meters, you will also have to get a droplet of your blood for the reading.

It may not be a newly introduced device to Keto dieters but it can still accurately measure both ketone and glucose levels.

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter & Glucose Monitor is also available online. You may have it checked on Amazon to know further about the ketone monitor.

4. Nova Max Plus


This ketone blood meter is highly recommended for those who wants to measure their ketones and glucose levels but are also working on a friendly budget at the same time.

What’s good about Nova Max is that it can perform a fast reading to help you save time. It also requires a little amount of blood for the reading. You won’t also be needing a lot of strips on this one since if you will be following the instructions correctly, you will be saved from wasting a lot of strips. The strips of Nova are also pretty affordable so you won’t have to worry about the additional outlays.

Nova Max Plus is also available online so you might want to know further about the device by simply checking it out on Amazon.

Now that you have an idea on what blood ketone meters are to be considered, let’s try to look at the best Ketone strips.

Best Ketone strips

1. Perfect Ketone Testing Strips – Within seconds, you will be having the measurement that you need. Perfect Ketone strips are not just easy to read but they are also very budget-friendly.


2. JustFitter Ketone Test Strips – These strips has 200% guarantee. It even has a 2-year shelf life if you leave the box unopened. Aside from the very detailed instructions it has, it also comes with 25 free strips.


3. One Earth Ketone Strip – Aside from promising you accurate measurements, One Earth Ketone Strips also guarantees you that the product is lab tested. It also has a 2-year shelf life that makes it long-lasting and very easy to use.


4. Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips – Unlike other ketone strips, this kind of strip is longer than the average length other strips. With its 4.2 inches length, it makes it easier for you to do the test without getting your fingers in the way. The kit also comes with different freebies such as a detox diet plan, ketosis guide, calorie diet plan, bloating reduction diet plan, and other surprising freebies just for you.


5. Smackfat Ketone Test Strips – Smackfat has been tested and proven by a lot of Keto dieters already. It is even 100% guaranteed by Amazon so just in case this strip fail to satisfy you, you may return it to Amazon and have it replaced by another product.


Be it in Keto or not, it is still recommended that you use blood meters to have your sugar levels checked. Blood meters are pretty useful since they do not only give you an accurate measurement of your Ketones but they also serve as a tool to keep track of your health.

By having your own Keto monitor to help you keep track of your Ketone levels, you will be able to maximize your weight loss journey and at the same time, improve your diet if ever the results don’t satisfy you yet.

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