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Getting a scar is normal when you accidentally trip, scrape or scratch your skin, but thankfully, best scar treatment options are available in the market for a good clearing. Scarring forms when your dermis (layer of thick skin) becomes damaged. To fix it, our bodies naturally begin to create new collagen. The scar that you will see is the result of this repair. This tissue will appear of a darker shade until it eventually returns to its original shade after the fibers finish their clearing.

Hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars, keloid scars, contracture scars, these are different types of scars that home and medical treatments can cure. Cleaning the scar, applying petroleum jelly, massing with Vitamin E, applying clean bandages and staying away from heat exposure are some natural remedies to treating scars. Nobody wants to have permanent scars that are unpleasant to look at, fortunately, natural remedies found in plants, fruits, and topical medication have been discovered by scientists to get rid of scarring problems in lesser time. This article explores the best scar treatment remedies for your skin to heal naturally and effectively. Read on to get that scar wiped out soon enough and wear happy, glowing skin every day.

Natural Best Scar Treatment Options

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes from the Arabian Peninsula and is a succulent perennial that is well-known for its medical efficacy. You can buy organic aloe vera leaves from health stores that sell it. As scar treatment, remove the aloe vera’s dark-green colored skin and scoop the green gel out then apply it on top of the scarred area in a circular fashion. Allow the aloe vera to settle for 30 minutes then wash with cool water. Do this 2x a day.

Coconut Oil

Coconut is loved for its many uses whether it serves as a hair treatment, skin treatment or a refreshing juice during hot days. Buy some coconut oil then heat a couple of tablespoons for it to liquify. Massage circularly to the scar for at least ten minutes, then allow for absorption for at least an hour. Do this 2 – 4 times daily.


Honey is a root of goodness and sweetness and makes just about everything happier whether it pairs the pancake or sweetens the drink. It acts as a scar remover too. Before sleeping, apply a good amount of honey to the scarred skin and wrap the scarred area with a bandage. Have it on overnight then unwrap in the morning. Wash it using warm water. Do this before going to sleep every night.


Lemon is acidic and works well as a system clearer, refreshing drink on humid days, to one of the best scar treatment fruits. You will only need a wedge of lemon to slice. Begin rubbing it on the scar as you squeeze its juices. Leave it for ten minutes then rinse with cold water. Perform daily and preferably at the same hour of day.

Apple Cider

Apple cider is another acidic health promoter that is widely used nowadays for its promising effects. You will need two tablespoons of this vinegar to mix with four tablespoons of water. Once prepared, begin to dip the solution with cotton and start applying it onto the scar. Allow for it to dry, leave overnight, then wash it off when you wake up. Do this daily before going to sleep.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a solution to many things from a shoe cleaner to a prime ingredient when it comes to cooking. As a best scar treatment remedy, begin to mix two tablespoons of baking soda slowly with distilled water until the two turn into a paste mixture. Make sure to first wash the scar properly with water and soap before applying the paste. Apply the paste to the scar while holding it with a warm compress for at least 15 minutes. Rinse the solution away and perform regularly. Do not use this paste on open wounds as it will affect the area.

Lavender Oil + Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lavender is a sweet-scented flower that has many uses. By mixing lavender essential oil with extra virgin oil, the solution acts as a best scar treatment. To be exact, combine three drops of the lavender oil with three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Massage the solution onto the scar for at least five minutes. Leave it for absorption for 30 minutes, then rinse using warm water. Perform this at least three times daily.

Rosehip and Frankincense

Combine a few drops of essential rosehip oil with essential frankincense oil then apply it on your scar. Allow it to settle for at least 45 minutes then wash off using warm water. Perform this 3x daily.

Onion Extract

Studies reveal that onion extracts can improve scars in just a month’s time. From redness, softness to texture, onion extracts act as one of the best scar treatment options available. You can find this natural remedy easily in a drugstore.

Vitamin E

Vitamine capsules are a great solution for clearing scars. You will need to purchase vitamin E capsules from a pharmacy, cut them open, then squeeze out the vitamin E oil to apply to the scar. Massage for at least ten minutes in a circular motion and leave on for 20 minutes. Perform this at least 3x a day.


Potatoes are more than just tasty salted snacks, they work as an effective scar remover too. Slice one into thick, medium rounds then rub the potato on the scar in a circular manner. Do this for a couple of minutes until it dries, then replace with another potato circle for rubbing. Rub for at least 20 minutes then have it settle for ten. Proceed to rinse the scar using cool water. Do this once a day.

Other products to use as skin treatments for scars can be bought at your pharmacy. These include silicone sheets or silicone gels (highly recommended by doctors) and over-the-counter chemical exfoliators. Of course, keeping your skin away from the sun is another prevention method while it heals with the natural remedy of your choice. The best scar treatment options are readily available and quick to cure that nasty scar, just remember to be vigilant in performing the daily application routine, and you’ll have great skin in no time.

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