Best Sugar Substitute for Coffee

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If your love for coffee is strong, then you are one of the many humans that drink coffee every day. But then, most of these people don’t take bland coffee. There’s usually a sweetener. Most people have reservations about consuming sugar every day, but they still want their coffee every morning. This creates a form of dilemma. But sugar substitutes have come along to break the ice. There are indeed lots of healthier options for sweetening your coffee. So you’re not stuck with plain sugar. In this article, we will tell you the best sugar substitute for your coffee. If you want a sweetener, other than sugar, that can add some extra kick to your coffee, this is the right article for you.

We must agree that plain sugar is indeed not the best option as a sweetener. But you may not know that there are better options out there if you’ve never tried anything else. The moment you try some substitutes, you will come to realize that there are many others with great taste. Not just that. But they are also healthier. Many natural sweeteners contain antioxidants and are heart-healthy. There are many artificial alternatives too. We will tarot about the best options in both categories. Read on, let’s show you how to add some boost to your cup of coffee.

Best Sugar Substitute for Coffee: Going Natural

There are plenty of natural sweeteners available as a replacement for sugar in your cup of coffee. They are generally healthier than plain sugar, as well as its artificial substitutes. However, each of them has both merits and demerits too.

Examples of natural sweeteners are as follows:

1. Honey

It’s very easy to sweeten your coffee with this option. Honey blends very easily, just add what you should expect of any simple syrup.

Your body breaks down honey in a very similar way to how it breaks down sugar. However, honey comes with lots of benefits, including its anti-inflammatory effects. More so, honey is more heart-healthy. It’s delicious in its unique way.

2. Maple syrup

Maple syrup, just like honey, may not stop your glucose levels from spiking up. But then, it is a powerhouse of antioxidants. When you add maple syrup to coffee, you get a boost that helps you deal with oxidative stress.

3. Stevia

Many people think that stevia is an artificial sweetener. But it is indeed a natural sweetener that comes from a plant source. Stevia will not affect your blood glucose level one bit. What’s more, stevia contains no calories whatsoever.

Some people mix commercial stevia with Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol. But then, erythritol is also a natural substance. It is also virtually non-caloric and causes little to no rise in blood glucose.

Both stevia and erythritol have not sweetness than sugar. You should, therefore, be careful when using them. Mind how much of them you would pour into your coffee.

4. Coconut sugar

This is yet another natural alternative. You can use it just the way you use white sugar. You will get almost the same number of calories. But out will not cause as much spike in your blood glucose. That’s the trade-off.

5. Molasses

This is also filled with antioxidants. The peculiar thing with molasses is that it has a somewhat spicy flavor. With very little molasses, you would spruce up your coffee cup. You can pair molasses with cinnamon.

How About Artificial Substitutes?

If you desire to sweeten your coffee, but you want to have nothing to do with sugar, you can try different substitutes. We have already talked about different natural substitutes. But then, there are artificial substitutes too.

You don’t have to drink black coffee because you are avoiding sugar. And your coffee doesn’t have to be bland too. To be honest with you, alternatives abound.

We know that artificial sweeteners have lots of bad rap about them. The reputations of some artificial sweeteners are very bad. But then, professional bodies on both heart health and diabetes have concluded that these sweeteners are not as bad.

The natural sweeteners on our list can help you lose unwanted weight. They can also help reduce many of the risks linked to excess sugar consumption. But to get these benefits, you must consume these sweeteners moderately and alongside a balanced diet.

Having settled that, let’s give you the list you have been waiting for. The following sweeteners are the most surefire and easiest artificial substitutes for plain sugar in your coffee.

1. Sucralose

The commercial name for this sweetener is Splenda. To make sucralose, its makers would take sugar and strip away its calories through a process of chlorination. That’s why sucralose has no single calorie in it.

What you have at the end of the process is this sweetener that is 600x sweeter than regular sugar. This means you have to be very careful while adding it to your coffee, lest you add too much.

2. Aspartame

Aspartame is one of the sugar alternatives that people consume the most. It has 200x the sweetness of sugar. It is also nearly non-caloric.

3. Saccharin

This sweetener combines saccharin with dextrose. It is way sweeter than plain sugar but is not digested by the body. More so, this option is also non-caloric.


We have shown you a good number of substitutes you can use in the place of sugar. If you love to go natural, there are many great options. These substitutes deliver amazing benefits to the body.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind consuming artificial sweeteners, there are great options in that line too. Either artificial or natural, you would get the sweetness you want, as well as a few more added benefits.

There are indeed better ways to add a sweet taste to your coffee aside from using regular sugar. We know that a natural sweetener is the best sugar substitute for coffee. We have also shown you a few artificial sweeteners. What can you do with this information? Begin to incorporate these sweeteners into your early morning cup of coffee. It will boost your health and overall well-being.

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