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Called the “original exogenous ketone product” on the company website, the Keto Sports KetoForce is among the best BHB salts of 2018. This product aids with weight loss by supporting ketosis and boosting energy levels during workout. It is free from artificial ingredients, animal products, gluten, lactose, and sugar.

A beneficial supplement to take when embarking on a keto diet, this product contains liquid beta-hydroxybutrate formulated to boost blood ketone levels for a period of three hours. Dieters can utilize it to achieve and maintain ketosis anytime because it’s safe to take it up to three times daily. Plus, it can boost energy levels prior to a workout session. Most users drop down to one dose a day after achieving ketosis. But some continue to use KetoForce before hitting the gym.

Are you wondering how Keto Sports Ketoforce compares to other options on the market? Read on for a detailed Ketoforce review. 

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One of the benefits of KetoSports KetoForce is that the product is manufactured without unnatural ingredients and stimulants. This perk is particularly important for health fanatics looking to avoid caffeine. In addition, these BHB salts are free from animal products, gluten, lactose, and sugar. Along with liquid beta-hydroxybutrate, the main ingredients in KetoForce are water, citric acid, and sodium hydroxide.

Because KetoForce is free from artificial additives, it’s widely regarded as safe for keto practitioners and others looking to lose weight. However, certain individuals, such as those with diabetes and other pre-existing conditions, should consult their physicians before taking the product. Because KetoForce is known to cause minor digestive upset, those with sensitive stomachs may want to take a smaller dose at first.

The follow side effects are common when taking KetoSports KetoForce:

  • Boost in blood ketones
  • Reduction in appetite
  • Decrease in weight and abdominal fat
  • Added energy for exercising
  • Increase in mental clarity and concentration
  • Help fighting the keto flu

Ask your doctor if this product is right for you.

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Like other BHB salts on the market, KetoSports Ketoforce has a savory taste that many users find unpleasant. As a result, it’s ideal to combine the supplement with an acidic beverage like orange juice or lemonade. For best results, combine each serving with 4 to 8 ounces of liquid. You can expect 16 servings to cost around $59.99.

During the first week of taking KetoSports Ketoforce, you may opt to consume three servings over the course of the day. However, over time you can limit consumption to just one serving (a capful of the supplement) a day. Once you’re in ketosis, consider taking an extra dose to up ketone levels prior to working out.

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Phone number: (844) 866-1072

Address: Unknown

KetoSports’ KetoForce enjoys an online reputation that’s mainly positive. The supplement company provides an array of ketogenic products as well as other nutritional goods for purchase. Although the company website currently lists just two customer testimonials, the Amazon page offers 119 reviews with an average ranking of four stars.

While users speak well of the supplement’s ability to help them reach ketosis, many note that the taste is unappealing. Since the company doesn’t accept returns on its nutritional supplements, individuals who are sensitive to salty flavors might want to think twice before making a purchase they could find unappetizing.

What Customers Are Saying

KetoSports’ Ketoforce can be proud of its positive online reputation. Along with reporting that the supplement helps suppress the appetite and produce ketones, reviewers note that it aids in problem solving and concentration. Still, not all the reports about Ketoforce were positive. Users criticized the “briny” flavor and noted that mixing the product with juice sometimes failed to disguise the taste.

“I got introduced to the Keto bandwagon by Keto//OS by Pruvit. No doubt a great product but I have to say Ketoforce is better. The energy and appetite suppression is about double of what I had on Keto//OS. I switched due to the horrendous flavor I endured for 4 months and it has been a great switch and experience so far. Not to mention it’s also cheaper. Good Stuff!”

“It tastes horrible even if you mix it with juice or smoothie. It does give a little extra boost for workouts but i won’t be buying it again.”

“For every 3 capfuls, mix with the juice of 3 whole lemons and dilute with water. The brine taste will disappear. I use this first thing in the morning and as a pre-workout.”

“I’ve tried all the other brands, but since I’m staying away from stevia, erythritol, xylitol etc, I’m sticking with this brand. As other reviewers state, I don’t buy this for the taste but for results.”

“I was having an impossible time getting into ketosis and this actually worked! It is the absolute most awful tasting thing on the planet but it gets results. I mixed a cap full with MCT oil, lemon and stevia and took 3x daily for 3 days and now just 1x daily to maintain ketosis. I do eat a ketogenic diet. I would recommend this product.”

“I was in ketosis when I bought this. KetoForce placed me in a deeper ketosis and I stayed in that deeper ketosis the remainder of the day. (Not just an hour or two as with some people). It does taste bad, but with a little experimenting, (water & lemon juice) I had no issue with it.”

“I’ve used many supplements over the past 8-9 years, and this is my favorite yet. I would recommend it to anyone interested in ketosis that has problems getting into and/or staying in a state of ketosis. It will really help initial cravings to eat as your brain will have an alternative fuel source without breaking down muscle. I personally was interested in the cognitive benefits of ketosis as I was having problems focusing, so I picked up a bottle of keto force. I did a 3 day load (3 full cap fulls in the morning) and then only used 1 cap on days that I wasn’t carb loading, or 5 caps a week. The cognitive benefits were immediate, as I felt significantly more alert after the first day of the load.”

“This stuff tastes terrible, if you’re looking for a tasty supplement move along. I’m usually in nutritional ketosis and I’ll take some of this when I “cheat.” The idea in my head is that it’ll help dampen some of the symptoms that arise from my body’s sudden switch to carby fuel sources. It might just be bro science, but I think it helps.”

The Verdict

KetoSports’ KetoForce has a lot of positive qualities to recommend it to consumers. Along with a lack of stimulants and artificial sweeteners, the supplement features a blend of BHB salts known to induce ketosis and boost energy. In this sense, dieters may be able to work out more intensely and for longer periods on this supplement.

Still, not everyone is a fan of this product. Even those reviewers who reported achieving ketosis on the product complained that the flavor was undesirable. Because of the high sodium content, users had to mix the supplement with acidic beverages rather than water or milk. If you’re looking to cut the amount of sugar in your diet, having to drink this supplement with orange juice might not be ideal.

Further, the price tag was a barrier for some KetoForce users.

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