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Struggling with your keto diet? Maybe it’s time to exceed with the effort and try more methods other than just following the low carb and high-fat diet. If you have decided to up your diet, how about going with a keto-friendly supplement brand that is not only effective but also considered to be one of the best brands in the market? You might want to try the KetoSports KetoCaNa.

For those who are beginners of the ketogenic diet, it is advisable for them to start their state of ketosis by using supplements like KetoCaNa; especially when they are having a few problems because they are not yet that familiarized with the concepts of the diet. Also, the consumption of KetoCaNa is also helpful for people who are not into a keto diet but they would like to make use of the benefits of the supplement. By regularly getting your doses of KetoCaNa, the body will be able to produce additional ketones that will further aid in fat burning.

Is it safe to use?

So far, there were no reported problems or issues regarding the use of KetoCaNa supplements. A single serving of the supplement contains 11.7 grams of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. BHB is a main ingredient that must be contained in keto supplements in order for them to take effect.

The exact ingredients of the supplements are:

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (an essential ingredient in producing ketones in the body)
  • Calcium (an important mineral that most people seem to lack in their diets)
  • Citric Acid (potential contributor in maintaining ketosis)
  • Natural Flavorings
  • Stevia (a sweetener made from natural Stevia plants)

The all-natural and non-artificial properties of the supplements make it one of the best picks that even vegans can use. Additionally, the supplement is considered as lactose-free and gluten-free.


KetoCaNa is a supplement in powdered form. It also has three varieties of flavors which are orange, strawberry, and vanilla.

In terms of the recommended dosage of the supplement, one scoop is enough to get dissolved in a glass of water that measures eight ounces. It is advisable to use cold water for a more refreshing feeling while drinking the supplement mix. The mixture can be consumed at any time of the day, it is also preferable to only intake the supplement once a day. But for athletes who are drinking the supplement in order to boost their performance, it will be best if they drink a glass 15 minutes before they start their workout routine.

Side Effects

There are no isolated cases when it comes to the side effects of KetoCaNa. Normally, it will be side effects of almost all exogenous ketogenic supplements in general. The following side effects are not really that serious, but they will still cause inconveniences and a few pain. Also, these will normally occur during the first few days of drinking the supplement. They will tone down as time goes by and as the body adjusts and gets used to the process.

  • Urination will be more frequent
  • Blood sugar level gets lowered
  • Feeling sleepy and lightheaded
  • Some symptoms of flu may be encountered
  • Diarrhea and other minor gastrointestinal issues
  • Sleeping issues or minor insomnia
  • A few muscle cramps
  • Palpitations and increased heart rate
  • Bad breath and sometimes a bitter taste


KetoCaNa actually provides a lot more benefits, and it is not only limited to how it can improve an individual’s state of ketosis. This is the exact reason why the supplement is not only used by people who do a keto diet but also professional athletes and normal people love benefiting from what it can offer.

  • It helps the body to produce more ketones which are the main component that starts the process of ketosis.
  • Advantageous for athletes since it has the ability to boost an individual’s performance, energy levels, and muscle functioning gets improved as well.
  • Contributes to the improved functioning of the brain that leads to a more clarified and healthier brain and mental performance.
  • The flow of oxygen in the body gets to work even better than normal. Plus the oxygen levels are maintained which makes it an advantage for better physical performance and less fatigue during exercise.
  • Improves and boosts weight loss
  • Helps promote healthier bones (thanks calcium!)
  • There are no prolonged or severe side effects

Where To Buy

Already decided you want to try KetoCaNa? You may buy the supplement either from Amazon and KetoSports website (for legitimacy) if you prefer buying online.

Ingredient Check

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (an essential ingredient in producing ketones in the body)
  • Calcium (an important mineral that most people seem to lack in their diets)
  • Citric Acid (potential contributor in maintaining ketosis)
  • Natural Flavorings
  • Stevia (a sweetener made from natural Stevia plants)

Price Check

KetoCaNa supplements may be bought either from Amazon or from the official website of KetoSports. There are also some physical health stores that may sell the supplements if you prefer buying them personally.

When bought directly from the KetoSports website, there are two available sizes for the supplement. The smaller sized container costs $54.99, while the larger one can be bought for around $95.99. However, Amazon-bought KetoCana supplements seem to be cheaper than those sold on their official website. You can buy a small-sized KetoCaNa for $49.99. When compared to other brands of ketogenic supplements, KetoCaNa is said to have a competitive price. So far, there are no issues regarding the price of the supplement.

Business Check

If you want to address concerns directly to the company themselves, here are useful company information where you can contact them.


What Customers Are Saying

If you’re still undecided about trying KetoCaNa, you may want to base your decision on reviews of people from Amazon who have already tried the product.

Positive Reviews

This product has the best taste right out of the jar of any ketone salt product. I have only bought the orange citrus flavor although I think there is at least one other. This one tastes a lot like the old (sugar laden) ‘Tang’ drink mix. The price is marginally more than another ketone salt product that I tried (and reviewed elsewhere), but the taste is superior, probably because the pH is adjusted correctly with the appropriate amount of citric acid. – dpasek


Honestly, I love this stuff. Even the taste. I mix it with my Coconut water, ACV, Kombucha, and water. Drink it all day long. The sodium doesn’t bother me. Probably because of the potassium in the Coconut Water. – bear2711


I almost didn’t order this product because of comments about the taste, but I actually liked the taste of it. I got the strawberry lemonade flavor. I like things that are very sour anyway, and this tasted like a very tart lemonade to me. I didn’t mix it with anything but water. You do need to stir vigorously to get it to dissolve all the way, but I suspect that is because I used ice cold water. I do feel more energy after taking this, which was my goal as I’m trying to cut diet sodas out of my diet. – Lori Soard

Negative Reviews

The taste is a big turnoff. I mean, couldn’t they just let the end user add as much or as little sweetener as desired? I honestly can’t drink the stuff because it makes me feel queasy, and I don’t know if it’s the effect of the beta hydroxybutyrate itself or if it’s just the sweetener. – moosegoose

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