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Making the switch from burning sugar to burning stored fat is not without its challenges. After all, you’re changing the way your body functions in a basic way. Still, it is possible to achieve your weight loss goals by following a ketosis diet. There are products that might just help along the way, like the RSP Keto BHB.

Designed by former student-athletes, RSP Keto BHB helps mitigate the fatigue and energy drop associated with a ketogenic diet. The product’s patented blend of exogenous ketones provides individuals with a much-needed burst of energy. It helps dieters put in extra hours at the gym and do aerobic exercise, weight training, competitive sports, and other tasks.

Are you wondering if RSP Keto deserves a spot among the best BHB salts around? Read on to see how the product stacks up to the competition in terms of its effectiveness, taste, and side effects.

Ingredient Check

An RSP Keto BHB review reveals that the product contains an array of natural ingredients. In addition to its patented blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones, the supplement includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, and other natural components. Because it’s manufactured with gelatin that comes from vegetables rather than animals, the supplement is ideal for vegetarian and vegan dieters alike. It’s also free from carbohydrates and sugar.


RSP Keto comes in a capsule form that’s easy to transport and swallow. So you can get your daily dose of ketones without carting around a liquid or powder supplement. However, you can also buy a powdered form of the product in a peach mango flavor, if you prefer to consume it that way. The side effects associated with taking a keto BHB supplement like RSP Keto include:

  • Reaching and maintaining a state of ketosis
  • Reducing cravings and lowering appetite
  • Increasing physical energy and endurance
  • Boosting mental concentration and clarity
  • Fighting inflammation throughout the body
  • Aiding in muscle growth and skeletal health

Price Check

Available in both pill and powdered varieties, RSP Keto BHB costs around $49.99 for a 60-serving package. The average serving size is four pills, though you may want to take fewer when first embarking on your keto diet. Most dieters opt to consume the pills prior to hitting the gym; however, it’s possible to take RSP Keto at any time throughout the day to elevate ketone levels.

It’s important to note that supplements like RSP Keto work best when consumed alongside a healthy, low-carb diet. Additionally, the website reveals that exercising regularly is crucial to losing weight on keto.

Business Check

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 877.814.2544

Address: RSP Nutrition, P.O. Box 398776, Miami Beach, FL, 33239

This athlete-founded company has an online reputation that’s mainly positive. In particular, sports players and workout fanatics praise the company, which claims to value hard work, integrity, and innovation.

Along with speaking highly of the company’s supplements, online reviewers note that the brand offers returns of any unopened items, provided they’re in their original packaging. Be sure to return products within 30 days to receive the full refund. In addition, RSP Keto offers free shipping on goods when you spend $75 or more.


What Customers Are Saying

With 141 Amazon reviews and an average score of 4.2 stars out of 5, RSP Keto BHB enjoys a mostly positive reputation online. Most users reported that the product delivered the desired results, helping them reach and maintain ketosis. However, some users experienced no effect with this keto BHB product. Read the below round-up of reviews and then decide for yourself:

“I added RSP Keto BHB capsules to my supplementation routine after already having entered ketosis and while I was originally skeptical, I’m ordering my second bottle. I’ve been not only taking this pre-workout to help me feel more focused in the gym but also at work and before doing school work to stay sharp. RSP has done a great job with this.”

“I added RSP Keto BHB capsules to my supplementation routine after already having entered ketosis and while I was originally skeptical, I’m ordering my second bottle. I’ve been not only taking this pre-workout to help me feel more focused in the gym but also at work and before doing school work to stay sharp. RSP has done a great job with this.”

“I wish I could say I feel energized after taking this, but I don’t, I feel nothing, I follow the Keto nutritional guidelines religiously and sometimes I need an extra boost at the end of the week, but I am better off taking a shot of espresso…”

“I notice I am able to get through a daily heavy lift workout and a ten hour shift at work without needing an energy drink. I was never able to do this before taking this supplement, even when following my keto macros to the letter. Personally I think this is useful for people who do fasted training towards the end of an intermittent fast. If you wake up and are about 3 hours away from breaking the fast, take two capsules and start your workout. When you break your fast, take two more. This has been my routine for a week now and it has been very helpful to keep me away from stimulants. All I drink now is a single serving of matcha halfway through the day and that’s it. Fasted training already burns through your glycogen lightning fast. Add some exogenous ketones to the mix and you have yourself the perfect fat shredding formula.”

“At first it really helped with digestion which was an unexpected boon. After a couple of weeks, the opposite happened. It caused severe constipation.”

“I don’t notice any difference while taking these. I use the keto urine test strips and I’m not spilling more Ketones after taking this than I was before I take the pills. My wife has the same results… No noticeable mental or physical affects and pee strips don’t indicate any difference either. Save your money or spend a bit more and get something better.”

The Verdict

If you’re seeking a BHB salt that comes in capsule form, RSP Keto may be the ideal choice. Because you don’t have to lug around a package of powder or a bottle of supplement, it’s easy to consume this keto supplement on the go. Plus, the capsules are easy to swallow, so you don’t have to worry about the flavor being salty or otherwise unpleasant. As a bonus, these keto pills are made with plant gelatin, so they’re a solid choice for vegetarians and vegans.

In addition, the large number of five-star reviews for this supplement suggest that most users tolerate it well. In general, reviewers reported that the capsules helped them maintain ketosis and energy levels, enabling them to work out for longer. Users also noted that the product reduces symptoms of keto flu and decreases appetite.

However, the supplement didn’t work for all reviewers. Some said they didn’t feel a change after taking RSP Keto, while others reported suffering digestive upset.

Still, if you’re looking for a keto supplement that comes in capsule form, RSP might be ideal for your needs.

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