Can Collagen Cause Weight Gain? Plus Other Side Effects

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Collagen drink and dumbbells

Can collagen cause weight gain? How does this renowned supplement affect weight? Some people believe that collagen can make them lose weight. But then, in the real sense, collagen supplements do not burn off fat. However, they can help build your lean muscle.

Now, let’s tell you what the theory says. As collagen nourishes your muscles, metabolism would increase, and your muscles would use up excess calories. That can help you achieve weight loss.

As you age, your muscle mass would likely decrease and you’ll have more fat instead. You can take high-protein supplements, such as collagen to help build your lean muscles and burn calories faster.

However, muscles weigh more than fat. So collagen can help your burn fat but increase your overall weight due to more muscle mass. Doctors call this healthy weight gain. It has none of the typical health risks of excess fat.

If you are not using collagen for muscle building, it should not cause gain weight gain. You can, therefore, eat it as a part of your healthy eating plan. This, alongside exercise, can help you lose weight significantly and maintain your weight within a healthy range.

There are many other additional benefits you can get from collagen. They help improve nutrient absorption. In general, they make all your body systems work more and more efficiently.

You will also get these benefits if you are using collagen for muscle building. But it might cause overall weight gain as you build your muscles bulk. Muscles generally weigh more than body fat.

Can Collagen Cause Weight Gain?

Collagen is very unique among other proteins because it specializes in tissue repairing. Most parts of your connective tissue, skin, and bone mass are made of collagen. There is no other protein as abundant as collagen in your body.

But as you age, you would begin to lose collagen. This is, in fact, the main reason behind aging signs. As such, if you consume collagen regularly, it could have several benefits in your body. These include supporting gut health, building stronger joints and bones. Surprisingly, it also promotes weight loss.

You see, collagen supports fat loss but it also supports muscle building. Fat loss leads to weight loss. But muscle gain can make you gain some weight too. There has to be some sort of balance if you would lose weight with the help of collagen.

Aside from promoting fat loss, collagen also promotes weight loss by providing fullness and suppressing appetite. Collagen is very satiating, so you would feel fuller when you eat it. That would, in turn, make you eat less in subsequent meals.

You can’t downplay the role of appetite suppression when it comes to weight loss. It eases up your weight loss a great deal.

Collagen also helps to retain muscle mass. This is an essential part of weight loss, as well as weight management. If you are building lean muscle, you would maintain your weight loss for longer. And you know, weight loss is only good when it is sustainable.

But if you build lots of muscles, like in the case of bodybuilders who use collagen to enhance their results, you might experience an overall weight gain. However, if collagen is only a part of your daily diet, you should achieve weight loss.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to add collagen to your diet. And there are several options on the market. These include broth and many other collagen supplements. Collagen peptides seem to be more easily absorbed than any other collagen supplement. As such, they produce faster weight loss results.

Collagen Side Effects

Generally, collagen is safe and should not have any serious adverse effects. However, some people have reported having mild digestive symptoms when they consume collagen. Bad taste is another effect that some people report.

Also, if you have a fish, egg, or shellfish allergy, you should stay away from collagen supplements. Many of these supplements contain these ingredients. And then, some people say that the external stimulation of collagen synthesis might cause more oxidative stress.

The FDA has had to recall some brands of collagen supplements because of their false claims. If a product provides insufficient evidence or no evidence at all, the FDA would take the product off the market.

Some vegetarians and vegans also wonder if collagen can fit into their diet. The sad truth is, most do not. Most manufacturers produce their collagen using the protein and bones of animals. But some vegetarian and vegan collagen brands are available.

You might need to do some serious searching, however, to find vegan options. They are usually not available in some places. But you can find many online.

And in case you’re wondering, you can consume collagen supplements if you are eating keto. But just like the vegan options, you might have to specifically look for keto-friendly options.

How to Add Collagen to Your Daily Meals

You can add collagen to your daily meals through bone broth. However, many people find collagen supplements to be an easier option. But most people use collagen peptides to ramp up their collagen intake.

Collagen peptides are hydrolyzed collagen in powdered form. They are easily absorbed into almost any liquid, cold or hot. It might be better if you get a GMO-free and organic option. Collagen from grass-fed animals is usually even better because they have a high bioavailability.

Gelatin is also packed full of collagen. If you can get a top-notch gelatin powder, you can add it to any recipe that requires a jelly-like texture. You can enjoy them in your daily meals.

So you see that there are so many options that you can choose from to add collagen to your daily meals. But remember that there are many other protein sources aside from collagen. These other protein sources, alongside collagen, help to maintain fullness, as well as promote weight loss.

Back to the main question, can collagen cause weight gain? No, it shouldn’t cause weight gain if you are consuming it as a part of your daily meals. But if you use it for bodybuilding, you might gain more weight overall. But you would lose fat and your body composition would improve.

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