Can You Eat Cheese on a Low Carb Diet?

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Cheese – one of the best food ever introduced to mankind. But seriously, who doesn’t love cheese? It can be eaten in a number of different ways and people can enjoy it with a sandwich or as a form of dressing or ingredient to improve the taste of almost anything.

Cheese as a dairy product has been getting a lot of concerned inquiries lately, however, as people are now questioning the health benefits of the said food item. Some claim that cheese may not be the healthiest food item around and that it can even contribute to a number of health concerns such as weight gain and obesity.

But is cheese really that bad? Can cheese be eaten on a low carb diet? If you want to find out, then read on and see if cheese is indeed incompatible with the diet program known as the low carb diet.

Low Carb Diets: A General Overview

It is a proven fact that low-carb diets are effective in aiding dieters to achieve weight loss. However, similar to other diet programs, there are some instances where people may not lose enough weight to achieve their targeted goal. It can seem so simple- eat less than what is being burned for fuel. But what can cause or derail a dieter’s weight loss attempt? The answer could be in the food people are eating during a low carb diet.

So can dieters eat cheese on a low carb diet?

The simple and most direct answer to this question is yes, people can still eat cheese on a low carb diet. However, the keyword to remember for this specific scenario is “in moderation”. In fact, dairy as a whole is considered a low-carb food.

Some of these dairy products though can still pack a wallop in terms of their protein content. These proteins can still spike levels of insulin in the blood which can then result in the storage of energy for fuel. Evidence suggests that the insulin spiking capabilities of some high protein dairy products are comparable to that of white bread.

While a person may respond to dairy products in a seemingly positive manner, the frequent consumption of such food items can spike the levels of insulin up an mess up the state of metabolism needed in a low carb diet to actually experience or observe weight loss.

As such, for low carb diets, dieters are advised not to consume milk and just reduce the amount of cheese, cream, and yogurt consumed. Butter is acceptable if it has low lactose and protein content preventing any spikes in the levels of insulin.

What are the possible factors that can derail or hinder weight loss on a low carb diet?

Aside from eating too much cheese or dairy, here are the other possible factors people may not properly lose weight on a low carb diet:

People may not be reducing their carbs intake enough to be considered low carb

Some dieters are more sensitive to carbohydrates than others. People who are already low carb and have stopped losing weight may have hit a wall in terms of weight loss and may consider the further reduction of their carb intake.

If this is the scenario, then people may opt to go as low as 50 grams of carbs each day. People at this level of carbohydrate consumption may have to refrain from eating certain fruits. Some people further push the carb limit to a measly 20 grams and these dieters will mainly be eating just veggies, fats, and proteins.

People may be constantly under a lot of stress

Eating healthy and being physically active may not be enough. People also need to make sure that their body is optimally working and that the hormones present are favorable for weight loss. When people are constantly stressed, they have increased levels of the hormone known as cortisol which is a result of the body’s sustained flight or fight sensation.

Elevated stress levels can also push the cravings or hunger of dieters through the roof, resulting in overeating and ultimately, weight gain. People are advised to meditate or try out deep breathing techniques to lower stress levels. They may also try cutting back on stressful news headlines and focus more on relaxing reads.

People may not be eating real and natural food items

Aside from lowering the carbs being consumed on a daily basis, a low carb diet also focuses on the quality of food being consumed or eaten by the dieter. Nutritious food should be eaten while processed and artificial food products must be minimized or ideally, avoided. Other health products such as paleo brownies and cookies may also result in slower weight loss while on a low carb diet.

People may be eating a lot of nuts

Nuts are have increased levels of fat and while they are natural food sources, people have a tendency to overeat them. This may be due to the fact that they don’t easily make people feel satiated or full despite them containing high levels of calories. Individuals who do eat nuts as a form of snack on a low carb diet may just be eating too many calories for their own good.

People may not be getting enough sleep

Overall health is greatly affected by the quality and quantity of sleep we get each night. People who are sleep deprived tend to feel more cravings. This can lead to demotivation when it comes to exercising and choosing the healthy kinds of food items to eat. Some people may try to improve their sleep by observing the following tips:

  1. Hitting the snack the same time every night
  2. Make sure that the activities prior to sleeping are relaxing such as reading or listening to relaxing music. Using gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops may disrupt the feeling of being sleepy.
  3. Physical exercise and alcohol should be avoided before going to bed
  4. Sleeping in a room that is completely dark or with minimal or dim lights
  5. Avoiding beverages with caffeine after 2 PM such as coffee and tea.
factors of not losing weight on low-carb diet

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