Carbs In Cabernet Sauvignon Wine And Nutrition Facts

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A glass of red wine

Wine is one drink that many people love. There are different kinds of wine. And different people have different preferences when it comes to wine. For some, they prefer fruit wine. And for some, they prefer strong alcoholic wine. Well, let’s not delve too much into the details of wines. Today, we will be looking at cabernet sauvignon. There are chances that you know about this wine, and there are chances you don’t. Anyway, we will be taking a look at what this wine has to offer. We will be looking at the carbs in cabernet sauvignon wine. What’s so good about this wine that many people are raving about it? Find out here. 

The truth is that there are many studies and research that aim at finding out the benefits of wine in the body. And as of now, some studies show that wine is effective in reducing the risk of certain conditions. That, of course, is if it’s taken in moderation. Well, could that be true with this particular wine? We will find out some interesting facts about this wine right here. So stay keep reading for juicy information about cabernet sauvignon. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

You will be surprised to know that cabernet sauvignon was created by mistake. Back then, in the 17th century, there was a mistake in breeding red grape, which is cabernet franc grape together with white grape, which is sauvignon blanc. When this happened it gave rise to cabernet sauvignon, which is now a popular grape. 

Interestingly, this now happens to be the most popular grape that you can find among wine lovers in America. 

This grape is known to be thick. The skin is quite durable, and it’s resistant to a lot of things. After the mistake of breeding produced this amazing grape, it became popular. And winemakers started the journey with this grape. It was quite easy for winemakers because it is durable and also relatively easy to grow. 

Another interesting thing about this grape is that it’s rich in tannins. This is one component that was why the wine could evolve when placed in a place for a while. Because of this, the winemakers would leave it for months or years, and the wine would produce another amazing flavor. 

The wine that was produced was quite delicious, and then the level of acidity was just medium. This made it a good option for people that wanted something nice that could go with their meal. 

As time went by, the winemakers started trying out new things with the wine. Ther combined it with other varieties of grapes to produce nicer wine. The outcomes were simply amazing. And that’s how they came about the best blend in the world, which is the Bordeaux blend.

Back then the fame of the grape and wine grew all over the globe. Many countries started to plant this grape so that they could produce nice wine blends. That’s how cabernet sauvignon wine becomes one of the best wines you can opt for in town. 

Because of the acidity of the wine, it must be drunk with food. It comes with a nice dry taste in the mouth. And many people love the aftermath taste after drinking the wine. The wine has around 13.5% alcohol. For some countries, the level of alcohol is quite higher. 

Carbs in Cabernet Sauvignon Wine and Nutrition Facts

In a glass of this wine you would get: 

  • 5g of carbs 
  • 0g of fat 
  • 4mg of sodium 
  • 0g of protein 

The total calorie intake of a glass of cabernet sauvignon wine is 115 calories. 

So if you are concerned about the number of carbs that would be contained in the wine you have nothing to worry about. The carb content is way too small to affect your diet. But you also have to be careful not to consume too much. If you can’t stay away after a glass, then you shouldn’t take the glass at all. 


  • Good for the heart: This wine is known to have the highest level of flavonoids. And because of this, it is known to be good for heart health. Also, it contains antioxidants, and this helps improve heart health. It helps reduce the risk of having clogged arteries in the heart.
  • Helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease: According to some studies that have been carried out, it has been shown that this wine has some effects in reducing risk for this condition. The right dose for this is 1 glass in a day for women and 2 glasses in a day for men. One thing though that you must bear in mind is that this is just studies carried out. That could be effective and maybe not. More research and studies are still needed to confirm this claim.
  • Improves dental health: Another thing that this wine does is improve dental health. It is known to help get rid of those microbes that cause cavities and erosion in the teeth. Also, the flavonoid contained in this wine is known to help fight against inflammatory diseases of the gum. It is possible if you drink a glass of this wine daily.
  • Has good effects on the GI tract: This wine is known to have some antibacterial effects. And because of that, it can improve digestion. It is also known to be effective for dealing with irritation in the stomach. Some studies show that the consumption of wine helps reduce the risk of having certain infections in the GI. 

One thing though that you must also bear in mind is that taking too much wine would also have some negative effects on the body. Make sure that you drink moderately. The carbs in cabernet sauvignon wine aren’t much. So in terms of carb content, you have nothing to worry about. But, you must consider that it is an alcoholic. And taking too much alcohol would cause a lot of problems in the body including organ damage. So be careful with consumption. 

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