Cheers to this list of keto friendly alcoholic beverages

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keto friendly alcoholic beverages

“You are on a keto diet? You probably forgot how to have fun.”

You have probably encountered this comment before and it upsets you to the core. At the same time, you know this to be true.

Sure, you still know how to have fun. You are still the same person and still have the same spunk. But with your diet restrictions, you just miss the nights of partying drinking, without worrying about the carbs in red wine.

You do not need alcohol to be fun. A lot would say. While this is essentially true, nights of partying require you to at least have one beer in hand.

But, do keto alcoholic drinks really exist?

Or is it just some myth spread around and made believable with effective marketing efforts?

What are the worst and best alcoholic drinks for keto diet? It is now time for you to find out.

If we are being honest here, alcohol is never a good dietary aid. If you drink alcohol, your goal of losing weight may take a long time to actually push through. However, there are drinks that will not cost your body too much harm, while there are those that will have you gaining extra pounds in a jiffy.

To summarize: Keto dieters will do well with drinking wine instead of beer. Vodka, whiskey, and other pure spirits have zero carbohydrates. However, some mixed drinks may contain high amounts of sugar.

The Best Keto Alcoholic Drinks for Your Diet

These are the top alcoholic beverages you should always keep in mind in the event that you want to sit back, relax, and chill with your good friends:

1. Wine

When doing a keto diet, having a glass of wine is something you can go for when you need to unwind. Since it is below 20 grams, it will not be harmful to your body. For those who are only under moderate dieting, having wine frequently will not be an issue.

If you are too self-conscious and worried about it, go for dry wine. It contains less amount of sugar, around 0.5 grams. The carbs normally come from fermentations processes. Glycerol should have a minimum effect on the insulin levels or blood sugar. Dry wines are one of the best keto alcoholic drinks you can count on. Going for sweet desserts wines may not be a good idea. Those contain a lot of sugar.

2. Beer

You surely have heard of beer bellies, right? There is a strong reason for it. Beer is not a good idea on keto. It is easy to digest carbs if you are sipping them. Liquid bread, as called, beers are responsible for making your weight control journey a lot harder.

The carbohydrates found in the beers are dependent on the brand. However, there are certain brands that cater low-calorie options. Just be sure to do your research on finding the best low carb beer for you.

3. Spirits

Different spirits have their own specific amount of carbs. Drinks are pretty much not hard to figure out. Pure spirits like vodka, cognac, brandy, and tequila have zero carbohydrates. You will be fine, if you are on keto. However, gin and tonic, margarita, white Russian, and cosmopolitan all have higher levels of sugar. To give you an idea, here are some drinks with their corresponding carb count:

  • Bloody Mary contains about 7 grams
  • Margarita contains about 8 grams
  • Cosmopolitan has about 13 grams
  • Gin and Tonic has about 16 grams
  • White Russian contains 17 grams
  • Vodka and orange juice contains 28 grams
  • Rum and coke has 39 grams

Why is Alcohol A Bad Idea?

Metabolic processes are natural. This is a natural issue when it comes to alcohol. Also, physical flaws play as a huge factor in the equation.

When ingesting alcohol, it can slow down inhibitions. When this happens, you may end up munching mindlessly on snacks and ruining your diet on another angle. When you are on a keto diet, getting hungry does not happen all too often. The energy from fats gets released slowly. You will not notice that your stomach is empty and might end up getting more easily drunk. This means you will be processing the alcohol faster and experiencing intensified results.

If you are following on a strict keto diet and feel like you need to take a drink, you will realize that your alcohol tolerance has decreased. Why? Your liver is no longer than adept to drinking because of its significantly lowered glycogen stores.

Glycogen is what helps alcohol metabolism. If it is close to non-existence, your liver will directly process the alcohol – even if you opt for keto alcoholic drinks.

Additional Tips for Keto Alcohol Drinking

If you need to grab a chaser to pacify the pure spirits or use it for mixing, we recommend the following options. These are:

  • Seltzer Water
  • Flavored Seltzer Water
  • Diet Flavored Bubbly Water
  • Diet Tonic Water
  • Zero-sugar Drinks

These practically has zero carbohydrates and have something you can get behind right away. Mixing it up with drinks will surely make drinking more fun.

The Cure for Hangover: What You Need to Help the Following the Morning

If you suffer from a hangover after drinking too much, it may be due to dehydration. If you are dehydrated, then you need to rehydrate.

During the period of enjoying your keto alcoholic drinks, it will be wise to keep a bottle of water handy. The minute you get home, grab a glass of water. The minute you wake up, grab another glass. Water can cure and prevent hangovers. Do this every time you get a chance to do so. Vomiting, fatigue, headache, and nausea does not need to be a part of your drinking. Aspirin can quicken the recovery. Just take it slow and relax. Lounge around for a bit, if you must. You will find yourself recovering in no time.

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