Coconut Oil Nausea Side Effect: Here’s Why It Happens

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Coconut oil for a very long time has always been known to have a lot of benefits for the body. And because of the amazing benefits that it offers this product has been well-appreciated by a lot of people. Even though this is known to have a lot of benefits it is also known to have some side effects. And because of this, so many people are quite cautious when it comes to the use of coconut oil. Well, we will be taking a look at the coconut oil nausea side effects today as well as other side effects. 

One thing that you must bear in mind is that there are different processes in the body. The different body processes are known to bring out an output. If the process goes on well then you can expect a good output. But if on the other hand, the process doesn’t go right then you can expect a bad output. That’s the case with side effects. When there are side effects something goes wrong in the body and with this, you see the side effects as the output. We will find out why this happens as we go on. 

Coconut Oil 

From the name you already know that coconut oil is the oil from coconut. And the thing is that this oil is quite body-friendly. At the same time, it is known to be healthy for health. This oil is known to have quite a lot of benefits and that’s why people opt for it.

The good thing is that the oil is colorless and tasteless. This oil is known to come in both unrefined and refined form. 

Many people refer to this oil as a superfood. It contains a good amount of fatty acids. It is also a good source of fatty acid if you get virgin coconut oil. It also contains a good amount of antioxidants. The good thing about this oil is that it is easily converted to energy when consumed. That way energy is made available for you. 

In terms of nutrition, this is one good oil. It contains a lot of nutrients and with that the benefits are unending. The important thing is to go for virgin coconut oil if you want to enjoy the benefits that come with this oil.

Coconut Oil Nausea Side Effect and Why It Happens 

Take note that there are two kinds of coconut oil. The virgin and then the commercial. The virgin is known to have a lot of benefits. And is thus the recommended type. As for the commercial, the benefits are reduced and it comes with quite a lot of side effects. And these are the side effects we will be looking at. 

One of the common side effects that come with coconut oil happens to be nausea. For some reason, some people feel nauseated when they take in a lot of coconut oil. So let’s take a look at the reasons behind this. 

You may not know it but coconut oil is an MCT oil. And this type of oil is known to move a lot faster in the body. Meaning it is fast when it comes to its effectiveness. That’s why you will feel a surge in energy a few minutes after consuming the oil. This is a benefit if you think about it. But then again, this is also one of the reasons why people have certain side effects.

So when you consume a lot of coconut oil, the GI tract senses it immediately. It goes straight down. And for some this irritates. With that, you would feel nauseous. For some, it could even get as bad as them vomiting. Let’s take a look at some of the other side effects that come with coconut oil. 

Other Side Effects of Coconut Oil 

  • May increase cholesterol level: According to research, it has been found that coconut oil is known to increase the level of cholesterol in the body. And that’s because saturated fat has this effect and coconut oil falls in this category. And this along the way can increase the risk of having a cardiovascular problem. 
  • May cause diarrhea: Some people have experienced diarrhea with coconut oil. And for some, it comes with a combination of vomiting and stomach discomfort. For this, the way out is reducing the amount of oil that you consume at a time. Many people that experience this do so after consuming a lot of coconut oil. 
  • May lead to an allergic reaction: This is a mild case of an allergic reaction. Some people have been found to react when they consume coconut oil. It comes with hives and in some rare cases anaphylaxis. If ever you have an allergic reaction after consuming coconut oil make sure you stay away from it. And just in case you find someone having an allergic reaction after consuming coconut oil make sure to call the ambulance. 
  • May cause acne: Well, this is possible for people that normally have acne breakouts. Or if you have a very oily face. Take note that too much coconut could be the cause of acne. Just about the right amount of virgin coconut oil wouldn’t cause any problems. 
  • May cause liver problems: Coconut oil is known to be transported to the liver. And from there it helps provide the body with energy. Some people believe that the rate at which coconut oil is transported to the liver is quite fast. And this could pose a problem for the liver. Some say it could stress out the liver and then cause damage to the liver. But more studies and research is still needed to validate this. 

Virgin coconut oil is a good one. It has a lot of benefits and is good for the body. But at the same time, there are also side effects. Just like the coconut oil nausea side effect. If taken moderately many of the side effects can be controlled. So take just the right amount needed when opting for coconut oil. And make sure you buy the virgin coconut oil from a good brand. Stay away from the commercial one.

Coconut Oil Nausea Side Effects

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