Coconut Secret Products: Soy-Free, Natural, and Gluten-Free Substitute

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Coconut Aminos

Some soy sauces have up to 1000mg sodium per serving, which is two-thirds the daily amount recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA). It is one of the main issues that could cause health problems for consumers. For example, people who have high blood pressure will want to reduce their salt intake since it could trigger unwanted side-effects like high blood pressure. Over time high sodium diets could also cause other health issues like heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. The good news is there are good substitutes for soy sauce like coconut secret products.

Besides the salt in traditional soy sauce, there are other possible issues for people. They include food allergies triggered by the fermented soy & wheat in the classic condiment. Wheat and soy allergies are among some of the most common ones, so people with allergic reactions to those foods should avoid them to help prevent their triggers. In recent years low-carb diets like Keto Ultra and no-grain diets like Paleo have been trending. However, certain health conditions require people to avoid beans and/or gluten grains since it could cause unwanted symptoms.

Is Soy Sauce Healthy?

This is a complicated question that requires a close look at the various factors. In certain situations, soy sauce can be quite healthy. However, it’s worth noting that many products on the market are quite unhealthy and especially in certain situations.

The first big issue is what in the world soy sauce is. I mean, the name explains that it contains soybeans, but that’s just part of the story. Traditional soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans and wheat.

The fermentation process is what gives the condiment its strong flavor. Wheat and soy products are quite common today in forms like wheat bread and soy milk. However, it’s different when the products are fermented.

Fermented foods have been trending recently due to the healthy bacteria they produce. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and apple cider vinegar are just some of the products that are believed to provide benefits like improved gut health and immune system boosts.

It’s the strong taste of soy sauce that partly explains why it’s one of the most popular sauces on the market for dishes like stir-fry, sushi, and dim sum. While other options like liquid aminos provide a similar flavor, it’s different since the ingredients often aren’t fermented.

Besides the fermenting process, there also might be issues with the ingredients themselves. For example, some people cannot consume soybeans because they have a food allergy. In that case, eating foods like soy sauce could trigger side-effects.

Then there’s wheat, which many people can’t consume for various reasons. They include people with wheat allergies and celiac disease. Some are on strict wheat/gluten/grain-free diets.

Another possible issue with soy sauce is it’s often high-sodium. That includes up to 1000mg sodium, which is two-thirds the amount recommended for most adults.  

Coconut Secret Products: Soy Sauce Substitutes

Coconut Secret offers various natural substitutes for soy sauce. Here are some of the key features:


There are no gluten grains in these products, unlike soy sauce. The main ingredient is flower sap from coconut trees. If you have a wheat allergy or immune system disease, then you might want to avoid all gluten grains. If so, then Coconut Secret is a good option since it’s based on coconut sap versus gluten grains.


Soybeans are super-healthy since they’re one of the few plant-based complete proteins. They’re also high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, some people must avoid soybeans. It includes those with soy allergies.

There are other reasons people ditch soy from their diets. They include them being post-agriculture foods, high in lectin proteins, and even not liking the taste of beans/peas. For whatever reason, coconut secret products are a good alternative to the traditional soy-based sauce.


This is another major benefit of coconut aminos. One of the main possible issues when making substitute products is they often include artificial ingredients. This product only includes coconut flower sap and sea salt. That’s it! So you’re getting two natural ingredients that can provide a product that’s similar to traditional soy sauce.


One of the key benefits of coconut aminos is they’re claimed to have a similar taste as soy sauce. This is due to the strong taste that’s produced by fermenting coconut sap. So if you’re looking for a sauce with a soy-like taste you should consider coconut aminos.


Another plus of this product is it contains up to two-thirds less sodium versus soy sauces. This provides a major benefit and especially among people trying to reduce the sodium content. There’s enough sea salt added to boost flavor but it won’t cause major health issues like traditional soybean sauce.

Coconut Secret: Nutrition Facts


You get just 5 calories from the coconut aminos, which are quite low. It’s a plus if you’re on a diet that requires calorie cutting. Even if you aren’t on such a diet it’s a good idea to keep an eye on calories if you want to lose weight. That’s because 3,500 calories equal one pound of body fat. Meanwhile, 5 calories are nothing on a standard 2,000-calorie diet.


There are just 1g carbs in the coconut aminos. This is also a low figure and makes the coconut aminos low-carb. Even if you’re not on a low-carb diet it’s important to reduce carbs if you want to achieve weight loss. The recommended daily total is between 50g and 150g carbs. One main issue is your current daily carbs since this can affect how much weight you’ll lose by reducing carbs.


There’s 0g of both in the coconut aminos product. This isn’t a “bad” thing since it’s a condiment. However, it’s important to make sure you get enough good protein/fat during the day since these macronutrients are important for good health.


One serving has about 115mg of sodium. That’s about 11% of the amount in a high-sodium soy sauce with 1000mg. When picking sauce it’s important to watch the sodium since there’s often a lot of “hidden” salt in them.

Another key benefit of this salt is its sea salt. That’s a healthier source versus table/iodized salt, which was invented to simply add more iodine to people’s diets. It’s better to go with natural sources of the mineral and pick coconut secret products.

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