Different Keto Diets: Which Is the Right One For You

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Individuals are faced with numerous challenges due to increased workloads and voluminous demands in terms of their personal concerns. With the said challenges confronting modern men and women, people can sometimes overlook the food items they consume and rarely have time to do their exercise routines and physical activities. It is not surprising then that people will look for ways to improve their health through diets and the food they consume.

One diet program that may help with the aforementioned health goal of losing weight and improving their health is the Ketogenic Diet, also known as the Keto diet. But did you know that there are different kinds of keto diets? Read on and find out what are the different keto diets and if there is indeed a certain type that is appropriate and right for you.

The Ketogenic Diet: A Brief Overview

The Ketogenic Diet also called the keto diet, is a type of diet that is high in fat but low in carbs. This diet plan or eating strategy is known to have a multitude of different health benefits. Some of the common benefits of the ketogenic diet include weight loss and enhanced health especially for people battling Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

The ketogenic diet has also been identified as a diet that is similar to the Atkins diet. The keto diet, however, focuses on lowering the intake of carbs while at the same time substituting the said carbs for healthy fats. This lowered carb level forces the human body into a state of metabolism known as ketosis.

Under ketosis, the body becomes a highly efficient fat-burning machine since it strongly focuses on using fat and stored fat as the body’s fuel or energy. In addition, it produces ketones from fat found in the liver. These ketones can help provide the human brain with much-needed energy.

What are the health benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?

Listed below are some of the health benefits of the ketogenic diet: 

The Ketogenic Diet may help individuals in weight loss – The ketogenic diet can help people lower their weight and aid in addressing and preventing several diseases. Evidence suggests that the ketogenic diet can provide better-observed weight loss than the regular low-fat diet. In addition, the ketogenic diet helps in the feeling of satiation which can help dieters avoid calorie counting.

One research showed that people who went on a keto diet lost weight of 2.2. times higher than those who used low fat and calorie-controlled diets. The same research also showed the ketogenic diet can help individuals lower their bad cholesterol such as LDL and increase good cholesterol such as HDL and Triglyceride.

The Ketogenic Diet may help people with pre-diabetes and type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes changes the way the body metabolizes food items that are consumed and observing a ketogenic diet may help people with diabetes in normalizing their metabolism. Evidence suggests that losing belly fat can greatly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The ketogenic diet can also help in increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin by almost 75%. A study also revealed that people who choose to undergo the Ketogenic diet may have a greater chance of reducing or altogether stopping the use of diabetes medication.

The Ketogenic Diet may help people with their cardiovascular disease – Due to its addressing factors such as HDL and body fat, the keto diet may help in addressing certain heart diseases such as hypertension.

The Ketogenic Diet may aid in cancer treatment – The keto diet can be used in the treatment of cancers particularly in slowing down the growth of tumors.

The Ketogenic Diet may help patients with Epilepsy – Data shows that the keto diet may help in reducing the seizures experienced by epileptic patients.

The Ketogenic Diet may help alleviate Alzheimer’s disease – Some research suggests that the ketogenic diet may slow down the further deterioration of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Ketogenic Diet may help patients with brain injuries – Based on recent animal studies, the keto diet may contribute to better recovery after injuries to the brain have been sustained.

The Ketogenic Diet may aid in addressing Acne – The keto diet, with its ability to normalize insulin sensitivity of patients, may be able to help in addressing skin breakouts such as pimple and acne.

What are the different Keto Diets?

Listed below are some of the different kinds of the keto diet:

The SKD or Standard Ketogenic Diet

This type of keto is high fat, moderate protein, and low carb with a distribution of Carbs at 5%, Protein at 20%, and fat at 75%. When observing a standard ketogenic diet, dieters will reduce their overall carb intake from around 300 to 50 grams daily. This will help the body in achieving ketosis and burn fats more efficiently instead of using carbohydrates as fuel or energy.

The CKD or Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This type of ketogenic diet sees a cycle of the ketogenic diet played out in five (5)  days of keto observance and two (2) days of high carb meals. This is also known as keto cycling where people can enjoy more regular meals during their keto day off. For two (2) days which are usually the weekends, people can eat carbs that are wholesome while for the main five (5) days, dieters strictly observe their keto diet goals.

The TKD or Targeted Keto Diet

The Targeted keto diet allows additional carbs when working out. This makes this type of keto diet very popular among active individuals and athletes. It allows the said individuals to consume additional carbohydrates pre and post-workout which in turn, can result in exercises that are higher in intensity and recovery periods that are faster and enhanced.

The high protein Ketogenic Diet

This form of the ketogenic diet is almost the same as the SKD or standard ketogenic diet but with an increased protein of 35%. Carbs would still be at 5%  while fat at 60%. This kind of keto is easier to follow than the other types of keto as this allows eating extra protein.

So which is the best keto diet for you? It actually depends on your needs and overall health. Some people may need a high protein keto diet while some may need a more targeted keto diet due to their increased physical activity. Individuals are reminded that it is still best to consult with a doctor or a dietician to ensure that your diet program is appropriate and beneficial.

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