First Week On Keto And Gaining Weight? Here Are The Reasons Why

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Is a low-carb diet not lowering your weight? Fun Fact: Health experts generally recommend losing up to two pounds per week to avoid muscle loss. Today people often want quick and drastic results when they go on a diet. However, consider that most fast changes in nature are usually disastrous. If you’re gaining weight first week of keto it’s not the time to panic. There are actually various possible causes.

They include too many carbs, too many calories, or not enough time. The key is to stick with the diet and make the necessary tweaks. Some aspects of the diet can’t involve wholesale changes like going high-carb or low-fat. However, there are other tweaks that are allowed.

It’s important to note that weight loss should be more about lifestyle changes instead of quick weight loss. In fact, if you drop pounds too quickly it often doesn’t turn out well. For example, contestants on shows like The Biggest Loser have often gained back much of the weight they lost. The “slow and steady” approach is better so you won’t have to deal with possible issues like lots of loose skin.  Sometimes it can actually take several weeks to start losing weight on diet programs including the ketogenic diet.

How much Weight Loss Is Possible on Keto?

Regardless of the diet program, you’re on, health experts usually recommend losing up to two pounds per week. The reason is if you lose weight too quickly there’s a chance you’ll also lose lean muscle mass. It’s even possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time but it’s tougher.

When dieting it’s important to try to avoid fad diets. For example, the Mediterranean Diet has been “rending” for thousands of years. Countries with the world’s top 20 average life expectancies include several from the region including Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Malta.

If you follow the guidelines for Keto dieters it’s possible to lose one or two pounds per week. This is especially true if you combine elements like water/intermittent fasting. It causes your body to go into “ketosis” faster so you get energy from fat and ketone molecules instead of carbs.

This diet achieves weight loss by literally turning the body into a fat-burning machine. In fact, the term “ketogenic” explains the process. After your body uses up all food/stored carbs it then starts breaking down stored fat.

This helps to avoid weight loss since it speeds up the fat-burning process. When we talk about “weight loss” the goal is to burn fat while keeping muscle. The ketogenic is designed to achieve that goal.

Here’s how. The “macro split” is roughly 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs. The high-fat content can surprisingly help to lose weight. Many studies show that high-fat diets are better than low-fat diets for weight loss. The key is to go with a healthy fat like omega-3 fatty acids.

The low-carb feature helps you to get enough carbs to avoid a serious health issue due to ultra-low carbs. The key is to go with options like spinach, carrots, and berries.

Finally, there’s protein. Keto-friendly options include chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, and dairy.

Gaining Weight First Week of Keto: Top Causes

Here are some of the main reasons you’re gaining weight during your first week on Keto:


You might be doing everything “right” to lose weight on Keto. However, sometimes it simply takes a while for your body to adjust to getting energy from stored fat. If that’s the case then it simply might be a case of giving the diet another week or so to see if you start dropping weight.


If you’re a Keto newbie then it can be tough to drop down to 20g of carbs. That’s basically equal to a serving of strawberries and blackberries, or garden salad with tomatoes and bell peppers. Take note that’s for just 1 day!

Still, it’s still critical to drop below 50g carbs/day if you want to get into ketosis faster. If you’re not used to counting carbs it will take some time to get on track. The good news is there’s an app for that. However, it’s still critical to track your carbs closely during the day to help stay in ketosis.


One of the biggest criticisms of the Keto diet is the very definition of a low-carb, high-fat diet. For example, artificial sweeteners are low-carb and bacon is high-fat but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. In fact, there are other ways to gain weight including calories and artificial ingredients.

If you’re serious about losing weight on Keto it’s probably better to consider a modified Keto like low-carb Paleo. This gives you the best of both worlds. It requires you to eat low-carb foods but also avoids highly-processed foods.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Health experts generally say about 75% of weight loss is diet-related. However, there are other factors that can prevent weight loss or even cause weight gain. They include not exercising, lack of sleep, and high stress.

Top Tips to Stay in Ketosis

1. Cut calories

While cutting carbs can help with weight loss it’s important to also watch your calories. For example, a shot of whiskey is keto-friendly at 0g of carbs. It also has 250 calories, which is 10% of a 2,500-calorie diet.

You don’t have to count calories per se. The key on keto is to follow the macro split and try to avoid adding “empty calories” in particular.

2. Do intermittent fasting

IF and Keto provide a 1-2 punch that can help you lose weight faster in ketosis. This involves following a daily fasting/eating cycle like 16/8, 18/6, or 20/4. You can do an alternate-day fast that alternates 24 hours of meals and 24 hours of fasting. This is a tough version that’s quite tough and not a good idea for Keto newbies.   

3. Reduce stress/sleep

These might seem to have nothing to do with weight gain. However, it turns out they’re closely related. For example, high-stress levels can boost your cortisol hormones, which can affect appetite control. Not getting enough sleep can cause effects like more snacking. Both of these effects can kick you out of ketosis.

4. Hit the gym

Regular exercise can provide various benefits to help lose more weight on Keto. Cardio and weight-resistance exercises can help to burn up all stored carbs so you get into ketosis faster and start burning fat. Even if you’re already in ketosis it can help you burn more fat since you’ll be getting energy from fat versus carbs.

5. Take ketone supplements

Google reports Keto Ultra diet was one of the top 10 trending diets in 2019 in terms of searches. You can find various supplements on the market that help to get into ketosis or burn more fat in ketosis.  The supplements shouldn’t replace foods like fish, spinach, and berries, but can help to prevent gaining weight first week of keto.

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