How Does Keto OS Work?

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These days, almost everyone is on a diet plan. There are the body or health goals to be met and corresponding restrictions that follow. Now all you need to do is to type in your desired goal and a list of diet plans will pop out on your screen. While this is good you must be careful in making decisions on what diet plan to follow.

It is good to take out time to understudy the diets in-depth, this way you will know for sure what you are getting into. In this article, we will take a look at one of such diets, the ketogenic diet. How does keto OS work? what are the benefits or underlying side effects of this diet plan? These are some of the things we will be looking at here today. Stay tuned!

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet. It has been associated with a lot of health benefits, for example, it prevents mental decline that comes with age, and weight loss. This diet is fast becoming a popular one and as such, there have been many productions of keto supplements.

These supplements are like shortcuts to staying on this diet, they are said to supply the same benefits as the ketogenic diet. It does not matter if the person taking the supplements is on a keto diet or not. There are different brands of keto supplements and we will focus on only one of them, that Is, the Keto OS.

What is Keto OS

This brand is produced by Pruvit, a well-known member of the ketone technology. Keto OS is a short form for “Ketone Operating System.” this is an exogenous drink that comes in different flavors. It is available in powder form that is packaged in both small and bulky containers. It is to be dissolved in a cup of cold water.

The producers of Keto Os recommends that twelve to sixteen ounces of chilled water should be used to mix a large scoop of these supplements. And that for therapeutic purposes, it should be drunk once per day but for best performance, it should be taken two times per day.

What Exactly Are Ketones?

You might be wondering what really these ketones are all about. What are they exactly? Ketones are organic compounds that your body produces as an alternative source of energy particularly when the normal source, glucose is unavailable. So they are like the reserve of energy in the body.

Ketones are the ones who supply energy to the body during starvation, ketogenic diets, and prolonged fasting. In each of these states, the body is transported into ketosis, a metabolic state, and hence become more efficient in fat consumption for energy. Ketogenesis is the process by which the liver converts fatty acids into ketones to be used as energy for the body.

At the times when the level of blood sugar is low, ketones function as the main source of energy for tissues and this enables then to break down. Ketones are divided into two types:

Endogenous ketones: These type of ketones is naturally produced in the body by ketogenesis.

Exogenous ketones: The body does not produce this type, rather it gets them from external sources such as a supplement.

How Does Keto OS Work?

Having seen briefly what ketogenic diet is, the meaning of ketones and their uses, let’s now get into the main topic of the day. How does keto OS work?

The manufactures of these particular supplements claim that it brings their consumers to a state of ketosis within sixty minutes of consumption. These would be a magnet for those who really want to achieve nutritional ketosis but are discouraged by the dedication and hard work that is required.

A standard ketogenic diet typically consists of five percent carbohydrates, eighty percent fat, and fifteen percent protein. These proportions can be difficult to follow through for an extended period of time. In fact, it would take weeks to months for a person on a ketogenic diet to achieve ketosis.

However, exogenous ketones supplements come to the rescue here. It brings people to their ketosis goal without them having to go through the strict diet and regulations. A person on a ketogenic diet would experience a slow rise of ketosis, while someone on ketone supplements would experience a fast rise in their blood ketones level.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate which is the main component of keto OS enters into the bloodstream upon ingestion and is converted to an effective source of energy for the body. An appeal of these supplements is that it raises the level of ketones when there is no ketosis state upon consumption.

It has been reported that a nutritional ketosis state that is obtained through drinking supplements can provide the same health benefits as provided when the ketogenic diet is implemented or fasting is undergone. Some examples of these benefits include mental clarity and increased energy.

However, like the saying goes ‘all that glitters is not gold” there are some potential side effects that can arise from taking ketone supplements. They include

Digestive issues – this is a very popular side effect and it involves upset stomach, pain, gas, and diarrhea.

Bad breath – an increased level of ketone usually results in bad breath.

Decreased blood sugar – using these supplements can lead to a significant reduction in the level of blood sugar. Thus people with diabetes are advised to consult a doctor before embarking on ketosis journey.

It is good that you can now accurately answer the question “how does a keto work?” and it is even better that you are aware of these potential side effects so that whatever decision you decide to make will be a well informed one. You could also share this acquired knowledge with friends or people whom you know are on a ketone diet or desire to be.

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