Coke Zero: How Much Carbs It Has + Its Effects on Keto Diet

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Many of us are just a die-hard fan of soft drinks or what is popularly called in many countries sodas. Well, we can’t blame them as there is nothing to beat your thirst after spending an hour at the gym or nothing to take the stress away than a super cold and refreshing soda. Several big companies have dominated the soda industry, and among them, that has established a great reputation is Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola products have been in our lives for decades now. Some people can’t survive a day without having a soft drink. Several varieties of sodas were launched by Coca-Cola to cover the different markets, such as those that are trying to have a healthier life. Included in their most popular variants is the Coke Zero, which was first released in 2005.

In comparison with Diet Coke, which has lower calories than the original coke, Coke Zero has zero calories and tastes almost the same as the real Coke flavor. In terms of carbs, let us dig deeper to see how many carbs in coke zero can impact or affect those that are on a keto diet.

How Many Carbs in Coke Zero

Coke Zero was launched to cater to customers who are cutting their sugar intake. With zero carbs and zero calories, coke zero has been a big help to those who need to satisfy their cravings without sacrificing their diet. To know more about the nutritional content of the soda, let’s have a detailed look at its content and ingredients.

According to the label of this soft drink, the main ingredients of Coke zero are caramel coloring, carbonated water, potassium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate, caffeine, natural flavor, and phosphoric acid. When it comes to producing or adding a sweet taste, Coca Cola uses artificial sweeteners in the drink, namely aspartame.  

Keto Diet and Coke Zero

One of the most trending dieting methods nowadays is the keto diet. This technique takes advantage of ketosis, which is a metabolic state in which the body uses up the ketones instead of carbohydrates for energy.

The challenge with this weight loss technique is that it may take some time before you condition your body into this state. It takes a lot of effort and commitment as you need to stick to the keto diet and be extra careful with everything that you eat as there may be ingredients in your meal that could get your body out of ketosis. 

To succeed in this dieting method, the ketogenic or keto diet builds up healthy fats in our body. This means that your daily diet should have a high content of healthy fats and a little volume of carbohydrates. 

Much clinical research has proven this technique to be effective in losing weight for several reasons. One of them is that it can suppress your appetite in the long run. Several studies also showed that the keto diet boosts the ability of our body to burn fats.

What Is In the Box?

What is in the box? It is the question that we ask if we want to know what are the certain ingredients or materials used in a certain item. In this case, let us focus on what are the ingredients and how many carbs in Coke Zero can impact your ketosis.

In terms of carbs, as mentioned, this soft drink does not have carbs in it. So if we are just to talk about carbs, then we have nothing to be afraid of about getting us out of ketosis. However, before we get to this conclusion, we need to know if there are other ingredients in the beverage that can affect our keto diet.

One of the ingredients in the soft drink is citric acid which is being added as a natural preservative. In addition to prolonging its shelf life, citric acid adds a slight citrus taste to the drink. The question now is how does this organic acid affect ketosis. 

Citric Acid and Ketosis

We have answered how many carbs in Coke Zero can affect the keto diet. Let us now proceed with citric acid’s impact on ketosis.

Many clinical experts agree that this natural preservative has the potential to inhibit or prevent ourselves from being in ketosis. Some studies show that the effect of citric acid will be seen when the metabolism has reached or has involved the liver as it could impact the conversion of fats into ketones in the liver. These claims have been contradicted by other researchers as they have found that citric acid does not have any impact on ketosis.

What Do the Results Mean to Us?

It is just normal that people have different points of view and have disagreements over a certain matter. Coke Zero and ketosis is just one of the many subjects that still need further clinical studies to deeply examine their relations with each other. 

We have different body shapes and sizes. Each one of us has distinct food sensitivities or allergens. This just shows that one’s dieting techniques or habits will not automatically be effective to you. 

Coke zero may put you out of ketosis but not your friend. Getting and maintaining this metabolic state differs from one person to another.

What we can take from this is that it is necessary that before we decide to try this dieting technique is we seek medical assistance. With the help or point of view of an expert, we can be sure that we will have the right diet that will help drive our body to get into ketosis. 

Above all, I guess the best recommendation that I can share or give to you is that instead of craving soft drinks, let us go for healthier beverage options. There is nothing healthier than going for natural beverages to satisfy your sweet cravings. Dairies, vegetable shakes, plain water, and fruit juices are still the best hydration options to go for, whether you are on a keto diet or not.

5 key Ingredients of Coke Zero

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