How Many Carbs are Packed in a Large Baked Potato?

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How many carbs in a large baked potato? In this article, get to read about baked potato nutritional facts, particularly the carbohydrates in one large size. Baked potatoes are also known as jacket potato is a form of potato dish that is simply baked. Its interior is fluffy and characterizes crispy skin. Baked potatoes can be filled with several fillings or condiments such as gravy, ground pork, beef, sour cream, cheese, butter, and many other creative recipes.

Eating potatoes baked is ultimately healthier than having to eat it cooked deep-fried like French fries or potato mojos. This is because there is no oil involved and usually only salt or pepper added at its simplest serving. Potatoes are a gluten-free food source, and they comprise a range of nutrition like vitamin B6, magnesium, fiber, with no cholesterol, sodium or fat.

Potatoes also carry antioxidants. Eating potatoes means consuming half of your vitamin C daily value. daily value of vitamin C. It is resistant starch. Recent research reveals that boiling or steaming potatoes vs. frying and roasting them preserves their glycemic index. Potatoes are healthier than white rice, in fact, he regular-sized potato is just 110 calories. Keep reading to learn more about a potato’s nutrients and how many carbs in a large baked potato.

How Many Carbs in a Large Baked Potato

Let’s boil down its nutrition:

1 large-sized and boiled potato carries the following nutritional value:

= 74% carbs; 19% fat; 7% protein

Carbohydrates:69 grams
Fat:8 grams
Protein:6 grams

100 grams (boiled) and cooked w/ skin, w/o salt

Carbohydrates:20.1 grams
Protein:2 grams
Fat:0.1 grams

Other similar potato serving sizes:

Potato TypeCalories
1 baby potato53
1 ounce (raw)28
1 cup166
1 small (raw; 1-3/4″ to 2-¼-inch diameter)170
1 medium (raw; 2-1/4″ to 3-inch diameter)211
1 large (raw; 3″ to 4-1/4″ diameter)363

If you’re thinking about eating more potatoes on a regular basis, however, it may not be the best option for a weight-reduction plan. Although a potato diet can be effective as a short-term weight reduction management plan, it is not a long-term answer to healthy eating.

Potatoes do have their nutrition, but they still lack all nutrients for your health’s best result. In fact, a low-calorie diet has shown to reduce muscle mass and slow down metabolism. Read more about the potato and its origins below.

Potato Fun Facts

1. The health advantages of potatoes are plenty. From lowered cholesterol levels, improved digestion, diabetes prevention, to better cardiovascular health and immune system, potatoes can even prevent insomnia and improve the vision. The whole world loves it whether baked, fried, or steamed, we create many varieties and continue to enjoy it.

2. As a method to popularize potatoes in France, Antoine-Augustin Parmentier positioned armed guards in his potato fields. He instructed them to accept all bribes and permit passersby to get a chance to take the potatoes from his fields.

3. Potato is only 20 percent solid but 80 percent water.

4. Potatoes have almost all vitamins human beings need to avoid starvation. In fact, to prove a point, Washington State Potato Commission Executive Director consumed only potatoes for 2 months and live to tell his success story.

5. Vitelotte, a type of French gourmet potato, is of color blue-violet and has been cultivated in France since the early 19th century.

6. The “French fry” in the United States was first served during one of Thomas Jefferson’s presidential dinners.

7. Potato chips are a top snack food in the world, selling billions of bags yearly.

8. “Potato” comes from the Spanish word “patata.” Its other nicknames include spud, tattie, and tater.

9. Potatoes grow underground, and if they are exposed by light as they are growing, they may harbor poisonous elements.

10.  The potato has been studied by NASA to become a vital meal source for long voyages in space. In fact, potato flowers can be grown in a spaceship.

11. The year 2008 was the Year of the Potato as named by the United Nations.

12. Potatoes and tomatoes can now become a hybrid my mixing their plants together. They yield into a tomtato.

13. China is the highest producer of potatoes in the world with a rating of 25 percent.

14. The Incas revered a goddess of potatoes. They worshipped one strange-looking potato to pray for a bountiful harvest.

15. The biggest potato ever grown was 7 kilos and 1 ounce. It was grown by J. East and J. Busby of the United Kingdom.

16. There is such a thing called potato poisoning and it can induce you into hallucinations, paralysis, coma, and even death when left untreated.

17. Potato starch is utilized for oil drilling.

18. There are approximately 5,000 kinds of potatoes in the world that belong to about 8 to 9 species. However, the common ones sold are Fingerling, Russet, Kennebec, Desiree, and Yukon Gold.

19. The potato has a variable form and length, usually ranging in weight and up to 300 grams (10 ounces), Sometimes, they can be over 3.3 pounds.

20. Potato plants are pollinated by insects particularly bumblebees.

21. Genetic modification research has led to several potato varieties that have potential health advantages like viral resistance.

22. A primary cause of Ireland’s Great Famine from 1845 – 1852 was due to a potato disease called ‘the potato blight.’ This shortage caused 1 million people to run out of food and eventually die as it was the main food source during this period.

23. Sweet potatoes are different from regular potatoes.

24. An average American consumes 140 pounds of potatoes yearly. Germans, however, eat the most per annum, eating over 200 pounds per capita.

25. Potatoes are an ingredient when brewing alcohol such as akvavit, vodka, and potcheen.

How many carbs in a large baked potato: now you know and some cool extra facts about potatoes too; time to eat!

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