How to Know If You’re Fat or Just Bloated?

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Interestingly, many of us at one point or the other has experienced a swollen stomach. For some, it could happen after eating and remain that way for some time. And the truth is that it can be quite uncomfortable. Also, for some, this is actually an emotionally distressing situation.

The thing though is that many people actually don’t know the reason why their stomach is swollen. For some, they believe it’s just because there’s excess belly fat. While for some they believe it’s a sign that they’re bloated. So here comes the question, how to know if you’re fat or bloated. Is it important to find out the exact cause? Well, you’ll find out as we go on.

It’s quite important that you can tell if it’s bloating or belly fat. And that’s because these two have completely different triggers. Also, each of them is indicative of different health problems. Finding which one is the exact cause would help you find a solution to the problem.

There are many people that have had the wrong idea about what it really is. And because of this, they made matters worse instead of solving the problem. To prevent you from making this mistake we have come up with things that would help you identify the real cause. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Know If You’re Fat or It’s Bloating

When it comes to a swollen stomach the first and most important step is taking note of the symptoms. make sure that you also monitor the symptoms. Because this would give you a head-way as to the exact cause. Let’s take a look at four major things that can help you know if you’re fat or bloated.

  • Region of swelling: So the first thing that you have to do is examine your stomach. Try taking a look if the swelling is localized. Also, check if you can see other bulges on other parts of the body. If it’s localized then that’s most likely bloating. But if there seem to be bulges in other parts of the body then you can call it fat.
  • Nature of swelling: Try checking if the swelling feels firm or spongy. You can do this by pressing your stomach. Also, make sure that you concentrate on the parts affected. If it’s belly fat then it should feel spongy when you touch it. And if it’s bloating then it would feel hard when you touch it. So if you or anyone else can hold on to about an inch of your stomach then it’s most likely belly fat.
  • Duration: Another thing you have to look out for is how long. If it’s belly fat then it would have been developing for a long time. And it would tend to stay for quite some time. Which means that if it’s belly fat it’s constant. On the other hand, bloating is usually intermittent. This means that the shape of your stomach would tend to change at different intervals in the day.
  • Is it painful: This is yet another way that you can use to differentiate between belly fat and bloating. If it’s bloating, then you would expect that it would come with some degree of pain. If it’s just belly fat, then it would most likely not come with pain. So if it comes with any form of discomfort then you are most likely bloated.

How to Deal With Bloating

So once you’ve established that you’re bloated and it’s not belly fat the next step is finding a solution. Being bloated is a very uncomfortable feeling. And anyone that has been in the shoe before definitely couldn’t wait to get it off. There are some ways that you can actually deal with bloating. And they are:

  • Drink a lot of water: Many people don’t take enough water as they should daily. People that consume plenty of fluids consume less water and this could lead to dehydration. When your body doesn’t have enough water, the best bet is to try to preserve water. And with this, you increase the chances of being bloated. Also, make sure that you consume more water and less sugary drinks and flavored drinks.
  • Take a lot of protein: When you opt for foods that are high in protein you reduce the chances of retaining water in your body. And with that the chances of being bloated also reduces. Foods high in protein help the body eliminate a lot of fluids. And with this, the tissues would dry out over time. This comes in really handy for a person that’s bloated.
  • Take on smaller meals: People that eat larger meals have been found to have higher chances of being bloated. So instead of taking three large meals in a day, you might want to opt for about five smaller meals in a day. This would help reduce bloating.

What If It’s Belly Fat?

When it comes to belly fat getting rid of some pounds can be quite difficult. But even at that, there are still steps you can take to deal with belly fat.

  • Reduce consumption of refined carbs and sugars: This is actually one of the known causes of belly fat. Many people opt for sugars and carbs that are refined. And the truth is that these carbs would be later converted to fat after some time. This would then accumulate in the belly and even other parts of the body.
  • Opt for whole nutritious foods: Whole foods are known to be very rich in nutrients. Opt for foods that are rich in fiber that can make you feel full for a long time. With this, you wouldn’t have to eat so much during the day. And with that, you would be able to lose some belly fat.
  • Do exercises: As mentioned earlier, belly fat isn’t easy-peasy. It would take a lot of effort to get rid of it. your diet alone wouldn’t be able to do the trick. You can opt for moderate exercises like swimming, jogging, biking and many more. Have a goal as to the number of hours you would spend a week. And make sure you stick to it. You can be sure that with this you would be able to get rid of belly fat.

The ball is now in your court as to the steps to take. Since you now know how to know if you’re fat.

tips to know if you are bloated or fat

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