Hungry on Keto: Why This Happens + Tips on Hunger Pangs

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One of the first things that you should prepare for when you are on a diet is that there is a huge chance that you will get hungry. That is normal especially when it is your first time trying a diet. In case you have not decided on which diet to try, then the most recommended one would be keto.

This diet is popular as even celebrities have decided to try it. Research shows that this diet will not only make you thin but also give you energy and make your skin glow. However, just like what was mentioned earlier, there are instances when you still get hungry during the diet. After all, a diet would require you to lessen your food intake, right? So it is pretty normal that your body would crave the amount of food it usually gets.

Considering this, what is the best thing that you should do when you get hungry? Find out.

Why Being Hungry on Keto Happens

One common factor that stops people from continuing the diet is that they feel hungry all the time. You might know that when you are hungry, you tend to lose focus and even have a bad mood so it is not really advisable to starve and feel hungry most of the time. So when a person does keto and experience hunger 24/7, he or she might eventually stop it.

But keto is not just your average diet. It makes sure that you lose weight without feeling that you are hungry. So in the event that you do feel hungry, it is because of the following reasons:

Leptin resistance

If you are not aware of leptin, it is a hormone that is in charge of regulating your food intake. It is also responsible for the energy expenditure that can have an effect on your weight as well as body composition.

When you have leptin resistance, it means that your body is experiencing hormonal dysfunction wherein your body develops too much leptin. When this happens, your body will become resistant to the hormone and your body will start craving for more food.

Those who have this condition tend to have a problem as they will eat more sugar and fat, making it hard to lose weight.


It has been said that water makes you full. With this, a lot of people have been doing water therapy in which they just drink water to lose weight. You will not be doing that in a keto diet, but it is recommended that you drink lots and lots of water. Doing so will stop you from feeling hungry and give your body the nutrients that it needs.

Depending on too much plant-based dairy

While plant-based dairy can be good when you are losing weight, it may be the cause of your hunger. So what can be an effective way to combat this is to take fat-filled dairy. Not only will this make you full, but it also gives you tons of nutrients.

Lack of sleep

Losing sleep is not good for your health. It gives you tons of side effects, including feeling hungry. So when you decide to go for keto, make sure that you get enough sleep. This will stop the production of ghrelin, which is responsible for making you feel hungry.

No or less intake of fiber-rich foods

While your food intake may be limited to what the diet requires you to, take note that there is still food like fiber that you need to take to make you feel full. Eating fiber will make you satiated. Even better, it has been said that it is easier to make meals if you go for foods rich in fiber.

Effective Tips to Avoid Being Hungry on Keto

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to prevent feeling hungry on keto. You can do these to prevent you from stopping the diet and still achieve your weight loss goal.

Eat if you need to

There are a lot of studies that claim that it is better to eat frequently when you are in a diet. This will make you feel full and prevent you from eating a lot when you eat your regular meals. Even if you are under keto, you can still do this. Not only will this prevent you from feeling hungry, but it can also stabilize your energy levels.

Be Busy

Sometimes, when you are too busy, you tend to forget that you are hungry. This is because your mind is too busy to think of hunger. So what you can do is fill your task to distract yourself. Anything will do: from cleaning the house to sleep. As long as you can stop yourself and your stomach from reminding you that you need food.

Eliminate stress

Research shows that stress is one of the reasons you are hungry. When you are the type to eat food when you are stressed, then you should know that being stressed is not good for your diet. Since the diet is impossible to avoid, maybe what you can do is cut it down a bit.

When you have problems, you can find different ways to release it other than eating. You can take a break, walk, or even vent to your friends and family. After all, food is not the only escape from stress. Do not depend on it too much.

There are a lot of ways to fight off hunger. You can sleep more, go for new exercises, avoid sweets, and so on. Sometimes, you can even make your own technique in solving this problem. What you should always remember is that feeling hungry on the first days of your diet can be normal, even if it is keto.

Your body is still adjusting to your new lifestyle so there can be possible drawbacks to it. But after a while, your body will simply be used to it and you can do the diet without any problems.

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