Is Powerade Zero a Keto-Friendly Beverage?

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Before we answer the question, it is best that we introduce the drink first. So for starters, Powerade Zero is a zero-calorie, electrolyte-enhanced drink. It has various flavors such as mixed berry, grape, lemon, lime, strawberry, orange, and fruit punch that are designed to replenish the four key electrolytes in your body. 

Another good reason to try this drink out is that it provides advanced dehydration and has a carbohydrate solution that can be used to work more muscles in the body. Even better, the drink contains vitamins B12, B6, and B3. 

Learn more about this popular drink in this article. 

Nutrition facts

Powerade Zero is a popular drink that is created to replenish your magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium, the four key electrolytes that are most likely to be lessened when you sweat. It is made based on the ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System and has the essential vitamins that can improve your metabolism and give you a boost in energy. 

In addition, the drink contains the following: potassium, protein, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sodium, and fat. Powerade Zero is a sports drink that is recommended for athletes, people who have sweet those, and those who are doing the keto diet. 

Is Powerade Zero keto?

The answer is yes. It has been said that Powerade Zero is indeed a keto-friendly drink but you should not depend on it too much. Meaning to say, you need to eat other keto-friendly food as the drink does not have enough electrolytes for your diet. How is this possible when the drink is made to replenish your electrolytes?

The drink only contains 35mg of potassium and 100mg of sodium. These are fairly low and are actually not enough for your body who is under ketosis. It also has a low number of magnesium that may end up giving you muscle cramps if you are under the diet. 

Despite having low levels of electrolytes, the drink is still advisable for you since it has no calories and sugar. It may give you a boost in energy as well as improve your mental performance. 

In the event that you decide that you want to drink Powerade Zero, keep in mind that you still need to take the needed electrolyte amount to balance your mind and body during the said diet. Take note that having a balanced electrolyte count is one of the important aspects of being successful in a keto diet. 

Best time to drink Powerade Zero

If you are tired of drinking water in your diet, you can opt for Powerade Zero. Since the drink does not have sugar and calories and can give you energy, it can be really handy in your diet. But when is the best time to drink it?

1. After workouts

Of course, when you are in a diet, it is always recommended that you exercise. After all, exercising or training is essential in removing excess fats in your body. Since Powerade Zero is a sports drink, it is recommended that you drink it after workouts or training, if you have one.

It will instantly boost you physically and even mentally. The drink will make you energize as it will increase the number of electrolytes in your body. 

2. As a beverage alternative

In keto diet, you are required to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. There can be times when you experience keto flu and one of the effective ways to combat this symptom is to drink loads of water. However, you might be bored drinking only water which is actually a normal response to your body. 

What you can do is drink Powerade Zero to have a variety in your diet. Since the drink is keto-friendly, you do not have to worry if it will eliminate you on ketosis because you know that it will not. This drink can be a great alternative to juices and sodas as you are not allowed to drink those during the diet. 

You will also like the fact that Powerade Zero comes in different flavors, giving your taste buds new and exciting flavors every time you drink it. 

Why Powerade Zero?

Aside from being a no-calorie and no-sugar drink, Powerade Zero is a good drink that can help you keep up on your keto diet. Since it can boost your electrolytes, the drink can make you feel better after working out or training. 

And even if you are not exercising, your body tends to release the excess water especially when you are under ketosis. You will notice that you will pee more than you usually do and that is when the body eliminates electrolytes. 

Lacking the necessary electrolytes in your body will give various side effects like nausea, sugar cravings, headache, brain fog, muscle cramps, and dizziness. No one wants to experience that, especially under keto. So even if the increase in electrolytes when you drink Powerade Zero is not that many, it can still come in handy. Some even drink this to minimize the side effects that you can get from keto flu. 

However, if you believe that you still need more electrolytes in your body, you can always eat foods that are rich in potassium and magnesium. Some of these are spinach, almonds, avocadoes, and magnesium. It may also be good to take electrolyte supplements. Be sure that you are not buying supplements for weight loss as that will not be necessary since you are already under keto. 

Making a homemade drink designed to have electrolytes and eating bone broth can also help in improving your electrolyte levels and bringing back the lost minerals in your body. 

There you have it! If you are under keto, you should not be afraid to drink Powerade Zero. This drink can help you replenish your electrolytes, give you a boost in energy, and provide you with other nutrition needed by your body. Since it is a popular drink, you will not have a hard time looking for it in grocery stores or even online shops. 

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