Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

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Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

This Kerrygold butter is unsalted, grass-fed Irish butter. You get 8-ounces of butter in this product. It’s wrapped in a foil wrapper to keep the butter fresh, which adds more value.

About The Brand

The butter market is worth over $1.2 billion (2018). This offers many butter products including salted/unsalted. You can also get various niche products including grass-fed butter, which has been trending in recent years since it offers more omega-3s. 

Kerrygold butter is salted Irish butter. You get 8-oz. of butter in the product. This offers a niche product for people looking for Irish butter. You get 8-oz. of grass-fed butter.

Is It Tasty?

Kerrygold butter has received an average of 4/5 stars from 100+ Amazon reviews. Some people didn’t like butter due to taste, texture, etc. However, most people gave the butter positive reviews including the flavor, nutrients, etc. It’s important to try out the butter yourself so you’ll know whether or not you like the butter.


The product includes:

  • Pasteurized cream
  • Milk
  • Salt

These are basic ingredients that add value to the product. This adds value since it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. The cows are also grass-fed, which adds more omega-3 fatty acids to the butter, which makes it a healthy choice.

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

One of the main differences of this product is its real Irish butter. This offers more value versus standard butter. Ireland is famous for its dairy products so it might be worth paying a higher price tag for real Irish butter.

The butter is also salted. This adds more flavor versus unsalted butter. Some people don’t like salted butter but it adds extra flavor if you don’t want regular dairy butter.  

What Are The Benefits? 

  1. Brand: Kerrygold was founded in 1962 so it has over a half-century of industry experience. This can provide better value versus startup companies, for example.
  2. Grass-fed: This butter is grass-fed, which provides more omega-3s versus grain-fed cows. It’s an important issue if you’re looking for the healthiest butter possible. Omega-3 is a healthy fat that benefits skin, hair, heart, brain, etc.
  3. Irish butter: Ireland is world-famous for its butter so this is a niche product since you’re getting 100% Irish butter. The country offers high-quality butter.
  4. Salted: Salted and unsalted are some of the main benefits when picking butter products. Salted butter offers more flavor so it’s a good idea if you want more flavor versus standard butter. There are various butter products on the market and salt is one of the most flavorful ones.


The price is about $4, which is somewhat high for butter. However, this is made from grass-fed cows, which adds value to the dairy product. You get 8-oz. of Irish butter, which adds value to the product and helps to explain the higher price. You can find cheaper butter but the quality will likely be lower.

Company Information

Company Address, Phone Number, and website

  • Ornua Co-operative Limited. Grattan House, Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.
  • 00 353 1 661 9599.

Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

The product is covered by Amazon’s in-house warranty. So it’s important to read the details so you’ll know what the warranty does and doesn’t cover. 

Customer Reviews  

5 positive reviews

Julia Maria
Good butter

This butter is great tasting. It came in an extreme box, with an ice pack and insulated pads. I thought that was overkill, but hey, now I have an insulated box in case I ever want to mail somebody raw meat. Good product.

D. Joseph


Great Grass Fed Butter

I love the taste and that it is grass feed butter.

The only thing I don’t like is that it finishes quickly. Is there a larger tub with butter in it?

Rodney Allen
Five Stars

I’ve used this for years – the best flavored butter on the market in my opinion. 

First the taste!

Today was the first time I’ve tried this butter after reading about it’s high Omega-3 content, and of course it being grass-fed and non-GMO. It does have a different taste, a little richer, and not quite as salty. I’m lucky enough to have an Aldi near me that sells of a $2.65 for the seems a little goes a long way!

B. 5 negative reviews

1 star only for Amazon because I never recv’d & too darn expensive!

We just buy in the grocery store (Fry’s) ~ Very good price ~ great flavor ~ very good on toast & pancakes!

Adrianne Recco
Very disappointed!

This product cannot be returned it melted in transit. I’m very disappointed.

Irish butter has a horrible rancid taste to me

Irish butter has a horrible rancid taste to me. When I accidentally buy Irish butter, I find myself checking the dates on the package because I think I got a bad batch.

Great ad campaign and brainwashing job!

I’m with Michelle… Due to all the hype though, I recently bought Kerrygold butter and I’m not impressed in the least, nor is anyone in my family. I think a lot of people are convinced; if it cost more, and comes from Europe, it has to be better. I say GREAT advertising Kerrygold!

Personally I don’t care for the taste. I’ll use it up in my baking, but will never buy it again. In spite of the use-by date being 11/2014 (it is now 4/2014) the butter tastes old to me. And how can butter last that long anyway, and still be good? If it were Land O Lakes I’d think it WAS old and toss it.

And before all, you Kerrygold defenders out there pounce on me, as you did on Michelle; you have a right to your opinion and we have a right to our opinion… at 71 I know what butter used to taste like on the farm, and I’m just as pleased with Land O Lakes. In fact, America’s Test Kitchen says Land o Lakes is a better choice.

Michelle Masterson
If you like margarine 

Bought this from my local supermarket two different times about a year apart. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get a bad batch or something.

I will never buy this again, It tasted like margarine and made my toast a nasty yellow color.

If this is what the Irish really call butter I feel sorry for them, because it’s wicked nasty.

 I tossed it right in the trash.

Where to buy

Kerrygold was founded 55+ years ago in 1962. This makes it easier to find at supermarkets, health stores, and organic stores. You can also find it at the Kerrygold homepage and online retailers like Amazon.

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