How The Keto Diet Impacts Your Libido

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There are quite a few things you would expect when you start your keto journey. The expectations are generally that of overall better health. How about keto and libido? Why is it that some keto eaters feel friskier while some others notice a dip in their sex drive? In this article, we will tell you how keto affects your sex life. We will talk about how keto affects the factors that regulate sex drive.

We know very well that diet remarkably influences health. And since libido is a vital aspect of health, we know that diet can influence libido too. Experts tell us that unhealthy diets generally cause metabolic syndrome, diabetes type II, and low testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the regulation of libido in both women and men. Aspects of diet that affect libido include calorie intake and weight loss. Diet can also affect your hormones. Experts tell us that hormones are major actors when it comes to sex drive. There is so much to say about libido and keto. Read on.

Keto And Libido: How Keto Increases Libido

1. High-fat diets increase estrogen

In a small study, experts found that women on a low-fat diet had lower estrogen levels. Low-fat refers to a diet with 20% of calories or less coming from fat. High-fat diets like Keto, on the other hand, do the exact opposite.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone. So the effect of keto on estrogen is particularly beneficial for women. As you approach menopause, your estrogen will begin to reduce naturally. But you can keep the levels up by eating high-fat meals. This is the kind of meal you would be eating on keto.

Aside from keeping sex drive up, high-fat meals will also help you deal with some unwanted menopause symptoms. These include sleep disruptions, mood problems, and vaginal dryness. All of these are related to its effects on estrogen.

2. High-fat diets increase testosterone

Estrogen is a hormone helpful for libido in women, while testosterone is for men. If a man’s testosterone level is low, he will experience a low sexual drive, as well as erectile dysfunction. With low testosterone, energy levels also drop, muscle mass will decrease, and there would be some hair loss.

Low testosterone can lead to weight gain in men too. If you have ever heard about “man boobs” (or gynecomastia), low testosterone causes it. Experts say that if you eat a high-fat diet, your testosterone will improve. High-fat diet programs refer to a diet with at least 40% calories coming from fat.

By increasing a man’s testosterone, high-fat meals are beneficial for a man’s libido. 

3. Weight loss can also increase libido

Weight loss is arguably the most common goal of eating keto. If you can achieve weight loss, it will boost your self-confidence. It can lead to improvements in libido. It is helpful for both women and men. You know that having a healthy weight can give you a good feeling about yourself and increase your confidence.

4. Energy levels play a vital role too

Fatigue can cause low libido for both sexes, and most keto eaters can say their energy levels improved. They also experienced mental clarity. Aside from these, keto eaters say their physical performance also improved. All of these can increase libido and sexual desire.

Keto And Libido: Why You May Experience Lower Libido on Keto

1. You’re eating lots of trans fat

High-fat diets can increase libido, but the kind of fat you eat matters a lot. If you’re eating trans-fat, it may affect your libido negatively.

Trans is the kind of fat present in fried food. It is not good for your health at all. It negatively affects the libido of both women and men. Trans fat can reduce the sperm production of men. It can also affect a woman’s gestation.

As such, while you should eat high-fat foods on keto, you should stay away from trans fat. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, on the other hand, are very healthy. If you eat this, your libido will be better for it.

2. Your body is still transitioning to ketosis

While your body is still transitioning to ketosis, you may not feel at your best. When your body stops using glucose and carbs for energy and starts using ketones and fat, you may begin to experience some uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms.

The most noticeable effect is what experts call “keto flu”. But aside from this, some people experience low libido. Remember that the transitioning may affect your energy levels and mood negatively. These can, in turn, bring down your libido.

But then these are only temporary effects. As soon as you cross over this stage, things will return to normal. So if this happens to you, just be patient and stay committed to your diet. Things will improve as soon as you enter ketosis.

3. You don’t consume enough calories

Even if you are eating keto or any other diet for that matter, you should get enough calories daily. This way, there is a proper energy supply to your body. When you have a sufficient energy supply, your body would be able to run its functions efficiently, like libido and sexual functions.

Remember, inadequate calories will not only affect your libido. As your body experiences starvation, your overall health will also suffer. More so, you will generally not be able to function and perform optimally. This is what happens when you don’t have enough energy.


If your keto diet is poorly planned, libido may be quite problematic. Keto can improve your libido. But you must make sure you eat the right fat and consume enough calories daily.

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