Keto diet and ulcers: causes and treatment

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keto diet and ulcers

Exploring the famous Ketogenic Diet for quite some time already may have caused some negative side effects that alarmed you much.

One of the discomforts that brought the attention of some Keto dieters is the stomach pain that they’ve been feeling which confused them for having an unexpected ulcer.

If you happen to be one of them, then make sure to keep tagging along because in this article, we will find out the truth between keto diet and ulcers.

Will Keto cause ulcers?

That has been one of the most frequently asked questions whenever Keto dieters start to feel pained in their stomach.

There haven’t been much studies and researchers that attested that Keto diet can actually cause ulcers. However, there has been an answer as to why individuals experience pain in their tummies.

Generally speaking, the process of Keto adaptation can result to some reactions in your tummy. This is why, dehydration is known to be the ultimate culprit of the said side effect. Having your body undergo Ketosis can actually dehydrate you.

Since the ultimate goal of Keto is to use fat and ketones as fuels rather than glycogen and carbs, an increase in your Ketone levels shouldn’t be the concern. However, there are two major reasons why Ketones make you dehydrated.

  1. As you try to get rid of carbs and glycogen, such inefficiencies will require you to replace them with water. The process of running through your glycogen will also equate to your body losing some water.
  2. Switching from a high-carb diet to low-carb can cause water retention. This is due to the high sodium content that you’ve been consuming through your previous diet. Now doing a Keto diet can lower your insulin levels. As a result, excess fluids will have to be released.

Combining the two altogether explains the negative side effect of Keto resulting to stomach pain. Furthermore, this is not a life-threatening concern. Keep in mind that catching negative drawbacks from Keto dieting is pretty normal.

Stomach pain could not be the only side effect you will feel. There are also some other negative side effects that Keto could bring. Alongside with stomach pain, there could also be irritation, brain fog, and low motivation.

My point is, it’s pretty normal to experience stomach discomfort when you’re trying to sustain the Ketogenic diet.

How to cure stomach pain?

There are also quick remedies that you can consider when treating the stomach pain. It turns out that most Keto dieters share the same symptoms when doing the diet. Having said, they may have used the same remedies or treatments to get rid of the side effect.

  1. Water – Emphasizing dehydration earlier is already the cue that you will have to increase your water intake.
  2. Salt – Sodium may make you feel bloated but adding a little bit of salt in your meals could help retain the water.
  3. Fats – Since fat is not something that is to be avoided when in Keto, you may consider increasing your fat intake in your every meal.
  4. Time – Give it time. Similar to other Keto side effects, stomach pain will also subside on its own or rather, your body will get a hang to the adjustments.

The provided cures are just guidelines that some Keto dieters who experienced the same pain have tried. However, if you think those remedies are not helping at all, then we advise you have yourself checked.

Stomach pain do not only occur once you’re in Keto. There are instances where individuals who tried Keto have had history in ulcers and that they only confused the pain as a symptom of ulcer.

In order to know more about stomach ulcers, the link below may help you clearly categorize the side effect you’re feeling.


Just like what most articles suggest, Keto dieters have different pain tolerance levels. If that’s the case, we also recommend you to seek help from a professional so that a fitness expert/doctor could clearly assess your case. They may also provide you with some treatments that are suitable just for you.

Remember, doing a Ketogenic diet is not all about convenience. Although this low-carb diet has its side effects, it’s not really a reason for you to leave Ketosis right away. We understand the discomfort but these side effects are not gonna last forever. Losing weight takes some time to achieve your goals. Hence, these side effects will also disappear on their own time.

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