What Not to Drink While on the Keto Diet: A Low Carb Drink Guide

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Keto diet drinks

Were you a lover of delicious fruity drinks or fancy wines back when you are not yet into keto? Ever wondered if there are keto diet drinks to substitute those you used to love?

The change may leave you in a state of shock because it is quite a drastic one.

We see many articles discussing keto-friendly foods. You know the whole deal – what not to eat and what to eat. While it is essential to watch what you eat, it is also important to watch what type of liquid you put on the body.

It is no secret that one of the best keto diet-friendly drinks is water. You can drink as much as you want and it will only do you a world of good. Plain water is most definitely your best friend. Of course, if you are craving for something more flavorful, occasional refreshments other than water will come in handy.

Here are some beverages that are perfect when hanging out when socializing or you just feel like grabbing one delicious sip.

First,  let us discuss some non-alcoholic keto diet drinks. These are some certain drinks like tea and bone broth that you can enjoy as much as you want. Drinks like coconut water and kombucha are something you can take at most once a day.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

It goes without saying that we have to discuss the most basic but downright healthiest drink of all time – water. It would be your best bet for great hydration.

If you want more flavour to your drink, simply squeeze in some lime or lemon. Or if you want something sweeter, then add cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, and other fruits. These can make the healthiest of the keto friendly drinks taste more wonderfully.

If you are going to drink something and you want a little fizzle, you can make a sparkling water through the help of carbonator.


Next is coffee. If you are worried about including coffee into your keto diet meal plan to boost your energy every morning, then here is the good news – it is totally okay. You can still consume any drink, whether caffeinated or decaf. Caffeine is a perfect stimulant. It can suppress appetite and promote weight loss and fat burning abilities. This makes it an ideal keto drink!

Keep it simple with no creamer or anything. Black coffee contains zero carbs and calories. If you cannot tolerate the strong taste, adding heavy cream into the mix will not harm your keto diet. Another option that is most ideal to add to your keto diet meal plan is to have bulletproof coffee in the morning. You can use coconut oil, butter, or MCT oil.

You do not have to feel bad about missing out on your Starbucks coffee. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your favorite drink without screwing your keto diet. Also, think about the money you will save!


Tea is another option. It has no carbohydrates and has been linked to a lot of benefits for hundreds of years. Green and black tea do not only have metabolic advantages but also have amazing anti-aging properties.

To make it more tasteful, heavy cream or stevia.


Dairy is never suitable for keto because of the number of carbs it contains, but other non-dairy milk options are keto-friendly. To make it sweeter, carrageenan is a good option. Full-fat options are one of the best choices for a healthy keto diet meal plan. Non-dairy milk is almond milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, and coconut milk.


Fermented beverages are good for your digestion. Combine tea, cultured bacteria and yeast, and tea. Not everyone is a fan, but this has got to be on of the healthiest keto friendly drinks. It has probiotics that fight off gas, bloating and constipation. Sugar is added to the mix for fermentation purposes. Now, it will clash with your keto diet if the sugar content is high. Always check the label.

Coconut Water

Another clear liquid option came from the middle of the green coconuts. This has fewer calories than coconut milk and contains a lot more nutrients.


Keto smoothie is a quick way to get all the nutrients into your system in a very fun way. Here are some ingredients to include on our delicious recipe: fats such as avocado, nut butter, coconut oil, yogurts, and egg yolks; healthy produce like kale, spinach, and berries; and other additional flavors like MCT oil powder, coffee, protein powders, and matcha powder.

Make your own keto friendly drink by mixing it up and perfecting a delectable smoothie.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are not a definite no-no when you are on a keto diet. However, you need to be very cautious when drinking alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is a toxin and may decrease ketone production.

But, sometimes, you need to consider those social gatherings are inevitable. Instead of grabbing a beer or a cocktail, choose hard liquor – every single time. In specific liquors, sugar is turned to ethyl alcohol. This does not have any effect on the blood sugar levels as other types of alcohol. In no particular order, here are some alcoholic beverages that make the best keto diet drinks:

  1. Whiskey
  2. Scotch
  3. Bourbon
  4. Tequila
  5. Rum
  6. Cognac
  7. Brandy
  8. Vodka
  9. Gin
  10. Dry red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon has no more than 4 grams of carbohydrates.

Now, that you know what you can drink on your keto diet, you should be made aware of what you should avoid.

First is the soda. Soda has almost 40 grams of sugar. Any other forms of sodas are not ideal.

Fruit juices may sound healthier, but it actually is not. It may be a little healthier than soda, but overall its sugar content is pretty high. There are some vegetable juices that are not considered keto-friendly drinks. Carrot juices have over 20 grams of carbohydrates.

Some sports drinks also are loaded with sugar. You can make your own workout drink by simply putting sea salt with coconut water.

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