What Are Keto Fat Bombs and Why Should I Take Them?

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keto fat bombs

Some fad diets nowadays can be hard to sustain. Despite trying to stick to a diet for weeks to months at a time, an individual would end up getting back to the usual diet – one that is easy to follow. For most people, the ketogenic diet is one example of a diet that may prove to be unsustainable. However, with the help of keto fat bombs, sticking to this diet may become easy.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet is basically a diet that contains low carbohydrates and high amounts of fat. It is similar to the low-carb and Atkins diet. For some individuals, the number of carbohydrates taken in a day is drastically reduced. Carbs are then replaced with fat which puts the body in a state of ketosis.

Ketosis takes place when the body burns stored fat into energy. Moreover, it transforms fat in the liver into ketones, which supplies the brain’s needed energy. A ketogenic diet causes an insane drop in blood sugar as well as insulin. This diet comes in various forms, but the basic include the following.

1. Standard Ketogenic Diet

The percentage of protein, fat, and carbohydrate follow a specific amount. There is only five percent of carbohydrates. On the other hand, it involves 20 percent of protein and 75 percent of fat.

2. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

Carbohydrate is consumed at a high amount for two continuous days. It is then reduced to zero for the five remaining days of the week.

3. Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This type of ketogenic diet allows the intake of carbohydrates during a workout. It works best for sessions at the gym where there is intense muscle workout or the need for energy.

4. High-Protein Ketogenic Diet

It is quite the same as with the standard ketogenic diet. However, the percentage varies. It involves five percent of carbohydrates, 60 percent of fat, and 35 percent of protein.

Benefits of the Diet

1. Reduces Weight

This diet expedites weight loss since it converts stored fat into energy due to the absence of carbohydrates.

2. Reduces Acne

Sugar and carbohydrates in the diet may cause acne. Moreover, a diet rich in processed food and refined carbs leads to an imbalance of blood glucose which affects the health of the skin. By significantly reducing the number of carbs consumed, it reduces the occurrence of acne as well.

3. Improves Heart Health

Studies claim that the ketogenic diet improves the health of the heart due to the reduction of cholesterol. Moreover, it increases the good cholesterol that is vital for heart function.

4. Protects Brain Functions

While more research is required for this claim, studies state that the keto diet has benefits for the brain. It improves cognitive functioning and mental awareness. Furthermore, it may prevent Alzheimer’s as well as Parkinson’s.

What are Keto Fat Bombs?

A fat bomb is quite similar to an energy bar. However, an energy bar is usually laden with sugar and carbohydrates that are not entirely healthy. Keto fat bombs, on the other hand, contain low amounts of carbohydrates and protein, and high quantities of fat.

Fat bombs contain approximately 90 percent of fat that is a combination of ketogenic compounds. It can serve as a meal replacement, a dessert, or a snack. The usual ingredients commonly found in fat bombs are high-fat dairy and coconut oil.

Coconut oil is packed with medium chain triglycerides. This type of fat is quickly absorbed by the body and is easily used as fuel. High-fat dairy also offers wonderful health benefits due to its mineral and vitamin content. Moreover, high-fat dairy contains the fatty acid known as conjugated linoleic acid which is proven to increase immune system function, decrease body fat, and prevent heart disease. Conjugated linoleic acid is found in dairy which comes from 100 percent grass-fed cows.

How to Create a Keto Fat Bomb

Fat bombs can be store-bought. However, for individuals who wish to make one from scratch, here are the steps.

1. Step 1: Determine Texture and Flavor

Find out the flavor and texture of the fat bomb desired. Should it be savory, bitter, sour, or sweet? Also, should the texture be chewy, melty, or crunchy?

2. Step 2: Choose Fat Base

Keto fat bombs need a fat base. This will keep it solidified even when refrigerated or at room temperature. Common fat bases used include butter and coconut oil. Other options include cream cheese, which is advisable if one is going for the savory kind of fat bomb. For those who wish to experiment, opt for animal fats.

  • Common Fat Base:
    • Butter
    • Cream Cheese
    • Coconut Oil
  • Uncommon Fat Base:
    • Hard Cheese
    • Animal Fat (Lard or Tallow)
  • Non-Dairy Fat Base:
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Coconut Cream
    • Coconut Oil
    • Ghee
    • Tree Nut Cheese
  • Raw Vegan or Vegan Fat Base:
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Coconut Cream
    • Coconut Oil
    • Tree Nut Cheese

3. Step 3: Complete Keto Ingredients

Once the fat base, texture, and flavor have been determined, it is now time to choose the additional ingredients for the fat bomb. Some common ingredients include salt, herbs, spices, and calorie-free sweeteners. Other ingredients that may be added include the following.

  • Blue- or Blackberries
  • Bacon
  • Cacao Powder
  • Cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut Flakes or Cream
  • Chopped Herbs
  • Cooked Meat (Steak, Salami, Salmon)
  • Eggs
  • Lemon Juice
  • Low-Carb Fruits or Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Vanilla

4. Step 4: Mix Everything

Melt the fat base before blending all the ingredients. The product can then be shaped into a ball or a bar. It may be moved to a tray or container before placed in the refrigerator.


While some users claim a fat bomb can serve as a meal replacement, it should not be such. Once a day should do. Moreover, replacing a fat bomb with food packed with nutrients is better. The body would work best on a serving of two organic eggs or salad with berries, goat cheese, and walnuts.

Moreover, keto fat bombs promote unhealthy snacking. Choose whole food to curb the cravings rather than picking up a fat bomb. The ketogenic diet may be difficult to adapt, but it takes determination to push through it. Moreover, a successful keto diet offers the following benefits.

  • Balanced Levels of Hormones
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Concentration
  • Less Hunger Pangs
  • Maintained Muscle Gain
  • Mental Clarity
  • Sugar Detoxification

The keto fat bomb may not wreck the diet, but it does not carry any excellent benefits either, especially if more than one is consumed in a day. Stick to clean and natural food sources.

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