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In today’s hectic lifestyle and busy work schedules, people are looking for ways to improve their overall health. Individuals will usually look for ways to improve their general condition through increased physical activity, consumption of healthy food items and the use of more natural and alternative treatment options for various illnesses. People, however, primarily look for supplements that they can take to help them achieve an improved quality of life and enhanced health and wellness particularly in terms of the ketogenic diet. One such supplement is the ketone esters. People may still ask though “What is it and how can it boost the keto diet?

Ketone Esters: A Popular Way To Reach Ketosis

Ketone esters are currently making waves around ketogenic users and dieters. Ketone esters fall under the category of exogenous ketones similar to that ketone salts. The abovementioned substances have or contain ketones that aid the body in achieving ketosis. Ketone salts are different ketone ester in that ketone esters are bound to alcohol molecules while ketone salts are bound to calcium, potassium, and sodium. Due to ketone ester not being bound to salts, ketone esters contain increased amounts of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a ketone produced within the human body and is present in the human body in larger quantities compared to other ketone bodies. As such, ketone ester can better elevate ketone levels within the body compared to ketone salts. Because of this, individuals are now looking into the possibility of using ketone ester for their potential health benefits.

What are some ketone ester available on the Market?

Currently, there are two (2) ketone esters available on the market and these are Ketoneaid and HVMN. They may be different products but the ketone type used for both the said products is the same. These two (2) products are currently being marketed by their respective manufacturers and they have generated enough pre-sale interest and attention. The said ketone ester have also been marketed towards people focused on improving sports performance and aiding the body in therapies related to neurological conditions. In addition, ketones are possibly being linked to increased productivity and longevity.

What are the possible side effects of Ketone Ester?

Researches usually look into the possible side effects of products and the same is true for ketone ester. One of the major side effects noted in ketone ester is concerns related to gastrointestinal issues. Based on recent studies, there are reduced gastrointestinal issues noted and it has been noted to be directly proportional to the number of ketone ester taken or consumed. As such, it was also observed that people who took daily doses that exceeded the recommended amounts of ketone ester resulted in more incidences or severity of gastrointestinal issues. Other side effects include Moderate Nausea, nausea accompanied by dry retching, discomfort centered on the minor gut, moderate reflux, dizziness, and vomiting. While the negative or adverse effects of ketone ester may be reduced by taking in lower doses of the said supplements, it must be noted that the performance boost provided by ketone esters may also be reduced or lowered. More recent studies also suggest that newer versions of ketone esters may have reduced side effects due to formulations that have significantly been improved. Reduced side effects may also be due to better and smarter use of ketone esters as supplements.

How do Ketone Esters taste like?

Ketone Esters have been described as tasting awful and have been likened to tasting like “fuel for jet planes”. Because of this, manufacturers have tried to make ketone ester more easily tolerated and even palatable. Recent iterations of the product have been improving on their taste with newer reviews describing ketone ester as tasting “not too bad”. HVMN ester has also been described as tasting like some form of alcoholic spirit mixed with lemons and cherries.

Can Ketone Ester really improve exercise performance?

The claim is that it can improve exercise performance mainly comes from the anecdotal comments and experiences by athletes. This is due to the lack of or minimal studies conducted for the actual effect of ketone ester on exercise.

Based on observations, the enhanced performance of individuals taking in ketone ester for exercise may have been due to a number of different factors. Certain changes have been observed after consuming ketone ester particularly in how the body uses ketones, carbs, and fats. One prominent change within the human body during the ingestion of ketone ester was the occurrence of glycolysis. The process of glycolysis may be the reason behind the enhanced performance during exercise as carbohydrates are mainly used as the energy or fuel during intense physical activities such as exercise.

Another possible reason why exercise is improved after the consumption of ketone ester is that there is enhanced fat burning that occurs in the muscles themselves. This is a significant finding as it is usually observed that fats in the muscles are not efficiently burned during intense physical activities such as exercise and during sports events.

Can Ketone Esters Also Help In Losing Weight?

Some researchers are also suggesting the possibility that ketone esters can be used to aid individuals in weight loss. One study observed that consuming ketone esters can help an individual control their cravings and appetite by suppressing feelings of hunger. This may result in consuming less food while under the effects of ketone esters. However, the study focused on the effect of ketone esters on the feelings of hunger or cravings for simple carbohydrates and further research is needed to check the effects of ketone esters on other food items. Researchers would also like to further verify if the hunger controlling properties of and management of food cravings caused by ketone esters can actually be significant enough to help an individual lose weight and lower his or her body mass index or BMI.

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