How Fast Can You Lose 15 Pounds— The Safest Way

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First things first, remember that you did not gain that excess weight in a day. So losing it will not happen in one day either. Have you ever asked how fast can you lose 15 pounds the safest way? Is it possible to do it in a month? The answer is yes. The body is capable of losing up to 25 kg in 30 days but, the question to ask is, is it advisable? If you want to look like a cadaver and feel like one, then that should give you an idea. Losing weight is always a doable plan and it can be done without going crazy if you’re fully intent on doing it.

Having a weight loss goal is great and the key to reaching it is keeping it real no matter if it is 5 pounds or 15 pounds. If your lifestyle does not allow for regular work-outs at the gym, or if you don’t cook much, then you know where to draw the line on the amount of weight you can expect to lose in a certain time frame. Take each step as a move closer to your goal even if it means just making some small modifications to your diet and little tweaks in your daily lifestyle and routine. 

This is all about incorporating tolerable changes instead of feeling overwhelmed with managing a major transition. Let’s look into this process further with scientific goggles. 

1. Control Carb Intake

Not all carbs are created equal. Your worst enemy in weight loss is a poor diet consisting of refined carbs and sugar which are just fillers stripped of nutrients as well as fiber when they are processed. Refined carbs are usually high in calories but are low in nutritional content.

These are easily absorbed in the bloodstream which causes your blood sugar to spike and causes you to feel even more hungry. When your diet is made up of mostly refined carbohydrates, the tendency of gaining excess body weight especially around the belly is high compared to those who eat whole grains. 

Refined carbs can be found in white bread, white rice, cereals, pasta, biscuits, and donuts. Once these foods are digested but not burned due to inactivity, they turn into sugar and then into stored fat. Swap them with whole-grain products such as oats, bran, rye, barley, quinoa, and brown /red rice

2. Eat More Veggies

Yes, you’ve heard this all before. And your mothers were totally on point about it. Vegetables are so nutrient-rich that they can provide your body with loads of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants but with less calorie intake. They fill you up nice and good without feeling bloated after a meal. 

Studies have even shown that the body is capable of losing 1.1 pounds within 6 months just by adding 100 grams of vegetables to your daily meals. The chances of becoming overweight or obese decreased by 17% if you fill half your plate with greens each meal. If you’re not a huge veggiesaurus you can incorporate more vegetables in your diet by just getting an extra serving of vegetables, or sneaking in more greens in your sandwiches, snacking on some celery and cucumber while having a cocktail, and just by adding a salad to every meal. 

3. Bulk Up on Fiber To Help You Lose 15 Pounds

Fiber is quite essential for good digestion flow and believe it or not, many out there have issues with a digestive system bad enough to merit certain unpleasant medical procedures. Fiber keeps your stomach full and staves off hunger pangs as it slows down the tummy’s emptying process. More than that, it also stabilizes blood sugar.

If you’re not a big veggie eater and you just can’t get past those leaves, there are other ways to get your fiber consumption up to speed. Studies have shown a 10% decrease in calorie intake along with a drop of 4 pounds in body weight in just 4 months by merely adding 14 gms of fiber to the diet 

4. Get Into Intermittent Fasting

Fasting by itself is known to reset your body functions. But you don’t have to get into a Gandhi mode to get the results. Intermittent fasting means putting your body into cycle periods of fasting and feasting. You can choose between 16-24 hours fasting and then allow yourself a window of 6 – 8 -10 hours to eat — well yes, feast. Doing this keeps you from overeating and constantly snacking.

Research on intermittent fasting has shown this to be a real powerful manner of eating to achieve weight loss as short-term fasting increases the number of calories your body burns while at rest. It has also been found to produce more human growth hormones which in turn allows the body to burn more fat but retain one’s lean body mass. 

Going on intermittent fasting doesn’t necessarily give you a pass to eat the wrong type of foods. Results are best achieved if you practice intermittent fasting while choosing healthy food and restraining yourself from eating refined carbs and sweets. The key to your success with IF is to find the best schedule to match your eating habits and lifestyle. 

5. Move! Move! Move!

Living a sedentary lifestyle may be something you need to change if you’re looking to shed pounds. No matter how busy your schedule, you have to find a way to squeeze in small bursts of activity throughout your day to get your heart rate up and sweat. Not only does this allow you to burn calories, but it is good for your heart and circulation. Find a way to sneak in some level of activity, such as parking further from the supermarket entrance or taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, offer to make a coffee run for the staff floor, or just give yourself 30 minutes to stretch and walk before you start or end your day. 

Movement is the key. Not everyone has the luxury of time for a 2-hour daily workout in the gym.

Giving yourself a 15-minute break to walk twice a day will do wonders compared to not even moving from your computer desk all day. 

6. Get Enough Sleep To Help You Lose 15 Pounds

Nothing gets you feeling in top form than a good night’s rest. Some people think sleep is underrated or that there is so much more to life than 8 hours of sleep. Getting a good solid 8 hours of deep snoozing is another critical factor to consider for weight loss. More importantly, setting regular sleep hours and being able to stick to it is key to successfully losing some excess poundage. 

According to research, sleep deprivation leads to increased hunger pangs and an increase in the levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone called ghrelin. 

7. Power up your Breakfast

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. And the best way to make the most out of a good breakfast is packing with high protein food instead of carbs and sugar. Choose your brekkie food wisely and pile up on nutritious protein-rich food such as eggs, avocados, yogurt topped with some nuts and seeds. Ditch the refined carbs and go for whole-grain alternatives to fill you up and curb that sweet tooth with berries instead. Protein helps you lose 15 pounds fast as it easily fills you up and curbs your appetite without having to pack in the calories. Protein fights off hunger and keeps those hunger-stimulating hormones in check.

Lose 15 Pounds the Safest Way

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