Can You Make Low Carb Biscuits with Coconut Flour?

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Are you a fan of biscuits? This is a classic baked good that’s popular in the USA and especially southern biscuits. There are many options including buttermilk biscuits.  While these can be a tasty breakfast food a big question is, they’re often known for being “heavy.”

So, you might be wondering if low carb biscuits coconut flour is a thing. Coconut flour and almond flour are some of the most popular substitutes for high-carb wheat flour. Coconut-sourced flour also requires as low as 25% of the same amount of wheat/almond flour. So, you can save resources with this lower-carb option.

Why should you consider coconut flour? In some situations, you’ll want a fluffier texture. In that case, coconut flour is a better option than almond flour. However, if you want a thicker texture then, in that case, almond flour. However, a key benefit of both flours is they help you to stay in a state of ketosis.

This is important when on Keto or Atkins. This will help you to lose weight faster because you’ll be getting your energy from stored fat. You’ll literally be turning your body into a fat-burning machine. If you’re eating lower-carb biscuits you can enjoy the classic food while not worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis.

Are Biscuits Usually Healthy?

From the get-go, it’s important to consider whether you even need to consider coconut flour. For example, are they generally healthy/unhealthy and are they Keto-friendly? These are big questions that you should take up before considering coconut flour as a substitute flour.

A basic southern biscuit includes healthy fat from butter and buttermilk. These ingredients get a green light on Keto since they’re low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) ingredients. When we say “fat” we’re talking about healthy sources instead of microwave popcorn with fake butter.

Dairy is a good source of healthy fat. In fact, this type of fat can provide several health benefits for your heart, brain, skin, and hair. So, these ingredients aren’t just OK but help you get 70% or more of healthy fat required on Keto.

The other ingredients in old-school biscuits also aren’t a problem. They include baking soda, baking powder, and salt. These ingredients are low-carb in small amounts so they won’t cause any problems.

However, there are two main nightmare ingredients in traditional southern biscuits. The first is vegetable shortening. Fun Fact: Crisco was the first commercial product that included trans-fat. This is the unhealthiest fat and one you have to avoid on diets like Keto, Atkins, and Paleo. In short, it’s a nutritional nightmare.

Then there’s the wheat flour. The amount required varies from recipe to recipe. One cup has a sky-high 95g of carbs, which is almost 2x allowed on a standard Keto or Atkins diet. So, it’s safe to say this isn’t the best option when making biscuits.  

So, the good news is you’ll have to make a few tweaks to make your biscuits low-carb and Keto-friendly. The main ingredients to drop are vegetable shortening and wheat flour. They’re both highly-processed foods that can boost the risk of health conditions like obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Low Carb Biscuits Coconut Flour

The main tweak in this version is the coconut flour, which is much lower-carb than wheat flour. Here are the nutrition facts for ¼ cup of flour:


There are 116 calories in a ¼ cup of coconut flour. This is quite low since it’s equal to 1 cup of wheat flour. Keep in mind you won’t be consuming the whole batch of biscuits so the calorie count will actually be lower.


There’s about 16.5g of carbs in this amount of coconut flour. It’s easily much lower than the equal 1 cup of wheat flour at 95g of carbs. This is definitely a big plus to help to keep the biscuits low-carb. In addition, the light texture of this flour will help to keep your biscuits light and fluffy. That’s a good thing!


There’s about 4.3g of protein in the coconut-sourced flour. It’s not sky-high but can help you get in your daily value of the macronutrient. You can add other ingredients like flaxseeds and nuts to boost the protein content of the baked good.


There’s 4.2g of fat in this amount of flour. It’s about the same amount as protein. You won’t have to worry about getting enough fat with Keto Biscuits since there are other ingredients like butter that can add more healthy fat. You could also add other ingredients like nuts/seeds to boost the healthy fat content.

Studies show that coconut products can provide a wide range of nutrients. For example, coconut oil includes an omega-3 known as MCT. This is also found in dairy products and is a good source of healthy fat.

There are a few downsides of coconut flour to consider. It’s much less available than wheat flour so it might be tougher to find at your local supermarket. Another issue is a supply/demand issue, which boosts the price tag.

Top Ingredients for Keto-friendly Biscuits

1. Sour Cream

This is a fermented dairy product that’s popular with baked potatoes and chip/tortilla dips. It has an interesting tangy taste that’s even different from yogurt. This is a common ingredient for low-carb biscuits. It adds some healthy fat from the dairy product, which is a good thing.  

2. Almond or Coconut Flour

Both of these ingredients are Ok for Keto and Atkins. That’s because they’re both low-carb. The main difference is texture. Almonds have a coarser texture than coconut, which isn’t surprising if you compare almond nuts and coconut meat.

Another issue is the amount of both ingredients you’ll need. For example, you can’t use a 1:1 ratio for these ingredients. If you use coconut flour then you’ll just need about one-quarter of the amount versus almond/wheat flour.

3. Cheese

There are different types used in Keto Biscuits. Some of the main ones are mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan. One or all might be included in the recipe. These ingredients are complete proteins so they provide all essential amino acids (EAAs) required on a daily basis. The best part of these ingredients: it’s cheese!

4. Egg

Eggs are a superfood for many reasons. They’re high in good fats, cholesterol, and lots of vitamins/minerals. Another plus is eggs have about 1g of carbs, so they’re easily a good option for low-carb foods. How about cholesterol? It’s good cholesterol, which can help maintain good health.  

5. Butter

It’s been said that everything is “better with butter.” This is a dairy product that’s often criticized for being unhealthy. The key issue is butter is loaded with a healthy fat. That’s actually a good thing since it can help you get enough fat on the Keto diet, for example. Butter is also included in many other low-carb dessert recipes in addition to low carb biscuits coconut flour.

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