Low Carb Breakfast on the Road Recipe Ideas

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Are you planning a road trip? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or summer vacation you’ll have to do some meal-planning. The good news is if you’re traveling by RV or have cooking facilities in your lodging then you can still prepare low-carb meals including low carb breakfast on the road.

The key is to make it easy-peasy. That’s because it will be tougher to find low-carb ingredients. In fact, it’s important to bring some go-to ingredients with you like coconut/almond flour, stevia extract, etc. This will make it easier to stay low-carb when you’re preparing your meals. You’ll have to use some improvising to keep your three square meals low-carb.

How about dining out? It’s one option but it can be super-tough to order low-carb at fast food or sit-down restaurants. In many cases, the places won’t be willing/able to swap out high-carb ingredients.

Instead of dealing with the hassles, a better option is to prepare most or all of your meals including breakfast. Not only is this a more convenient option but it will also be cheaper. That’s why it’s critical to buy all the ingredients you need before starting on your road trip. It’s a critical step to make sure you have everything you need.

Can You Stay Low-Carb during Road Trips?

In short, the answer is: yes, but it will take some planning. There are various factors to consider. For example, where will you be traveling? Will you be traveling by RV and have cooking facilities in your lodging? Will low-carb ingredients be available in the areas you’ll be traveling through?

These are some of the big questions you’ll have to address before leaving for your trip. Remember the old saying to “Be prepared.” The more meal planning you do the easier it will be to keep your morning meals low-carb. On the other hand, if you try to wing it, you’ll probably have more negative results.

Make sure to buy whatever you can before you leave on your trip. For example, if you’ll be camping in the forest then it will be almost impossible to find coconut flour at the local stores. So, make sure to stock up on low-carb basics so you’ll have the key ingredients for preparing a low-carbohydrate breakfast.

You should also try to pick lodging that has cooking facilities. If you eat out every meal then there are some issues you could have to deal with. There’s the fact that it will be tough to find low-carb breakfasts at many restaurants. Many restaurants also won’t have low-carb menu items or simply won’t be willing to make tweaks to their offerings.

If you’re traveling in an RV this will solve most of these issues. It will still be tougher to cook than in brick-and-mortar lodging with cooking facilities. However, one of the perks is that you’ll have cooking facilities with you wherever you go. This is a big plus when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

It’s also a good idea to be flexible when you’re on vacation. Spending a day out of ketosis because you ate an apple is about the joy of eating. 

Low Carb Breakfast on the Road

Here are some ideas for making low-carb meals while you’re taking a trip:

1. Cauliflower Hash Brown Patties

This food might sound a bit weird but it’s the low-carb version of hash browns made from white potatoes. They can be paired with eggs for a healthy low-carb meal. Make sure to avoid wheat-based bread like toast and bagels since they’re not low-carb.

2. Bacon/Sausage and Eggs

This is a classic low-carb meal that’s also high in healthy fats. It’s worth noting that bacon, sausage, and Spam are all processed meats. In fact, while the bacon diet is a thing it’s still a highly-processed food that involves drying, smoking, and salting. While processed meats are OK once in a while make sure not to overdo it.

3. Bell Pepper Eggs

You’ve probably heard of stuffed peppers. Here’s the breakfast version that adds chicken eggs to the mix. It’s a great way to get protein, healthy fat, and Vitamin C in one meal.

4. Roll-ups

These are easy to make and allow you to add different ingredients like ham and asparagus. Any kind of roll-up/wrap is a good idea during road trips. That’s because the wrapper makes it a cinch to prepare and consume the dish.

5. Instant Pot Omelette

OK, the caveat is you’ll have to have access to an instant/crockpot. However, if you do then you can prepare this classic dish without needing a stove. One of the benefits of a slow-cooker is it makes meal-planning easier. It’s just a matter of setting the machine ahead of time so your meal will be ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

6. Crustless Quiche

This one is a lot easier than it sounds since it’s the crustless version of the classic breakfast. Just add your choice of meat and veggies. 

Top Benefits of Eating Breakfast

1. Type-2 diabetes risk

This might be a surprising one. If you’re eating more food aren’t you consuming food that causes blood sugar increases? One of the caveats is on a low-carb diet the goal is to get energy from stored fat instead of food carbs.

Another factor is some studies show that eating breakfast might help to prevent insulin resistance. This can lead to diabetes over time if your blood sugar levels are high enough. The key is to prevent insulin resistance from developing into prediabetes/diabetes.

2. Weight loss

Can eating more help you weigh less? Some studies show that eating breakfast can help with issues like body mass index (BMI) and obesity. This seems to be related to how much you eat during the rest of the day. If you start your day with a hearty breakfast then you’ll be less likely to eat big meals and snack foods all day.

3. Eating less

This might seem ironic since you’ll be eating an extra meal during the day. However, studies show that people eat a lower average of calories per day when they eat breakfast. One of the main reasons is that you’ll feel fuller throughout the day. That reduces the chance you’ll be eating huge meals during the day or binging on snack foods before you get to your next destination.

4. Appetite control

This is important when you’re taking a road trip. That’s because as always, you’ll need energy throughout the morning whether you’re traveling or doing vacation stuff. One of the benefits of a low-carb diet is you’ll be getting your energy from fat instead of carbs.

In fact, one key issue is fat has 2x more calories per gram versus protein/carbs. So, when consuming high-fat diets you’ll feel fuller and be less likely to have snack attacks after eating a low carb breakfast on the road.

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