Breaking Through Low Carb Diet Plateau

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Almost everyone on planet earth has an idea of what a low carb diet is. There are many people on low carb diets. And for some, this has proven to be very effective. One thing that many people on low carb diets have to face is a low carb diet plateau. This is known as a point in their weight loss journey where is no loss of weight at all. For some people, they feel the diet is not effective, but this is the plateau phase. So what can you do? Well, there are things that you can do now that can help you get out of that phase. We will be looking at some of them as we go on. 

Take note that most diets are not drastic when it comes to weight loss. It would take weeks and sometimes months before you would start to see the changes. The thing though is that many people are impatient, and many people also have no idea what to do during this period. You must stay on track and keep doing what you are doing. And even when you see the change make sure you don’t stop. Most diets are expected to be done for a while till the changes are constant. Anyway, that would not be our focus for today. Let’s dive into the main focus for today. 

Low Carb Diet Plateau 

This is something that many people experience when they start a low carb diet. This is one reason why many people are discouraged after a few weeks of starting a low carb diet. The low carb diet plateau is that state where there is no loss of weight. It’s like a constant state in your weight loss journey when your weight seems the same for weeks, even when you are on a low carb diet. 

Here’s the thing with most low carb diets. There is a sudden loss of weight during the first few weeks. Many think that they have lost actual weight, but the truth is that it’s just water loss. A low carb diet comes with a certain loss of water. It is important that when this happens, you don’t get too excited and quit. Just keep doing the diet and wait for the actual weight loss. 

One thing you must know is that there is no specific duration for the low carb plateau. For different people, the duration would differ. That’s why you can’t tell how short or how long this would last. The important thing is breaking through the low carb diet plateau. And we have good news about that. You can break through a low carb diet plateau with some of the tips we will be listed below. 

Reasons for Low Carb Diet Plateau 

  • Eating a lot of calories: When it comes to calorie intake, you must know that the different macronutrients come with different calories. Carbs and protein are just 4 calories in a gram. While for fat, it’s 9 grams. One mistake people on low carb diets make is that they consume little carbs and too much fat. It’s important that when you consume fats, you track how many calories you are consuming. Your calorie intake should not be too much, as this can cause weight gain. 
  • Eating too little calories: When trying to track the amount of fat and carbs, you are consuming enough. Not consuming enough calories can cause starvation. And when you begin to starve your body would hold on to the fat instead of burning it. And that’s because the body is trying to preserve what’s left.
  • Leptin resistance: Leptin is known to be produced in the body. And it has been identified to affect fat cells. It helps signal the brain, and with this, you wouldn’t overeat. That’s why it’s known as a satiety hormone. For people that are resistant to leptin, there would be overeating, and this would lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. And this can cause a low carb diet plateau. 

Breaking Through Low Carb Diet Plateau

  • Monitor your calorie intake: One of the ways to break through is by monitoring the number of calories you consume. Keeping track would help you watch what you eat, and then you will be able to break through the plateau. For many people that don’t lose weight after a while, it’s because they are not monitoring what they take in.
  • Eat healthily: It’s not just about eating meals low in carbs it’s about eating right and eating quality food. Make sure that what you eat would not cause you to lose weight even if it’s low in carbs. With this, you will also be able to break through the plateau.
  • Avoid hidden carbs and calories: There are hidden carbs and calories in a lot of foods that we eat. And many people don’t pay attention to this. This is the reason why some people experience a plateau. This would involve you taking a closer look at the goods that you buy.
  • Avoid stress: Stress is known to increase the levels of cortisol in the body. And cortisol has been linked to weight gain. So to avoid this the best option is to reduce stress levels.
  • Exercise more: Exercise is a good combination with diet. With exercise, you will be able to lose weight easily. Simple exercises can be done. It could be as simple as climbing the stairs, riding the bicycle, and going for a walk.
  • Sleep well: Contrary to stress, sleep helps reduce cortisol levels. And with this, it helps with weight loss instead of weight gain. With this, you will be able to break through the plateau.

Breaking through low carb plateau can seem easy but it takes effort. You have to apply the tips given above. With this, it is expected that you will be able to break through the plateau. Just make sure you eat appropriately and do the other necessary things. Then you are good to go.

Reasons for Low Carb Diet Plateau

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