Top 15 Low Carb Snacks for People on the Go

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Modern society is demanding and it can be felt in terms of the overall health of the population. The increase in morbid obesity has been observed in the last few years owing to the fact that people are becoming more sedentary and choosing food items for their convenience rather than for their health and nutritional value.

This can be attributed to a number of factors that include the availability of information and tasks using the internet and the computer and the readily available junk and fast food for the daily consumption of modern men and women. As such, it is ideal that people observe some form of diet or eating habits or plans that can aid them in achieving better health and optimal quality of life.

One such diet is known as the low-carb diet. Going low carb, however, is not always easy and there are a number of challenges that that may lead to the difficult accomplishment of the aforementioned diet plan one of which is the identification of certified low carb snacks. So in this article, let us look at the top fifteen (15) low carb snacks busy people can easily prepare while they are always on the go.

The Importance of a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have been shown to deliver significant health benefits to dieters the world over. One of the main advantages or benefits of the low carb diet is its ability to aid dieters in losing weight, increase the good cholesterol in the body, and improve the management of sugar levels in the blood.

Low carb diets can be challenging to observe especially since there are a lot of tempting snack items out there that are not necessarily low in carbs. But fear not as there are actually ways to enjoy easy to prepare and delicious flavorful snacks that are low carb and healthy as well.

15 Best Low Carb Snacks for Busy Individuals

Listed below are some of the best low carb snacks for people who are always on the go or for individuals who are always busy:

Low carb crackers with olive tapenade

Olive Tapenade is composed of olive oil, capers, and, of course, chopped olives. Olives have increased levels of vitamin E which can help the body in terms of the elevated presence of antioxidants in the body.

These antioxidants can help prevent damage to the cells and reduce the risk of developing cancer through the reduction of free radicals. This low carb snack is quite easy to prepare with a cracker that is low carb being paired with the tapenade made from olives, olive oil, capers, and garlic.

Trail mix that is homemade

This snack item will commonly use ingredients that are considered high in carbs such as dried fruit, candy, and raisins. People, however, can come up with their low carb version of this snack by using seeds and nuts instead together with other low-carb items such as coconut that is unsweetened.

A sample trail mix recipe may include a half cup of coconut flakes that are unsweetened, a half cup of pumpkin seeds that are roasted, a cup of walnuts that are chopped, and a cup of pecan halves.

Crisps made from cheddar cheese

Cheddar is low in carbs and can be used as a low-carb ingredient for snacks. People can do a homemade version of this recipe for a crispy and flavorful snack. Thin slices of cheddar cheese can be cut into squares individually and baked for thirty minutes to become crispy low carb snack items.

Deviled Eggs

Eggs are healthy food items and contain a gram of carb for every large serving. Aside from that eggs are also high in choline and vitamin B12 which are both needed for the healthy functioning of the brain.

To prepare this low carb treat, slice the egg in half, remove the egg yolks and mix in with salt, pepper, dijon mustard, and some mayonnaise.

Lettuce wraps filled with tuna salad

Canned tuna is high in protein and is low in carbs. To prepare the tuna salad filling,  add a can of tuna with a quarter cup of mayo and some celery that is diced. For a healthier alternative, the prepared tuna salad may be wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Whipped cream on berries

Berries are low carb fruits and as such, a great option for those who want to go low-carb. A half-cup of blueberries can provide an individual around eleven (11) grams of carbohydrates. To create this easy to prepare a low-carb snack, just mix a half cup of blueberries with two (2) tablespoons worth of whipped cream.

Stuffed avocadoes

Avocadoes may be relatively higher in carbs but the majority of its carbs are composed of fiber which the body does not absorb and which helps improve digestion. Stuffed avocadoes are simple to make- simply remove the avocado’s pit and add the preferred stuffing (low carb, of course) into the said freed up space of the avocado.

Cashew butter and dark chocolate

For your sweet tooth, dark chocolate is the perfect snack for low-carb dieters. An ounce of dark choco may be combined with cashew butte for a low-carb snack which can give increased levels of fat and protein.

Homemade aioli and carrot sticks

Carrots sticks are great low carb veggies and can be paired with a dip that is low-carb such as aioli that is homemade.

Strawberry smoothie that is homemade

These low carb fruit can be blended and mixed with the right ingredients to come up with a delicious homemade smoothie. Some of the possible ingredients include ice cubes, vanilla extract, chia seeds, low carb protein powder, strawberries that are fresh, and some almond milk that is unsweetened.

The other 5 low carb snacks to try out include:

  1. BLT Lettuce Wrap
  2. Guacamole and sweet bell peppers
  3. Kale Chips
  4. Tzatziki Dip
  5. Peanut butter and carrot sticks

Of course, dieters may want to try out different ingredients for the last five (5) snack suggestions as long as they stick to low-carb ingredients.

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