MCT Oil: Can It Cause Diarrhea?

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MCT Oil Diarrhea

MCT whose full meaning is medium-chain triglycerides happens to be a hot topic on the net. So many people write a lot about MCT oils. Talk about the benefits, risks of MCT oil, there’s more than enough information about it. Some believe that this oil is a miracle oil that is good for anyone to opt for. One controversy though about this oil is if it really causes diarrhea. And that’s because some have tried it and it didn’t go down well as planned. So today we’ll be taking a look at MCT oil diarrhea causes and how it can be avoided.

MCT oil is one of those oils that have numerous benefits. And are used for different uses. This oil is used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals. It’s also used for weight loss purposes. Another thing this oil is used for is improving blood lipid profile and glucose profile. It’s also used to treating Alzheimer’s disease. With this MCT oil looks like a complete angel that can’t do anything but good. But let’s not jump into conclusion. Not until we take a look at the side effects that come with using this oil.


What is MCT oil?

Many people mistake MCT oil to simply coconut oil. But that’s not entirely true. MCT oil is a supplement that contains fats. And these fats can be found in coconut oil, dairy products, and even palm kernel oil. MCTs actually get their name because of their length. They actually have 6-12 carbons.

People that use this oil most are those trying to lose weight and people trying to boost endurance while working out.

One thing about MCTs is that are easy to digest. They go straight to your liver and in the liver, they have thermogenic effects. At the same time, they are able to alter the metabolism of a person. That’s why they say MCTs when burned are converted to energy instead of it being stored in the body as fat.

Also, it is believed that MCTs are converted to ketones. And ketones are substances produced when the liver breaks down fat. And they are actually used as the source of energy for the brain.


Benefits of MCT Oil

Promotes weight loss

Research shows that MCT oil increases the production of two hormones in the body. And these hormones help you feel full. The two hormones are leptin and peptide YY. The research showed that it may also be more effective than coconut oil in keeping you full. In a study, people that were taking 2 tablespoons of MCT oil are just little for lunch. Also, research has proven that people that take this oil have seen a tremendous result when it comes to weight loss. Lastly, MCT oil is great for increasing the growth of good bacteria. And this helps support the environment of the gut. With this losing weight is easier.

Improves mood and energy

The brain is made up mostly of fatty acids. So if you want proper functioning of the brain the fatty acids must be replaced from time to time. This helps you think better, perform better at work and even be alert during the day. And medium-fats are easy to digest and also utilize. This way they can replace the used up fatty acids in the brain easily. MCT oil also helps improve gut health and this has been linked to cognitive thinking.

Reduces the risk of heart problems

MCT oil is known for reducing cholesterol levels. And some of the risks of having heart problems are high cholesterol level, high BP, overweight and smoking. Most of the risk factors are tackled by MCT oil. With that the risk of having heart problems greatly reduces.

Helps with digestion

MCT oil is of great benefit to good bacteria in the gut. And this helps with digestion. At the same time, it helps improve the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Also, MCT oil helps kill pathogens in the gut that causes digestive problems. Some of the digestive issues are diarrhea, candida and constipation and many more.

Good for cooking

MCT oils have a very high smoking point. With this, they can withstand cooking at a high temperature. When cooked at a very high temperature they don’t oxidize like other oils. Some oils used for cooking when cooked at high temperature become rancid. And when this happens they become toxic to the body. In the end, it can be a trigger for inflammation. But with MCT oils you wouldn’t experience such.


Does MCT Oil Diarrhea Really Happen?

Yes, it does happen. Not everyone though. But there are some reasons that can trigger diarrhea when a person consumes MCT oils.

MCT oil is actually made up of triglycerides. And triglycerides are substances that are metabolized in the body without the help of the liver. That’s not the case with other oils such as coconut oil.

Your body gets a lot of macronutrients from coconut oil. The nutrients got need enzymes to be broken down. And that’s because for metabolic processes to take place the hydrogen bond must be broken down.

With MCT oil, however, there is immediate metabolism. C8 and C10 fatty acids undergo beta-oxidation immediately you consume the oil. So when you consume MCT oil the liver is really not involved.

That’s why your body recognises MCT oil has an irritant when consumed in large amounts. And in other, for the body to flush it out physiological mechanisms are employed. And this then leads to diarrhea.

Also, caprylic acid which is found in MCT oil has antimicrobial effects. That’s why MCT oils are great for getting rid of bad bacteria and yeast in the body. Caprylic acid causes lysis of the microbes. And this causes toxic substances to empty in your body. These toxic contents cause irritation. And this also leads to diarrhea.


Here are some tips that can help prevent MCT oil diarrhea:

  1. Buy MCT oils with more C8 fatty acids. That’s because they cause less irritation compared to others.
  2. Take enough protein when consuming MCT oils. It helps reduce the bolus effect.
  3. Purchase MCT oils that are of high quality. And are also suitable for oral consumption.
  4. Don’t consume so much MCT oil at a time. Trying splitting it and take at different times with enough time interval. This helps reduce the effects it has on your gut.

There are very high chances that MCT oil diarrhea would stop if you follow these tips. But you might have to stop taking MCT oils if you still experience MCT oil diarrhea.

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