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Health Kit MCT Oil is an MCT oil capsule perfect for dieters on the go. Made with “pharmaceutical grade,” “sustainably sourced” ingredients, this product stands out from the pack in that it’s kosher and gluten, GMO, and chemical free.

If you’re looking for an MCT oil that provides both physical and mental health benefits, Health Kit might be the right choice for you. Additionally, the product is a good option for individuals who have experienced digestive upset with liquid MCT oils. And because it’s available in capsule form, you can easily consume this supplement without missing a beat in your busy day.

Read on to learn what our reviewers have to say about this MCT oil and how it compares to others on the market.

Ingredient Check

A popular choice among keto dieters and those on a paleo eating plan, MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, boost ketone levels, thereby pushing the body into a state of ketosis. As a result, you can start burning fat rather than sugar and achieve your weight-loss goals more quickly. Along with supporting your dietary efforts, taking MCT oils can help you work out longer and harder and even boost mental concentration.

So which MCT oil is right for you? Before selecting an ingredient, consider the makeup of the product in question. Unlike some of the options on the market, Health Kit capsules are made with palm oil, a product known for providing MCTs. Still, critics note that palm oil is neither sustainable nor eco friendly, connecting it to deforestation, loss of wildlife, and high levels of greenhouse gases. In fact, many vegans refrain from consuming palm oil because of the resulting environmental destruction. Although the product is RSPO certified, prospective buyers should note that the global certification program is widely critiqued for its lax standards. So, if sustainability is important to you, Health Kit MCT Oil might not be the ideal option.

Health Kit’s MCT Oil includes caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) from palm oil. Both of these components are short-chain MCTs that rapidly break down into ketones. Additionally, the product boasts vitamin E and bovine gelatin for the capsules. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, this option might not be ideal. However, if you aren’t vegan, the bovine gelatin can offer additional benefits, such as strengthening your bones, joints, and nails.

It’s important to note that Health Kit products are manufactured in the United States. According to the packaging, they are made in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility to ensure optimal quality. This is an advantage over supplements that are made and packaged overseas.

While most people who take MCT oils experience few, if any, side effects, stomach problems aren’t uncommon. Some individuals suffer stomach upset and diarrhea when first embarking on this drug regimen. If you have a sensitive stomach or history of digestive upset, it might be best to start by taking a smaller-than-recommended dose of MCT oils and working your way up. For most people, any negative effects dissipate within a couple weeks. Individuals with diabetes or other pre-existing conditions may want to speak to their doctors before taking dietary supplements.

Price Check

Health Kit’s MCT oil is generally regarded as an affordable option for individuals on a keto diet. Currently, you can purchase a 30-serving bottle (120 capsules) of this supplement on Amazon for $19.95. According to the packaging, a serving is 4 capsules per day, so you can anticipate spending around 60 cents per day. However, if you suffer from stomach upset, you might want to start out taking 1 capsule and work your way up. Doing this should help mitigate the digestive issues that can accompany MCT oil consumption.

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Phone number: 800-361-3160

Address: 960 Haddon Avenue #114 Collingswood, NJ, 08108

Health Kit Labs has a solid but limited online reputation. The company’s Facebook page has a small following, likely because posts are infrequent (the last one was in January). While the product boasts just 57 reviews on Amazon, it enjoys a positive rating of 98%. And because the company has refund, shipping, and return policies that mirror Amazon’s, buyers don’t have to worry about being stuck with supplements that don’t meet their needs or wants.

Want to get in touch with Health Kit? Contact the company by email or phone or visit the website at Note that Health Kit MCT Oil is not yet listed on the company page.

What Customers Are Saying

While there aren’t yet an abundance of online reviews for this product, clients who took the time to comment had mostly positive things to say. Read on to hear what other Health Kit users had to report about their experiences:

For a couple of months I have been having a lack of concentration and brain fog. I’ve been looking online for a supplement that can help me with that and the MCT Oil did the trick. I’ve been taking it for some time already and have noticed that I have much more energy and focus to get through the day.”

“I have noticed in only three days of taking the MCT oil: More energy. Kinda like it’s refining the energy that coffee gives me anyway. Suppressed appetite. That lasts from 6:30 till about 10:30. I’m not hungry during that time. I’m not jittery during that time (which I have to watch because I have a pacemaker…so a bit more squeamish on those things that might mess with the ticker).I do not have an upset stomach after it either.”

“Started the Keto diet a few months back and this product has definitely eased my sensitive stomach from the special Keto diet!”

“Easy convenient way to get MCT in a daily routine, my husband likes it.”

“Noticeable energy bursts!! This is great!”

The Verdict

Health Kit MCT Oil offers numerous benefits over other supplements on the market. Because the capsules are manufactured here in the U.S., you can rest assured knowing quality control measures are high. The product packaging notes that this MCT supplement is kosher and gluten, GMO, and chemical free.

Another benefit associated with this product is that it comes in capsule form, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around heavy liquids or bulky containers of powdered supplement. It’s easy to toss Health Kit MCT Oil capsules in your purse or gym bag before leaving the house. And because these capsules dissolve in liquid, you can add them to your coffee, tea, or smoothie if you prefer not to swallow pills.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an MCT oil that’s as environmentally friendly as it is effective, you might want to consider another option. Because this MCT supplement is manufactured using palm oil, it’s not as sustainable as some of the other choices on the market. Individuals who are vegan or concerned with issues such as deforestation or wildlife preservation might take issue with this product.

Despite some disadvantages, Health Kit MCT Oil enjoys a customer reputation that’s largely positive. Try this product today if you’re looking for a keto supplement that’s easy on the budget.

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