Perfect Keto MCT Oil Softgels

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The Perfect Keto MCT Oil Softgels have a formula that may give you the amazing benefits of MCT oil, in solid form, without the flavor or the oily residue. You can pop three of these softgels a day, at anytime you need energy.

Perfect Keto markets their softgels as more convenient and travel-friendly versions of the MCT oil. Their website also claim that the softgels, “raise your ketone levels, support metabolic and hormonal function, and fuel physical activity”. Basically, these softgels also have all the benefits of the traditional MCT oil products.

But how do the softgels support ketosis? More importantly, would it work?

Find out more about the Perfect Keto MCT Oil Softgels in this review. 

What are the ingredients?

The Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) found in the MCT Oil Softgels are sourced from pure, non-GMO coconuts, enclosed in a vegetarian softgel capsule. This is actually what we appreciate about the brandgood ingredients, with no animal ingredients.

Perfect Keto also values quality control and produces their softgels in a GMP facility. They lab-test their products and make sure their containers are BPA-free, food-grade PET, to boot.

Ingredient Check

MCTs can provide great benefits to your health, primarily through quick energy support. It helps your body produce fuel through fats, instead of carbohydrates. This happens by converting fats into ketones, a clean and fast-acting alternative energy source for the body and brain.

Perfect Keto claims on their website that MCT oils:

  • Raise the metabolic rate
  • Support weight loss
  • Help keep a healthy balance of gut flora and
  • Improve the absorbability of nutrients
  • Have a strong blood sugar stabilizing effect
  • Help reduce inflammation and
  • Boost brain function

What’s more, your body can absorb MCTs well and the liver processes it quickly. MCTs don’t have to be broken down into smaller molecules, allowing them to function almost immediately. They also don’t get stored as fats because they’re turned into ketones. Plus, they help induce a thermogenic effect, a fat-burning process that encourages metabolism.

Price Check

A bottle of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Softgels cost 300 capsules for $32.00. One serving is 3 capsules, so that’s 100 servings at $32.00, or 32 cents a serving.

Perfect Keto suggests taking the softgels whenever you want an energy boost: in the morning, pre or post workout, or with snacks or meals. So, a bottle could last a month or more.

When you break it down this way, it is actually not a bad deal. The softgels give you support on your keto diet, plus, they’re made with care. We give a thumbs up to the price point.

You can also get 10% off your first purchase, which is a nice bonus.

Business Check

There was no readily available phone number or address for Perfect Keto, (except an address for returns), but here’s Perfect Keto’s email in case you’d like to follow up with questions:

Email: [email protected]

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a money-back guarantee, and will only process returns if the product is unopened. This doesn’t give you much of a safeguard if the product causes side effects. You will also need to pay for shipping.

Their Facebook page has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, with a mix of reviews from great to poor customer service.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers on the Perfect Keto Website and Amazon appreciate the convenience of the softgels. Here are some of the reviews:

“Easy to swallow, mild taste, no stomach discomfort…”

“Great way to get your healthy fats in especially when traveling.”

“I have been doing the keto diet for about 1 1/2 months now and started taking these keto mct pills and I noticed right away that I have more energy.”

“I noticed on the first day of using this product that I had much improved mental clarity.”

But some also complain about the stinky smell of this brand of MCT Oil softgels:

“Funky smelling pills but better than taking the liquid version.”

“The only noticeable difference between this order and my last order is that there is a strange odor with this batch.”

“The only bad thing about these pills is that it stinks!”

We didn’t notice negative side effects in the reviews. But there are some complaints on the Facebook page about shipping fees and returns for Perfect Keto products.

Other customers also mentioned how large the softgels were, which made them a bit difficult to swallow.

The Verdict

Well, Perfect Keto does it again. They’ve provided another alternative to liquid MCT oil, which is just awesome. What we like best about the product is that it’s very convenient and travel friendly. Plus, it does its job well as a keto diet support. It increases ketone levels and provides energy boost, as expected of MCT oils. So, when it comes to function, the MCT oil softgels are good.

A few other things came to our attention, though. There is no money back guarantee and there is no phone number. Plus, there are complaints on Facebook about shipping fees and returns. This is a bit of a bummer. But many customers have good experiences with Perfect Keto, so, we still say this product is worth a shot!

EDITOR’S TIP: For best results, use for 3 months. Take advantage of a subscription plan to save money!

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