Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil 3000

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Are you looking for a way to get more healthy fats into your diet? Do you want to enjoy the physical and mental benefits that come with consuming an MCT oil supplement? If so, try the Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil Capsules.

It is one of the most competitive MCT oil options out there. Many keto dieters regard it as a safe and effective go-to product because of its softgel form. What it does is enhance energy levels while burning more fat.

This red palm oil-derived MCT is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, keto-approved, and GMO-free. Plus, an FDA-inspected facility manufactures the product! Read on to learn more about the Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil Capsules and find out if it’s the right one for you.

Ingredient Check

In crafting our Totally Natural Remedies review, we started out by examining the ingredients in this supplement. Like many medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), this supplement contains caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10), which are extracted from palm oil. Along with activating the thermogenic mechanism in the body, C8 and C10 MCTs are easily digested and immediately metabolized by the liver. So, taking this or another MCT supplement could help you burn more fat while storing fewer calories long term.

It’s worth noting that Totally Natural Remedies isn’t as potent as some other products on the market. While the supplement claims to provide maximum MCTs, a serving offers only 55% of C8 and 35% of C10. Other products boast higher percentages.

Additionally, MCT oils have cognitive benefits, aiding dieters in analytical thinking and focus. And because these supplements are largely free from the sugars in other energy drinks, you can enjoy a boost in mood without suffering the crash common with coffee and soda.

There are some drawbacks associated with this product. Like many capsule MCT supplements, Totally Natural Remedies is made with bovine gelatin to ensure a long shelf life. So it might not be ideal for users who are vegetarian or vegan.

In addition, the supplement is made with red palm oil, which is taken from the palm tree. Although palm oil is valued for its MCT content and antioxidant properties, the ingredient is widely condemned in environmental circles. Not only is farming palm oil in a sustainable manner all but impossible, despite many companies’ claims to the contrary, but it also causes serious harm to indigenous cultures and wildlife. Further, palm oil retrieval affects the environment, raising CO2 levels and expediting global warming.

If finding an eco-friendly MCT supplement is important to you, consider opting instead for one of the many options manufactured with coconuts. Not only is coconut farming more sustainable, but the oil offers many of the same benefits with regard to boosting energy and burning fat.

It’s worth noting that Totally Natural Remedies, like most MCT supplements, has been known to cause stomach issues. If you suffer from digestive upset or have a sensitive system, consider starting with a lower dose of this product and working your way up. Overall, capsule supplements seem to cause fewer issues than those sold as liquids or powders.

Price Check

The price of Totally Natural Remedies is one of the product’s biggest selling points. In fact, you can currently purchase 120 softgels (30 servings at four capsules per day) for $16.99. That puts this supplement on the lower end of the cost spectrum for MCT oils. Save even more by using the Subscribe & Save feature when you order online off Amazon.

Business Check

Phone number:1-800-924-0710

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1835 E Hallandale Bch Blvd Hallandale Florida, U.S. 33009

Customers looking to get in touch with Totally Natural Remedies can do so using the phone number, email, and address info listed above. However, prospective buyers should note that the business sometimes struggles to answer emails. According to the website, the company receives a large volume of email messages and might not be able to return each one.

It’s also worth noting that Totally Natural Remedies doesn’t offer the money-back guarantees common with other supplement companies. So if you decide the product isn’t meeting your needs, obtaining a refund could be difficult. In general, users have just 30 days to return or exchange an item, and supplements must be unused and in their original packaging. Sales items are not typically returnable, so be aware of this policy prior to ordering.

What Customers Are Saying

Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil Capsules is still building its online reputation, so reviews remain limited. At the time of this writing, just 24 customers had reviewed the supplement on Amazon. Still, the product boasts an average ranking of 4.2 stars out of 5, suggesting that users are generally pleased with their purchases.

Check out some of the positive testimonials we found:

“For a couple of years I was an avid consumer of Bulletproof Coffee. While I valued the benefits – greater alertness and focus, improved weight management, etc. – I found the preparation to be burdensome. After some time away from use of MCT Oil due to this reason, I ran across Total Natural Remedies’ MCT Oil Capsules. This is a fantastic product. I obtain benefits that exceed exceptions with the ease of use in a capsule form. I am back to realizing the benefits of MCT Oil that include improved focus, energy, and ability to manage my weight. Excellent product and equally excellent service from the company.”

“Wow! I’ve tried MCT oil before but hated taking the liquid. It had a bad taste but thsee capsules are SO much easier. Literally take 2 in the morning and it keeps me focused and energized most of the day. Great find!”

“Very convenient way to take MCT quickly.”

“Great product. I always reorder these. I can really feel the difference when I do not take these. I buy them on Subscribe & Save. You won’t be sorry if you buy. There are no downsides that I can think of.”

“I have been taking these capsules for about two weeks now and have felt a surge in my energy throughout the day, and feel like I have been recovering much better from my workouts. I have also felt like I am sleeping better and am able to think more clearly at work. Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

Most of the negative reviews surrounding Totally Natural focused on issues related to packaging:

“Very misleading label. Actual pills are only 750mg of MCT oil as compared to many other competing brands that have 1000 mg. You need to take 4 pills to get the advertised 3000mg. So do a little math and you’ll discover that this brand is very expensive compared to the alternatives.”

“I have bought these 3 times the last order that came the capsule have leaked all over the bottle. So far about 10 capsules have been empty. I haven’t had a issue until now.”

“Did not receive keto diet book as promised with order.”

The Verdict

Packed with C8 and C10, this MCT oil is known to aid in fat burning while boosting overall energy and mental acuity. However, individuals seeking an environmentally friendly weight-loss supplement with a more extensive online reputation may want to look elsewhere. Still, if your goal is to drop pounds without spending a fortune, this MCT supplement could be the ideal choice.

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