Poop Facts: Do You Still Poop On A Liquid Diet?

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Have you considered going on a liquid diet? A liquid diet is one of the many diet programs you can pick if you want to lose weight and shed pounds. As the name suggests, it involves consuming liquids and only liquids. It’s one thing to drink lots of water while on a diet, but it’s quite another thing to only drink water, juice, coffee, tea, smoothies, and wine. There’s even a more extreme diet known as the water diet or water fast. It only gives a thumbs-up for water, so you’ll be drinking just H2O while you’re on the diet program. Before going on a liquid diet, you might have questions about how much liquid do you need, what is the poop consistency or do you still poop on a liquid diet.

What Exactly Is a Liquid Diet?

When going on a liquid diet, there are different ones like a “full liquid” and a “clear liquid” diet. A full liquid diet includes all foods that are original liquid, turn into liquids when at room temperature, or also melt at a human’s body temperature.

Then there’s a clear liquid diet that only allows clear liquids like drinking water, herbal tea, and bone broth. There’s no question that clear liquid diets are the best if you’re after features like low-calorie. 

Fun Fact: Water is the only natural 0-calorie drink so you can’t go lower-calorie than 0, right?

The big issue is the number of nutrients you get. You get more nutrients from a full liquid diet since it includes lots of other stuff like coffee, shakes, and smoothies. These drinks can be loaded with nutrients by adding stuff like fruits, veggies, and seeds to your drinks.

There are also different reasons people go on a liquid diet. If you want to achieve fast weight loss, then a clear liquid diet is one of the best options. For example, water and green tea speed up your metabolism while chicken broth can provide some basic nutrients like protein, collagen, and even some vitamins and minerals from veggies.

There are also different reasons your doctor will order you to go on a liquid diet. They include before and after surgery, or you have difficulty chewing or swallowing. In both cases, it’s a lot easier to consume a liquid diet.

Meanwhile, people usually only go on liquid diets for up to a few weeks or so. For example, if you do water, tea, or bone broth detox, these diets usually last for a week. The main goal is basically to reset your digestive system and get rid of wastes, toxins, and other tasty stuff that’s clogging up your digestion.

Do You Still Poop on a Liquid Diet?

It’s important to know what to expect while on a liquid diet. That includes “poop facts” about the frequency and consistency of your solid waste. You should also know whether or not you’ll be defecating at all. Since you’re only consuming liquids, it might seem that you’ll just be urinating while on this diet.

Here are some of the liquids you can usually drink on a liquid diet:

  •  Water
  • Fruit juice
  • Vegetable juice
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Bone broth
  • Milk/Dairy
  • Milkshakes/Smoothies
  • Clear soups
  • Yogurt
  • Melted cheese
  • Soft drinks
  • Sports/energy drinks
  • Liquid supplements

Keep in mind this is a full liquid diet. If you go on a clear liquid diet, you can only consume fluids like water, tea, and broth.

Going on a liquid diet requires your body to flush out toxins from your digestive system. Expect to have fewer bowel movements since you are just consuming liquids. You may also notice a softer tool, but it shouldn’t be watery like when you have a loose bowel movement. 

Top Benefits of Liquid Diet


It is a lot easier to prepare a glass of water than a 10-course meal. A liquid diet is also going to be generally more convenient than a standard 3-meal daily diet. This saves time and effort you can save for other important stuff in your life.


Some liquid diets are also detox diets, including ones that feature water, tea, lemonade, broth, and apple cider vinegar (ACV). These diets tend to be less than a week-long and are mainly used to detoxify bodies 


 You can save money on a liquid diet and especially if you prepare your drinks/food. Go with natural/organic varieties, and when you can make your juices, shakes, smoothies, and so on. It is not only healthier to make homemade vegetable juice but also cheaper than V8, for example. It can help you to save lots of money.


A liquid diet can cause your calories to be much lower than normal. That’s basically because you’re consuming liquid drinks or liquidy foods. You should go with natural ingredients to help keep the calories down. Sodas and even stuff like store-bought fruit/vegetable juices can be higher in calories due to ingredients like added sugar after learning do you still poop on a liquid diet.

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