The Top 10 Keto Sports Drinks 2019

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Articles on the ketogenic diet spawn mostly on food. The folks might be forgetting that the ketogenic diet needs complementing drinks too in this type of diet. The search for complementing drinks for your keto diet is as important as looking up your food diet for keto. In fact, drinking certain beverages and drinks can interfere with your keto diet if you are not careful. Most importantly, if you are into sports and you are championing the keto diet, you would want to know the type of drinks that will not hinder your keto diet progress. Looking for a keto sports drink is indeed more challenging than looking for keto food.

1. Water

Water is actually the best option for you if you are a sporty keto dieter. As it is free from calories, water has zero hindrance on your keto diet because it has zero carbs and zero calories.

Water also has health nutrients and other characteristics that are good not only for your keto diet but for the overall wellness of the body. It is also known-interfering if you are thinking into losing weight just as long as you are pairing it up with complementing the diet.

2. Kombucha

The kombucha is included in the line of healthy tea drinks. It is extracted from black tea and is rich in good bacteria that is good for your digestive system. It is especially beneficial to the metabolism of food in your gut and in improving the balance of the ecosystem of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

There are myriads of brands of the kombucha drink in the market. Make sure to choose those brands that are known to produce high-quality products and those that have low calories.

3. Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened tea is like water, and it has no calories or carbs. Like water, the unsweetened tea is also one of your top picks in choosing a drink that is complementing your keto diet and your sporty activities. Aside from zero calories and carbs, the unsweetened tea is also an excellent drink of antioxidants. The unsweetened tea contains polyphenols that fight off free radicals in our body. The unsweetened tea speeds up the production of energy in our body, thus, augmenting the needed amount of energy in doing strenuous activities.

4. Coconut Water

The coconut water has a moderately high amount of carbs in it, but it is still acceptable as a drink for your keto drink. Even though the coconut water has a carb on it, it is packed with nutrition that your body needs during immersion to strenuous activities. The coconut water has a lot of electrolytes that your heart will need in its effort to pump your whole life through. The coconut water does not interfere much with your keto diet. In addition to that, the coconut water can actually be your healthy alternative to sugary drinks to give you an energy boost during sporty activities.

5. Lemon Water

Is water quite boring right? Add a dash of lemon juice on it and be refreshed instantly. It is quite easy to concoct a lemon water drink. You just have to juice up a fresh lemon on a cup and mix it with cold water. If you want, you can add a dash of sugar in it, just to add a little bit of sweetness to your drink. Be careful with the amount of sugar that you add, remember that you are on a keto diet and you need to lessen your sugar or calorie content. Put in the freezer and be refreshed with its coolness. The lemon water has all the nutrients and benefits of water and addition of nutrients and minerals that you can get from the lemon.

6. Coffee

Most people misunderstand coffee. The good news is more and more new researches, and studies are emerging to debunk misconceptions about coffee. It is also one of your top bet in one of the drinks that can complement your keto diet. Coffee has a better alternative that is more complementing than your regular coffee, and it is the bulletproof coffee. If you are into regular coffee, try not to overuse sugar, cream, and milk. The last three ingredients mentioned in the preceding sentence can all contribute to increasing the number of calories in your body, hindering the mechanism of ketosis in your system.

7. Energy Drinks

Some energy drinks that you see in the market that brands themselves as sports drinks are nothing but water with lots and lots of sugar in a bottle. There are energy drinks though that is low in carbs and calories and invests more in sodium to hydrate the body. With this being said, always try to read the labels first and recognize the brand that you are looking into.

8. Keto Smoothies

Fruits and some veggies are high in carbs and calories but no worries, you can still concoct a smoothie without sweating a break of concern for carbs. All you need to do is to make sure that you use low-carb types of fruits and veggies like berries or spinach in your smoothies. Fruits like avocado have plenty of fat and have fewer calories on it; these types of fruits are the best type of smoothies that you can go with your keto diet and your strenuous sports activities.

9. Juice Alternatives

Who says you can’t drink juice while on a keto? Well, nobody. Juices are good drinks for keto and for persons that are sports inclined. Just make sure that these juices have zero calories and carbs like for example, vitamin water or Powerade zero and so on and so forth. Avoid juices that are carbonated; these are usually sugar reliant.

10. Low-Carb Dairy Products and Dairy Alternatives

Milk and some dairy products have a lot of fat on it, which a keto diet complements with. Do not drink too much of it though because of calcifying problems that might lead to kidney stones. While drinking these types of drinks, try to pair them up with water.

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