Top Keto-Friendly Protein Bars of 2019

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People who wish to enhance their overall health and wellness will embark on different journeys to attain the said goal. Some will work out and follow an exercise program that can help them lose weight. Others will go on a diet that can help them shed unwanted pounds. The best and most efficient way to go about improving one’s health is to approach it using both diet and exercise. But what if there is a way to further enhance diet and exercise through supplements and other health-boosting health products? Protein bars that are keto-friendly just might be the answer. But what are the benefits of protein bars and what are the top keto-friendly protein bars of 2019? If you want to know more, then read on.

Protein Bars: What Is It?

The beauty of protein bars is that they can be taken anytime based on the needs of the individual. This is because protein bars are conveniently packed and ready to eat on a per-serving basis. For example, some people can eat protein bars to replace their breakfast or their meal in the morning helping them accomplish other things due to this breakfast on-the-go.

Benefits Of Protein Bars

It will make you feel satiated

Other individuals eat their protein bars in between meals making it a great strategy or option for people who need to feel satiated or for those who want a quick fix for their cravings. This can greatly benefit those who wish to address their weight issues as it can help in better controlling cravings and the need to eat large meals.

Meal Replacement

Protein bars may also be used to replace other meals all throughout the day. As mentioned earlier, protein bars are low-calorie snack items that are convenient and they can easily be used to replace meals instead of other low-calorie food items such as shakes.

Healthy snack

Aside from being a good and convenient substitute for meals, protein bars can provide the needed nutrients and vitamins to help individuals function as needed.

Keto-friendly variants

Since we are also referring to protein bars that are also keto-friendly, this means that certain protein bars can even help people achieve and maintain the process of ketosis faster.

What are the Top Keto-Friendly Protein Bars of 2019?

keto friendly protein bars

As stated earlier, people who are on a ketogenic diet will try to lower their carb intake while increasing their intake of good or healthy fats. However, for people who need a quick snack item, protein bars are the way to go. This can pose a problem for keto dieters however, as these protein bars are usually packed with carbs. The good news is that there are now protein bars that are considered keto-friendly. Listed below are some of the top keto-friendly protein bars for 2019:

Quest Protein Cookie

Those who love eating cookies will find this keto-friendly bar the most excellent choice. Regular cookies can make people go over their maximum carb limit per day but with quest protein cookie, people can feel full, enjoy its cookie goodness, but still maintain their ketosis. This product is available on Amazon for $21.00

Stoka Bar

This sweet keto-friendly product is perfect for those who wish to go on a low carb, no sugar added snack. It can also give sufficient clean fat for those who want to maintain their keto diet’s high-fat requirement. This is slightly priced higher than the quest protein cookie and is available on Amazon for $ 24.00.

Atlas Bar

For people who want to up their protein intake, especially for those who are working out while on the keto diet, then look no further than the Atlas bar. This contains protein from pure whey at around 16 grams. With the increased level of protein, the Atlas bar can be a great way to fuel the next few workouts of keto dieters. This is available on  Amazon for only $30.00

Dang Bar

Going on the ketogenic diet but are also vegan or vegetarian? Then the Dang Bar might be the perfect keto-friendly bar for you. It has no added sugar but it has enough protein to help people through their daily routines. People can also choose between three (3) different flavors. This keto-friendly protein bar is available on Amazon as well and is competitively priced at $33.00.

Keto Crave Energy Bar

This keto-friendly protein bar can help people enhance their ketosis and their mental performance. This is because it contains MCTs that can help people improve their drive, alertness, and mental focus. Aside from keeping people in ketosis, this protein bar can help people drive mental fatigue away. Priced at $40.00 and available on Amazon.

Keto Bar

Considered as one of the original keto-friendly protein bars, this product contains an almost perfect balance of the needed Macros for a ketogenic diet.It contains healthy fats, low carbs, and zero sugar. Aside from the macros, these bars also come in delicious flavors such as dark chocolate, fudge, and brownie. This product is available on Amazon for $30.00.


Are you a meat lover and a keto dieter all rolled into one? Then the DNX bar might just be for you. This protein bar is made from beef or bison that is grass-fed mixed in with some egg whites and some pieces of chicken that are free-range. This protein bar is a perfect protein supplement without any added salt. Available for only $18.00 on Amazon.

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