How Long Does it Take to Water Fast to Lose Weight?

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Do you know how long to water fast if you want to lose weight? There are different forms of fasting. But, water fasting is peculiar among them all. When you water fast, you would not eat any food or consume any other drink apart from water. When you do this, you would be consuming zero calories for as long as you are on the fast. There is no way you would not lose weight on this kind of fast. But the question is, how soon would you begin to see weight loss results if you go on a water fast? The answer to this question is not very straightforward, but we will explain it all in this article.

Weight loss on a water fast is not a big deal. The big deal is whether or not you are losing the right kind of weight. Then again, how sustainable is the weight loss you are seeing? Another thing is how safe water fasting is. Can you achieve significant and sustainable weight loss within the safety limits? Before we begin to answer all the questions, we should mention that weight-loss is not the only reason why people do water fasting. It is even not one of the very popular reasons. Most people do it for religious/spiritual reasons, as well as to combat health problems.

What You Should Know About Water Fasting

The name says it all. We have already mentioned that the only thing you can consume when you are doing water fast is water. Besides this, you cannot consume any other thing.

There is no specific duration for how long should you this type of fasting. Some experts say you can survive 3 weeks without food so long as you drink water. But then, there is limited research to back up the claim. Some people do it for as long as 10 days. However, the usual duration of water fasts most of the time is anywhere between 24-72 hours.

If you have to do more than 72 hours of water fasting, you should do so under strict medical supervision. Extended periods may be quite dangerous if proper care is not taken. It may also negatively impact existing health conditions. You should speak to your doctor about your plans if you are going to do a water fast.

The major reason why many people decide to do this type of fasting is for health purposes, while some are for religious purposes. Sometimes, you would have to do this type of fasting to prepare for certain medical procedures. In such a case, it isn’t a decision. It is more of a requirement.

A few other reasons why people water fats include weight loss and detoxification. Well, it is quite effective for all of these purposes.

Several studies prove that this type of fasting has impressive wellness and health benefits. This includes lowering the risks of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Another benefit of water fasting is that it may promote autophagy. Autophagy simply means that your body is breaking down and recycling the old parts of your body cells. These old parts could pose a danger to your health if they are not broken down and recycled.

Water Fast For Weight Loss

Water Fast For Weight Loss

When you water fast, you would lose weight. But then, the type of weight you would lose and how much weight you would lose depends on how long you the fast is. Your body type also plays a role. We all have different bodies that respond differently to different forms of diet and fasting.

You will lose weight rapidly when you start your water fast. However, this initial weight loss is water weight. You are not likely to start burning fat while water fasting until about the third day or so.

In the first two days of the fast, you could lose as high as 3 pounds of weight daily. But then, this is mostly water weight. This means that the achieved weight loss is not sustainable. You would gain it back as quickly as you lost it when your fast ends.

By the third day, you may only lose about 1 pound of weight per day. But if you extend it far beyond three days, your average weight loss toward the last days of your fast would be just about half a pound daily.

The issue here is that it takes about 3 days on a water fast to start losing the right kind of weight. Meanwhile, water fasting is not safe when you go beyond three days. This means that water fasting may not be practicable when it comes to weight loss, even though it could be effective.

Within the limits of safety, the kind of weight you would lose is mostly water weight. You may also experience some weight loss due to the clearing out of waste products from your intestines. These kinds of weight loss are not sustainable.

However, if you can get proper medical supervision, you can do water fasting for more than 3 days. Expert care would help monitor you and take care of possible health risks.

How to Manage Your Post-Fast Phase

After you break your fast, you can’t just jump right in and start eating whatever you like. You must take certain precautions. Top of the list is that you should avoid eating big meals as soon as you break the fast. You would feel like doing so, but you would have to resist that urge.

Large meals after this type of fasting may cause discomfort. Instead of large meals, take smaller meals or smoothies to break the fast. It would take about 1 or 2 days before you can safely introduce larger meals without any discomfort.

Another thing about the post-fast phase is that you may experience something called the refeeding syndrome. This syndrome may sometimes be fatal. In summary, the rapid changes that the body in electrolytes and fluid levels may upset your body system.

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