What Brand of Alcohol Does Not Have Carbs?

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One of the most loved beverages that we have on planet earth right now happens to be alcohol. There are so many lovers of alcohol. Alcohol comes in different brands and forms. But the fact still remains the same that some people can’t do without taking alcohol in a day.

The sad truth though is that there are many conditions that can be linked to the intake of alcohol. And that’s why many people are advised to reduce alcohol intake or stop consuming it when they have certain health conditions.

The truth is that many people consuming alcohol have very little knowledge about this beverage. One that a lot don’t know is that it’s high in carbs. But there are a few that are not. So what alcohol does not have carbs?

Carbs are one thing that many people are trying to avoid these days. Well, you can’t blame them since we already found out that carbs are one of the main contributing factors to gaining weight. Also, carbs are known to cause a lot of health conditions.

For this reason, many people go for low-carb diets. With this diet, you would be able to reduce your consumption of carbs. But if you love alcohol and you are on a low-carb diet what can you do? Well, there are alcohols with low carb content that you can opt for.

And we will be taking a look at the list as we go on. With that, you will have an idea of what you should get when you go to the mall. We will take a look at them in a bit.

What Alcohol Does Not Have Carbs?

So hard alcohol is known to have carbs or sugar. Some of the hard alcohol with no carbs are whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, brandy, vodka, and others.

Well, this makes these alcohols great choices for people that are on a diet. But you also have to take note that they also contain calories. So if you would have to factor that in then your intake of alcohol would still not be as much.

The good thing is that this allows you to enjoy something you love without having to worry so much about the carbs present. This way you would also be able to reduce your consumption of carbs with regards to liquor.

Alcohols that don’t contain carbs still contain about 60-100 calories in a serving. And this might seem like an okay amount of carbs for your drink. The thing though is that when consuming this in large quantity or with mixers the calories increase.

Let’s take whiskey, for instance, it contains just 70 calories in a serving. But when you add cola it becomes about 148 calories. And that’s already a whole lot.

So what can you do? Well, while you opt for low-carb alcohols you can also opt for mixers that are low in carbs. That way you will be able to monitor and reduce your consumption of carbs as you should.

One thing though with liquor is that you have to be careful about the amount you consume daily. If your doctor says it’s okay to consume alcohol then drinking moderately would be okay. But if that’s not the case then you would have to do away completely with alcohol even though it’s free of carbs.

How Alcohol Affects the Body

It’s important to know how alcohol works in the body. With this, you would have an idea of what you do to your body when you consume too much.

Alcohol is actually a toxin and it’s the work of the liver to metabolize. And when the liver would have to metabolize a large amount of alcohol from time to time it would wear out the liver. That’s why heavy alcohol drinkers would have problems with the liver.

The thing though is that there are other factors that would affect the effect of alcohol in your body. Some of the risk factors are the medical history of the patient, drugs are taken and a person’s tolerance to alcohol.

The metabolism of alcohol in the liver actually involves a lot of enzymes. Some of the common ones are alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. These two are very important for the metabolism of alcohol in the liver. The products that are gotten from the metabolism of alcohol in the liver are quite toxic to the body. But there are further broken down to carbon dioxide and water. This makes it easy for alcohol to be eliminated in the body.

If there’s a problem with the metabolism of alcohol in the body you can be sure that it would lead to serious medical conditions in the body. So you have to be very careful when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

Recommended Drinking Range

It is advisable that you drink in moderation and that’s for your own health. For women, the drinking range should be 1 drink in a day. And for men, they can take 1-2 drinks in a day.

If you take more than the recommended amount then there can be adverse effects on the body. And it could affect many organs in the body such as the liver, heart, and brain. It could even lead to cancer. So you have to be careful with regards to consumption.

There are ways you can balance taking alcohol with your regular diet. Make sure you have a full plan as to how you can insert different foods. If you have a problem planning it all out you can opt for a dietitian. A dietitian would be able to fix your diet plan. And insert when and when you shouldn’t take alcohol.

That’s about it for alcohol that does not contain carbs. Make sure you opt for a good brand. The better the brand then the lesser chances that it would cause any harm in the body. Just make sure that you always consume the recommended amount this will help you stay in check.

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