What Is Liquid Vegetable Fiber: Uses And Side Effects

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Pouring Liquid Vegetable Fiber

What is liquid vegetable fiber? The answer to this question is not what you might have even thought of. Liquid vegetable fiber is a medication that is used in treating constipation. If you have ever experienced constipation before, then you know it is one painful and uncomfortable condition that you would not want a repeat of. It is caused when the digestive system is not able to dispose of the waste properly. Several things can cause constipation like drinking little water, lack of exercise, excess junk food, and a generally poor diet.

What this natural vegetable fiber does is that it increases your stool’s bulk which will aid its movement through the intestine. Another way it is effective is by increasing the water in your stool making it both easier and softer during excretion. The laxative known as Psyllium has also proven to be effective in relieving constipation when used with a proper diet. It is a good way of treating high cholesterol.

What is Liquid Vegetable Fiber And How To Use

This medication is to be taken orally following the directions of your doctor or the instructions on the package if you are treating yourself. But in a case whereby you are unsure of what to do seek assistance from your pharmacist or doctor. To avoid choking on this medication use it along with lots of water or any other liquid. If using wafer then chew these very well before you swallow it.

This medication exists in a powdered form and they usually come with directions on the labels. You are to mix this fiber in a cup of water and stir well before drinking immediately. Do not delay drinking it and if the mixture appears too thick then add more water or liquid. Be careful during your preparation so as not to inhale this powder as it may lead to allergic reactions.

We can not give you a particular dosage as several factors affect the dosage such as your age, treatment response, and medical condition. Do not take more dosage than you ought to or have been directed.

Note that using this fiber along with other medications may decrease the activities of these other medicines. Hence it is advisable to wait two hours before using this vegetable fiber. You can approach a pharmacist or doctor for more detailed information.

Liquid vegetable fiber may take one or three days before it begins its work. You have to use it frequently to get optimal results. A good way to remember is to set out a specific time of the day to use the medication and do not extend its use for above seven days without professional directions.

However if after taking this medication constipation persists, worsen, or bleeding begins to occur then the condition might be more serious and you should seek urgent medical attention.

Side Effects

When using this medication some of the side effects that may occur are stomach or gas cramping. Inform your pharmacist or doctor if symptoms persist.

If your doctor was the one who recommended this product to you then is assured that they know the benefit will be greater than the risks so you can trust their judgment. A larger percentage of people who use this medication experience no severe side effects.

You should take this medication with at least eight ounces of water, which is a full cup to avoid it swelling in your throat and causing choking. If however you experience choking or its symptoms like difficulty in breathing or swallowing, vomiting, and chest pain, go for medical help.

It is rare to find a severe reaction to this drug. But still go for medical care if worrisome symptoms show like swelling/itching, trouble in breathing, severe dizziness, and rash. There may be other side effects that are not mentioned here, so if you notice anything odd or strange seek medical help.  


There are some precautions to take if you will be using this fiber. This includes telling your health practitioner about your medical history, particularly any of intestinal or stomach blockage, appendicitis, difficulty in swallowing, vomiting, nausea, abdominal or stomach pain, changes in bowel movements that persist for more than two weeks, and rectum bleeding.

If you are going in for surgery, let your dentist or doctors about all prescriptions you have been taking, and this includes herbal products and nonprescription drugs. Some brands of liquid vegetable fibers may contain aspartame or sugar. Diabetic patients are to use this medication with caution and also those with phenylketonuria or certain health conditions. These people may have to avoid or restrict their intake of this substance.

Pregnant women should inform their doctor before proceeding to use this medication.


Some drugs will change its action if combined along with herbal products or other drugs. This may increase the risk of developing side effects and limit the effectiveness of the medications. As much as these interactions are possible they may not occur if you monitor and control your usage.

You have to assist your pharmacist or doctor by releasing important information to them like the names of all prescribed, herbal or nonprescribed drugs you are using before beginning this treatment. While on this product do not stop, change, or start dosage with other medicines without the approval of your doctor. This is when keeping a handy list of all your prescribed medicine handy is effective especially the ones you are currently taking.


What is liquid vegetable fiber? It is a medication used in treating constipation and has proven to be effective in several cases. This medication comes in the powdered form mostly and is best taken by mixing with liquid, preferably water. It is rare to find severe side effects caused by this medication both mild side effects like rash, dizziness, difficulty in breathing may be experienced. 

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