What Is Strict Keto?

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People at present have to deal with the daily realities of life and they need to meet the demanding requirements of their companies and their families. The said demands can put a strain on an individual’s physical and mental health especially if they overlook their eating plans and strategies and if they leave out their physical activities or exercise routines.

Some people then will naturally want to improve their diets through certain diet programs that can help them lose weight and enhance their overall health. One such diet program is known as the ketogenic diet. But is this thing called “Strict keto”? Read on if you want to know more about the different types of keto diet routines!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet, popularly called the keto diet is a form of low carb but a high-fat diet that can help people achieve a state of ketosis. During ketosis, they can achieve increased efficiency in terms of burning fat by shifting the body’s source of energy or fuel from carbs to stored fats.

There are four (4) major kinds of the ketogenic diet and these are:

  1. The Targeted keto diet that includes the introduction of added carbohydrates for people who work out.
  2. The Standard keto diet, also known as the SKD, which focuses on high fat, moderate protein, and a low-fat diet.
  3. The high protein keto diet that is similar to the standard keto diet with the difference of slightly elevated levels of protein consumption.
  4. The Cyclical keto diet, also known as CKD, that focuses on having one week of a cyclical keto diet where people will observe doing keto for five (5) days with two (2) days of meals that are moderate carbs.

What are the Different Ketogenic Spin-Offs?

Aside from the above-mentioned ketogenic diet types, there are a number of keto spin-offs or subtypes that are being claimed to have certain health benefits for individuals. These subtypes are strict keto, lazy keto, and dirty keto. Before we get into what strict keto is, let us look at what lazy keto and dirty keto are.

What is Lazy keto?

Keto can actually have two (2) different definitions. The first definition entails the dieter to restricting their intake of carbs at 20 to 25 grams per day without monitoring the other calories and macronutrients. As such the first definition points towards lazy keto as monitoring only consumed carbohydrates. The second definition entails not monitoring anything but generally avoiding carbohydrates ultimately resulting in lower carb intake. The second definition then focuses on the fact that the individual is too lazy to monitor their keto or carb intake and that there is no strict tracking of carbs consumed.

But does this sub-type of ketogenic diet effective? Surprisingly, even this lazy form of diet can be effective for certain types of individuals. These individuals include those who wish to stick to their already achieved weight goals and to those who are obese or are just starting out with their keto journey.  This is because those who are overweight can still benefit from limiting their intake of carbs.

On the other hand, a lazy keto is still an option for people who have already reached their goals for weight loss as they can be less strict with the tracking of their carbs as long as they know that they are doing their share in terms of sticking to their keto lifestyle. People should be careful, however, that the weight they already lost does not come back.

There are some disadvantages or cons of lazy keto. First, is that lazy keto may not be as effective of a diet program for people who are already observing the keto diet for at least three (3) months. This is because, for the ketogenic diet, limited calories, and the tracking of such calories are still critical ingredients for success.

Another disadvantage is that people can go over or beyond their set carb limit if they are not that careful or precise in tracking the food items they consume. This can be a great reminder for people who already lost significant weight. For any diet program, one of the most difficult aspects of weight loss is to constantly and consistently keep the weight off.

What about Dirty Keto?

On the other hand, dirty keto focuses on eating any and all food groups and just sticking to macronutrients for keto. It can be said for dirty keto then, that carb intake can come from any source which can include a wide array of certain food items such as cookies and spinach. In fact, dirty keto does not draw the line between the types of fats and carbs being consumed by individuals. People who want to go on dirty keto will still go for food items that low carb but will not necessarily put emphasis on whole, unprocessed food items.

Dirty keto can be effective for weight loss but one thing is for certain- it can and may very well be not the best option for optimal health.

What then is Strict Keto?

Strict Keto is also known as the classic type of the ketogenic diet. It also happens to be one of the most popular and common ones. Some of the common principles behind the strict keto or classic keto are the following:

  • Each day, dieters only consume carbs amounting to 20-25 grams
  • Ensuring the diet can be sustained in the long run by consuming enough fat and proteins
  • Making sure that food items consumed are unprocessed and whole types of food
  • Ensuring that carbohydrates mostly come from veggies that are low in carbohydrates resulting in the dieter getting enough micronutrients
  • Ensuring that food items that are high in carbohydrates are avoided
  • Ensuring that food items that are high in vegetable oils and trans-fats are avoided
  • Making sure that highly processed food items are also avoided
  • Ensuring that all added sugars are eliminated from one’s diet.

While these may seem like simple principles to follow, there are a number of different points of view for strict keto. It is still best for dieters to consult their healthcare professional to ensure that their diet program is healthy and ultimately beneficial.

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