Why Am I Hungry On Keto? 13 Tips on How to Stop Carb Cravings

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If you are living in this generation and you know nothing about keto, then you’ve got some questions to answer. This amazing diet is one big thing in the health and wellness community right now. We have even heard of many celebrities Kourtney Kardashian and Halle Berry, who tried using this diet.

Many other people around the world are pro-keto. The claim is that, among other things, keto will help with weight loss, help your skin glow, and keep your energy levels up all through the day. But then, many people still have questions and concerns about this amazing dietary trend. One such concern is the struggle with hunger and carb cravings. These can make it quite hard to maintain keto. Many people wonder, why am I hungry on keto?

If you are eating keto-style, you would have faced quite some temptations. It could be that you were tempted by a chocolate piece or fresh-baked cookies. It could also be an ultra-salty plate of French fries or hot slices of pizza. You would face situations that will put you on the edge. You will be tempted to indulge. What happens usually is that you decide to cheat just once.

But then, the cravings wouldn’t go away. In a matter of time, you will start craving ‘cookies’ again. And the cycle continues until you are already out of keto. To be frank, there is no unavoidable reason why you should be hungry on keto. If you are hungry on keto, it means you’re not doing something quite right. Well, let’s help you end all of that. In this article, we will tell you why hunger pangs are a problem on your keto, as well as 13 tips on how to stop car cravings.

Why Am I Hungry on Keto?

Your meals don’t contain enough fiber

It’s quite important to find keto foods that are high in fibers. This is because fiber would give you a fuller feeling when you eat. Fiber is so vital for satisfaction on keto. You can’t afford to do keto without them.

Well, it’s not difficult to add fiber to your keto meal plan. For instance, sauerkraut is a low-carb food, but it also has lots of fibers. It is one of those foods that would help keep you in keto. You’ll remain in keto with no bouts of regular hunger pangs.

You aren’t sleeping enough

Sleep is very essential if you’re eating keto. If you are deprived of sleep, your body would not be making enough leptin. Leptin reduces ghrelin levels in your body. And in case you didn’t know, ghrelin is the hormone that triggers hunger. This means that without enough sleep, you will feel hungry more frequently.

You don’t drink enough water

Sometimes, you may confuse thirst for hunger. You may think you are hungry while you’re just thirsty. Dehydration might make thirst appear like hunger. So you should opt for some water and evaluate your hunger level after 15-20 minutes. This will make it clear whether what your body needs is food or just water.

You should be eating more food

All you need may just be to eat more. That may seem quite simple but that’s how it is. You should not be depriving yourself of food if you’re eating keto. So if you feel hungry, maybe you should just eat more. But make sure you’re not eating non-keto foods.

13 Tips on How to Stop Carb Cravings

Stick with your diet

If you’re doing keto the right way, your body will be burning fat rather than carbs. The more you stay away from carbs, the better you’ll keep cravings at bay.

Keep on eating

Staying for tool long in-between snacks or meals, you will experience more cravings and hunger. To prevent your blood glucose from dropping too low, you should eat 3 meals and 2 snacks daily.

Follow a meal plan

If your meals are planned out, as well as your snacks daily, you will have the appropriate foods handy always. That will make it quite unlikely to fall for ant temptation

Don’t fall for the sneaky carbs out there

Make sure you check food labels before eating snacks. Some of these snacks are very sneaky. They contain hidden sugars that can mess with your keto. These snacks can trigger cravings unknowingly. So check food labels and avoid snacks that are suspicious.

Drink water

As we mentioned before, you can sometimes think you’re hungry or have cravings when indeed you’re just thirsty. You should try drinking a minimum of 8 cups daily. Two of these cups may come from tea or coffee, herb tea, broth, or a sugar-free soda.

Remember to eat fat (and protein too)

Make sure that every of your snack or meals contain fats or protein. Avocado, cheese, and olives are all good snack options. You can also cook your meals with nut oils (at least, most), canola, and olive. Coconut oil and butter are good options too.

For extra fat, add toppings of butter to your vegetables and make use of olive oil (extra-virgin) for salad dressings. You can also enjoy eggs, shellfish, fish, poultry, beef, pork, and lamb. Other meats are good too, but be careful of fillers and high-carbs. These are all protein and fat sources that can keep you full and satisfied.

Other Tips

  • Find distractions because boredom can also cause sugar cravings
  • Watch the levels of your stress. If you are stressed, it can trigger cravings
  • Pair your fruits with fats or protein
  • Indulge in keto-friendly foods, including chocolate candies and peanut butter
  • Look for the culprits. Find the foods or situations that may trigger cravings and avoid them.
  • Let your friends and family understand and respect your choice of eating. It’s easier when people around you are not flashing sugars at your face all the time.
  • This is the most basic of all. Make up your mind. The condition of your mind matters a lot

If you have wondered to yourself, why am I hungry on keto? Now, you have the answers. And you know what to do to control hunger and cravings on Keto.

how to stop carbs cravings when on keto

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